10 Best Soccer Balls For Training in 2022[In-Depth Review]

So are you looking for quality and durability in the soccer ball and confused about which one could it be? Many soccer players and coaches do not know exactly what types of soccer balls for training should they buy to suit their own needs.

Instead, they often obtain information from many sources, making them more confused. I tried to save you time in determining the best soccer ball for the training of your favourite sport.

Top 5 Best Soccer Balls for Training

Are you looking for reviews of the Best soccer balls for training for some advice? We are reviewing the Best soccer balls for training.

As there are many diverse soccer balls in the market that claim to be for training. Most are pretty below the mark considering their performance.

You for sure don’t need to go through all these problems. Any of the following balls is likely to increase fun, energy, and excitement. We choose the Top 5 best soccer balls for training to review today. They are:

Official match ball

This one of the Best soccer balls of all time caught my attention when it comes to the skill of the game. If you plan to play a joint game with your colleagues or your friends, this is the ball for you. It shows incredible durability thanks to its quality material.

There are two colours (green or pink) and lots of white splash on Nickelodeon or something like a match soccer ball. Polyurethane exterior material is used in making Adidas Performance X Glider II Soccer Ball. It keeps the shape and retains air for a long time. It is not very sturdy but has a nicer feel to it.

If you only want the feeling of relaxation when it comes to training ball, make sure that you have Premier Team NHFS Soccer Ball. It will surely surpass all the balls that claim to be the best in the world. The design shows that it is value for money.

It is a machine-stitched ball that boasts a 32 panels design aimed to give one of the most accurate ball flights. You will never go wrong with your ball precision skills if you use Nike Premier Team NHFS game soccer balls.

It resembles the old premier league match soccer ball and has a glossy look. The ball is great on your foot and easy to control. It is made of thermal bonding so the play should be played with on a well-maintained surface.

Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball For Training

Premium Soccer Ball

Although many practice best soccer balls in the world have exceptional abilities to be battered and abused, the traditional Wilson soccer ball goes just above and beyond. This training soccer ball is very unique with its eye colour.

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It’s made to add value to your dribbling needs, juggling, and general footwork on premium match ball and practice sessions. If you are most concerned about the assurance that a ball lasts long, then this is the one for you.

Wilson NCAA forte hybrid ii soccer cup game water absorption ball is good for training.

Another good thing is that it looks like an old-style game soccer balls. It comes in white and black in colour and looks like it will last forever.

Select Numero 10 Soccer Ball for Training

Best indoor soccer balls

Select soccer balls are one of the premium match balls in the field, Select Number 10 game soccer balls, are designed sensibly. This is the thing that makes it interesting not only in terms of performance but also in terms of value and money. The Select Numero 10 is purely hand-stitched.

It means it will be more durable and will be able to retain its round shape. It features a textured outer shell that not only improves your control of the ball but also enhances resistance. This makes it the best soccer ball for both training and playing on hard surfaces like turf during your much-needed training.

select soccer balls are simply credited for embracing modern technology in their design. The bladder of indoor soccer balls Select Numero 10 is made with latex, meaning that air does leak out and has a premium feel. The other good thing is there are a number of colours available.

Adidas Performance Starlancer V Soccer Ball for Training

Futsal Balls

If you need the best training soccer ball, this machine-stitched will be very helpful. The premium match ball is very durable. It has a gentle touch and a good feeling. You can play with this ball, as you can control the ball faster and simply pass with great fun and also shoot it.

This best soccer ball for training is made of a nylon-wound carcass, with a polyurethane casing. It’s 100% rubber, injection moulded. It is good for all the conditions and is water-resistant.

Butyl bladder helps it to retain air and shape for a long period of time. It comes in different colours. You won’t have to refill after some time because it comes with one of the best air retentions to keep the ball in shape and stay inflated longer.

Best Soccer Ball For Training Buying Guide

When getting the best soccer ball for training, make that critical decision by not restricting yourself to the cost-cutting strategy. It might come at the expense of quality. Choose the correct size for training. Identify whether it is big enough and that the material of the ball is durable enough.

Difference Between A Match Ball And A Training Ball?

Match ball

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has more grip that’s why they should not be used in training. While many training balls nowadays have greater control and quality, it is simply not recommended to use them in games.

Training ball

No one will want to play with an expensive training ball as in training the ball can often get scratched up or deformed because of overuse.

Which type of balls is best for training?

The biggest question in football is which ball to use for training. All of the coaches, soccer players, and team managers need to choose the best training balls.

The difficult part is finding a training ball that is of good quality and can last for a long time. The training balls available in the market have one or another problem. Some are made to last long whereas some have no grip. Some get too hard when it is too cold

These are common issues that you face when looking at quality. In other cases, training balls are of very high-quality balls, causing them to wear out as it is used again and again. Many times I felt that the ball is not good to be used for training but it was used again and again.

Many recreational practices across the country (and the world for this reason) use balls that should not be used honestly for training or games, but both are used. This article will help you find the best soccer balls for training so you can train at the highest possible level.

These Are The Factors You Need To Look At Before Buying A Soccer Ball For Training:

Ball Type

Nowadays, almost every ball is similar. Still, there has to be a realization that they are not all equal. There are three basic types:

  • The ball which is used at the World Cup is called the premium ball.
  • A Match ball is a ball that is used on the middle ground.
  • The ball that is used time and time again is called that training ball.

If you can’t use it for many days then it’s just not a good training ball. Never make the mistake of spending too much of your soccer match hard-earned money on an overrated ball that won’t last long.


The ball size is also another factor that should not be overlooked.

Depending on your age group or your team, you will need a ball that suits your needs. The most used ball is the 5 ball size. FIFA restricts that this site is used by those who are 11 years and older.

The 4 ball size, which is slightly smaller, is used by individuals between 8 and 11. And size 3, even smaller, is used by the soccer players that start playing until they are 8 years old. There are also other sizes of the game soccer balls, but talking about it will be irrelevant.

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Make sure to check the weight of the high-quality balls, the lighter the ball is the better it will be.

Heavy balls are more likely to cause you a leg injury or even break your training momentum and your training objectives.

Ball Quality

Ball quality is also very important. It should be said that soccer balls have improved over time in very big ways. Every FIFA World Cup soccer match, we see little change in expectations.

Football is just advancing technologically which is improving the game. 20 or 30 years ago we simply had no training balls. The training balls were so hard and grip was poor and was slippery in rainy weather.


One of the most important factors in determining the type of material you want. The material tells a lot about how the ball will hold in different conditions. Some balls just do not have much grip when it rains. Of course, this is not recommended, but you still see it constantly in the areas around you.


The cover of a soccer ball is mainly made of PVC or polyurethane. PVC is more affordable and durable, so synthetic resin is used to make most of the training balls. On the other hand, Polyurethane balls are usually softer, which means they do not get up as well as PVC.


The bladder or the inside of the high-quality balls is usually made of one of two types of rubber. The choices are butyl and latex.

Butyl is widely used in training balls because of its ability to hold its shape over a long period of time and its ability to hold the air. It does not just happen with latex, which is used in match balls, so you should manage the temperature better with it.


The last thing we will call is whether you want a shiny ball or not. It seems like a funny thing to say, but it has influenced me constantly during my football career.

Glitter makes the ball look good, no doubt, but can cause problems. Sometimes a game of soccer balls having a good look can lead to a shortage of grip. Sometimes it will not happen.

I often see “no-name” balls that are very good and you can say that they will not have a grip. But there were also times when the brands let me down. So, basically, do not accept something and try them before you buy them!


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