Best Goalkeeper Gloves 2021- Goalie Gloves Reviews & Guide

In a soccer game, Best Goalkeeper Gloves has an important role that is related to the defence. It must be necessary for the goalkeeper to wear proper accessories that will help them to enhance their performance. One of the important thing to wear is the best goalie gloves that enhance the grip, gives cushioning to the hand and help goalkeeper to defence goal.

Top 10 Best Goalkeeper Gloves

We have enlisted our top ten best soccer gloves with their pros and cons. The following table will give you immediate information about our enlisted products.

While choosing the best goalkeeper gloves in the world, there are some uncertainties like the size, shape, grip, and budget of the customer. Keeping all these things in mind, the review is been conducted.

Blok-It Goalie Gloves Fingersave Goalkeeper Gloves for Soccer

Block-IT is the best highly rated for their best goalie gloves manufacturing. They have taken every feature very seriously that helps in the performance of the keeper.

Top goalie gloves

Blok-IT Goalie Gloves. Fingersave Goalkeeper Gloves for...
  • Pro Goalkeeper Gloves: Improve Your Control and Grip...
  • Money Back Guarantee - If You Have Any Problems Return...
  • Padded Goalkeeper Protection Pro Goalie Gloves Supports...
  • Professional Goalie Gloves with Finger Protection /...
  • Also suitable for people looking for: goalkeeper kits...

These best goalie gloves give the best performance when it comes to giving grip to hands while handling the ball. The added control gives the power to the goalkeeper in moving the hands properly.

To keep away the sweat from the hands of the goalkeeper, its stylish finish having breathable material helps to make it more comfortable and adjustable.

It gives support to the wrist and makes it comfortable by the tight and secure fit to the gloves. The tight fit quality reduces the chance of any kind of injury and helps the keeper in an outstanding performance by stopping the hardest shots.

The maintenance of these professional soccer goalie gloves is quite simple. gloves take less effort to wipe with the help of a damp cloth. It is not necessary to use a detergent for them and can be kept away from direct heat sources.

pro goalkeeper gloves dry naturally after cleaning and without any stain. For the satisfaction of the customer, there is a facility of money-back guarantee in case of any problem. Let’s check out the best uhlsport goalkeeper gloves.


  • Good grip
  • Breathable material to keep sweat away
  • Easy to maintain


  • A little bit Heavy to wear

Hudora Goalkeeper’s Gloves Size S Goalkeeper Gloves

HUDORA works in order to inspire people with its production. It manufactures durable and good sports products also giving variety to their styles.

best grip goalkeeper gloves

HUDORA Goalkeeper's Gloves Size S
  • Padded foam back
  • Very good fit due to wide rubber band on the wrist
  • Rough palm for good grip

The comfortable gloves are padded fully with foam that will help the keeper in maintaining the and movement of the hand.

These gloves are a good fit for the wrist and withhold any injuries that may occur on the field during the game. The movement of the hand become stable with the tight fit abilities of these gloves.

The people with rough palms have the advantage of maintaining a good grip on their hands which helps the keeper in defence against the ball.

Its stitching is quite good and elastic which is giving it a cool and sturdy look. HUDORA comes in unique and stylish designs for the goalkeepers.


  • Padded gloves
  • Fit to wrist
  • Unique and stylish look
  • Easy to maintain


  • a little bit of sewn issue

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Fitst4 GK Goalkeeper Gloves- with Fingersave Goalkeeper Gloves

FITS best goalie gloves are made from soft latex material and elastic foam that makes it a good pair of gloves for the keeper. The smooth texture and its colour combination are adding quality to its style.

FitsT4 Goalie Goalkeeper Gloves with Fingersaves & Super...
  • DURABLE & SUPPORTIVE: The goalkeeper gloves have...
  • FINGERSAVES PROTECTION: Come with fingersave support...
  • DOUBLE WRIST SAFEGUARD: These soccer gloves have a...
  • SUPERIOR VALUE & COMFORT: Being made from high quality...
  • DESIGNED FOR GOALKEEPERS: These goalkeeper gloves are...

