Adidas Copa 19.4 Firm Ground Soccer Cleats Review

The latest modern interpretation of the Adidas Copa Mundial classic is here and is likely to be the best yet. Adidas Copa 19.4, this decorated version of the new cleat it was released along with 19+, the laceless version. While they have a similar build and many of the same materials, Adidas Copa 19.4 will set you back $ 65 less than 19+.

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So if you are looking for a modern leather cleat that will not break down the pocket and is all the rage right now, then read on to see how Copa 19.4 fits, feels and performs on the ground.

Adidas Copa 19.4 Firm Ground Soccer Cleats

adidas Unisex-Adult Copa 19.4 Firm Ground, Black/Clear/True...
  • Synthetic leather stitched upper
  • Lace closure; Soft, extended textile lining for comfort
  • Move with explosive speed and traction on firm ground...


In Copa 19.4, you get exactly what you expect; a soft K-leather that gives you the soft leather touch you want. When you make the contact with the ball, you achieve a firm, controlled grip that ensures precisely where the ball is going. However, the leather upper does not feel as padded as it looks; it feels a little on the slimmer side than you can get. Even with its revolutionary model, Copa adheres to its roots by offering a comfortable, soft-touch of kangaroo leather. The look may have changed, but the DNA certainly doesn’t. It’s still a classic soccer cleat.

Fit and Feel

Because this cleat has laces, you get a tight overall fit due to the extra adjustment. It fits close to your foot with a small turning room but is exceptionally comfortable. The leather forefoot feels how you would expect it to feel – supple, soft, and flexible – while the rest of the cleat, especially the midfoot, feels quite stiff and really presses your foot. Proper break-in time is needed to get a good comfortable fit of these cleats, so do not start expecting them to break in immediately just because they are Copas. The leather toe box has a good width and will stretch with time, but I would not recommend the cleat for players with very wide feet. Otherwise, they are very comfortable and very true to size.


Inside the heel area, padding and synthetic suede keep your feet smooth during play. Exoframe’s soleplate and stud model (which is identical to the Copa 19+) offers a strong but somewhat flexible feel. Especially during the break-in period, the soleplate feels a little stiff, but over time, it becomes more flexible. The stud pattern, a mix of triangular and conical studs, provides excellent traction on hard surfaces; the studs dig well into the ground. Simply put, if you are after a cleat with exceptional lockdown and responsiveness (and one that fits in just as well), you will want Copa 19.4.


  • Very comfortable
  • Doesn’t require an extensive break-in time
  • Soccer cleat is easy to get on and off
  • The cleat is reasonably priced
  • Great overall look


  • Tight and narrow fit
  • Not easy to clean
  • Poor moisture protection


Although this is not the traditional leather cleats you might expect (it’s the most revolutionary Copa, after all), the fit, lockdown, and responsiveness are just too impressive to ignore. It is a Copa at heart, but the most modern, still advanced.

It’s worth checking whether you’re loyal to the leather or not. Copa has a cheaper price tag than its counterpart. Moreover, it has a revolutionary design and an offering different from its main competitor, the Nike Tiempo.

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