Soccer goalie gloves with finger protection important feature of these gloves are that they have anti-slip quality and it is resistant to water and other impurities. It works efficiently in all weather conditions and types.

Their material is made up of soft latex that allows the keeper to catch the ball more swiftly and vigilantly. The bandage type strap is available to lock the gloves so as to get the full grip.

This type of soccer goalkeeper gloves provides extra protection to the fingers and keeps them secure from bending backwards and maintains the forward finger formation. Most of the keepers got finger injuries while playing but these gloves help them to avoid any serious injury in the field while playing.

These gloves have a double wrist safeguard that is designed like a wristband. Its inner layer is made up of elastic and the outer straps are protective so as to tighten the muscles of the wrist. It also reduces the strain caused in the wrist and fits exactly to the wrist size.

These best goalie gloves are super comfortable and durable that it is difficult to break or split it in fierce. It is able to take weather pressures in different climate situations. It is also very light in weight so the keeper would easily carry it in the field.

They are offering multiple ranges of sizes and are available for the trainees to junior till high school. They make a good pair of gloves for the training part and gives you a positive cut design.


  • Anti-slip and water-resistant
  • Soft latex material
  • Double wrist safeguard
  • Lightweight
  • Multiple sizes


  • Somehow stitching problem

Brace Master GK Goalie Gloves (Sizes 7-10,5 Styles), Double Wrist Design

The brand “Brace Master” is giving the best and confident sports brands just like its name. This brand has promised to give quality products when it comes to the sports brand.

Goalie Goalkeeper Gloves with Fingersaves & Super Grip 3+3mm...
  • ⚽ DESIGNED FOR YOU: Brace Master goalie gloves with...
  • ⚽ DOUBLE WRIST DESIGN & SAFETY: Brace Master goalie...
  • ⚽ 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: If you are not 100%...

These pairs of gloves are designed in a way that attracts most of the youth and adult population. They are perfect for training and minor match. The style of these gloves is eye-catchy and appeared good with colourful sizes.

They are made of soft latex material that helps in anti-slip and wear-resistant quality. It appears to protect the gloves from the inner and outer parts with its thick and tacky foam construction. It gives maximum support to the ball control in all types of weather conditions.

The padded palm inner protects your fingers in a way that it avoids the back bending of fingers when it contacts with fierce ball and saves the fingers from any kind of injury and sprains.

These gloves come in a double wrist design, whose inner layer is attached with elastic and outer layer is wound bandage so as to contract with your wrist muscles better and make it secure for the wrist joint of the keeper.

For the satisfaction of the customers, it comes in a 100% refundable replacement within 45 days which solves the tension for most of the goalkeeper gloves customers.


  • Eye-catchy colours
  • Padded gloves
  • Finger protection
  • Double wrist design
  • 100% refundable policy


  • Become heavy and hard when the glove is wet

Hudora GK Size M Soccer Gloves

This is our second pick of HUDORA as it has set the bar higher in the making of sports products. Their fitness, matching, and sustainability are praised all over the world and they also design things for young and older adults.

best youth goalie gloves

Goalkeeper's Gloves Size M
  • Padded foam back
  • Very good fit due to wide rubber band on the wrist
  • Rough palm for good grip

The one most important and good features of these gloves are that they are fully padded that gives support and extra comfortability to its user and also will help them in the field during the play.

They are a good fit to the wrist like a rubber band and will protect the wrist from causing any injury during play as sometimes the fierce ball hits harder to the hand and results in injury to dislocation.

In this design, the rough palm users have the advantage that they got an extra good grip and will not slip away from the hand in any situation.


  • Padded Gloves
  • Good fit to the wrist


  • Not water and weather resistant

Brine King Match 3x Goalie Gloves – Soccer Goalie Gloves

These best soccer goalie gloves have the customer’s attraction as it gives unique and stylish designs at reasonable prices. They have proper safety features that prevent hand injuries and other causal factors.

goalkeeper gloves with finger protection

Brine King Match 3X Goalie Gloves (White/Silver/Gold, 4)
  • 3mm German Latex foam palm with 2mm backer.
  • Breathable mesh glove body and finger gussets. Print...
  • New improved BACKBONE protection system helps prevent...
  • Elasticized wrist cuff. Print embossed EVA wristband...
  • Wrapped thumb offers optimum ball contact zone....

It has backbone finger protection technology that prevents it from hyperextension and gives the flexibility to comfort its fingers and increases breathability.

It is made up of super sticky latex foam that allows the gloves to form a great grip on each type of hand and make their performance well deserved.

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Its wrapped thumb is giving an optimum ball contact zone that improves the shape of gloves and makes them comfortable enough to wear in any weather.

They have an elastic in the cuffs of the wrist that makes it flexible according to the movement of the user’s hand. It will actually give the user the liberty to move their hands freely during play without any tension.


  • Backbone finger protection
  • Super sticky latex foam
  • Elastic cuff


  • No water and weather resistant

Adidas Predator Training Goalkeeper Gloves Predator Training Soccer Gloves

Adidas is a well-known brand that never fails to impress its clients. They are most famous for their products in soccer. These best soccer goalie gloves are making an ideal deal for training and scratch matches. They are durable and grasp customer’s attention through their unique and comfortable style.

Best goalie gloves for soccer

adidas Unisex-Adult Predator Training Goalie Gloves, Solar...
  • Soft Grip latex palm
  • Positive cut for a good fit
  • Shorts: 56% recycled polyester / 44% polyester plain...

They are made up of 100% polyester plain weave that is super comfortable and makes a fine grip for its users.

The inner surface of these gloves makes a soft grip on hands so as to give extra comfortless to the keeper and also helps to maintain a grippy latex palm.

The cleaning of these gloves is super easy as polyester has the quality to get cleaned in no time. There are no such detergents needed for maintenance.

Their fingers have that positive cut as they make it a proper fit to hand. Their grippy palm helps the ball to grasp in all conditions.


  • 100% polyester plain weave
  • Soft grip on the hand
  • Good maintenance


  • No water resistant

Adidas Predator Fingersave Junior Goalie Gloves

This is the second-best option for Adidas goalkeeper gloves as it makes quality products for soccer. These gloves are specially designed for goalkeepers to make their performance better in the field.

Best kids goalkeeper gloves

adidas Predator Fingersaver Junior Soccer Goalie Gloves...
  • 69% rubber / 15% polyurethane / 12% cotton / 4% other
  • Soft Grip Pro smooth latex palm
  • Positive cut for a good fit

The gloves are made up of imported material that makes them a desirable and durable option for those who have a craze for soccer. This material lasts longer and it became manageable for its user.

For the closing of these gloves, they have wrist band like closure and is quite easy to carry. The lightweight is actually an advantage for its user to hold it.

It is easy to clean as its material has the advantage to get cleaned quickly in no time. It is easy to maintain and this quality attracts many soccer players to buy it. Most players have no time to clean their gloves as they have a tight schedule so it becomes easy for them to have it.


  • Imported material
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean


  • foam tearing issue after using

Juniors’ Predator Manuel Neuer Training Soccer Gloves

These are funky style gloves that will give a pleasant look to the goalkeeper while playing on the field. These gloves are ideal for training and kick about.

adidas Unisex-Youth Manuel Neuer Training Goalie Predator...
  • Juniors' soccer gloves inspired by Manuel Neuer's...
  • Soft Grip 2.0 latex for good grip and cushioning
  • Positive cut for comfortable fit
  • Half-wrap wrist strap for light weight
  • Vented cuff

The material of these gloves is imported and has the quality to last longer. They give it a classy look and are the best grip goalkeeper gloves.

There is a proper cushioned inner of the palm so as to carry the ball well in hard situations. The cushioning in hands has the advantage for the keeper to wear it comfortably.

The latex material has the quality to clings the football in every situation whether it be wet or dry. Their finger cuts are comfortable to wear and are fit to their fingers. This will prevent them from causing any finger or wrist injury while playing fiercely.

The closing of these gloves is easy as they have wristband closure. It takes less time and is comfortable for the keepers.


  • Padded
  • Imported material
  • Closure is easy


  • Long fingers

Nike Gk Match Youth Soccer Goalkeeping Gloves

This is a renowned brand that offers versatility and uniqueness. Nike goalkeeper gloves have a good variety of gloves. It is a jet black pair of gloves that has its own class.

soccer goalkeeping gloves

The Nike goalie gloves material used in manufacturing is quite comfortable and durable for its users. The inner of these gloves are padded with good quality material.

These gloves have stylish marks on the front palm that makes them stylish looking pairs. The black colour is adding grace to it and is easy to carry. The lightweight of the gloves makes it a convenient pair of gloves to wear during the play.

The closure of these gloves is wrist band closure so it is easy for the user to carry it during a play. Soccer players usually have no time to buy accessories that are inconvenient for them.


  • Imported material
  • Padded gloves
  • Easy closure


  • Difficult to clean it

Best Goalkeeper Gloves 2021 Buying Guide

Do professional goalkeepers get new gloves every game?

Some of the goalkeepers change their gloves every game but the modern latex need that to be broken in a little or it gets prewashed. The grip of the latex is often getting better on the second wear.
There are many professionals who change their gloves after playing 4-5 games. It is necessary to take gloves that have easy to maintain quality so they will prefer to hold them for three to four games.

Why do goalkeepers tape their fingers?

Many of the goalkeepers got strange finger injuries while playing. Many keepers prefer to wear gloves and some of them use tapings that adds stability and protection to fingers and it reduces the risk of any kind of injury attached to them.

How long should Goalkeeper Gloves last?

Many gloves are designed in a way that holds the quality to last long until the average time of 12-14 games. Some of the keepers hold it more for many reasons but it also depends on the maintenance and material of those gloves. Many keepers use it roughly while playing while others take proper care of them after every game and thus they last longer than others.

How often should I wash my goalkeeper gloves?

After every game, the gloves stink a lot due to the sweat and humidity smell. The material of some gloves also has a typical smell that got worst with the smell of sweat, also the material catches bacteria if not clean well on time.
To prevent them from getting stinky and catching any bacteria, it would be preferable to wash them after every game so as to hold them on for a longer time without any complaint.

Should goalie gloves be tight?

The goalkeeper must have the absurdity that the accessory he/she wearing is one comfortable piece that can make their play more accurate and together. For this purpose, the accessory must be up to the point and could be fit enough to avoid any slips and closure difficulty while playing. It must not be very tight so it could rip their palm off.

How do I know what size goalie gloves to buy?

The best way to get the goalkeeper gloves according to your size is to measure the length of the hand of its user from the tip of the middle finger to the end side of the palm. It is also necessary to check its width so as to make a good grip out of them during play. If the gloves are short and not fit enough it can cause finger or hand injury plus it will affect the game of the gal keeper.

Goalkeeper Gloves Sizing

Following are the best measurement for the best fit gloves for your hand

The first thing measuring your palm circumference at the widest point.
step 2 Round your measuring palm up to the nearest inches.
Additionally, add one inch to your rounded measurement palm to get your perfect glove size.


Soccer is a game that needs much patience and vigilance during play and it can be possible when the players got the accessory according to their needs. The most important player in the soccer game is the keeper who makes sure to create a defence for their team.

To make the keeper comfortable and worry-free it must be necessary to give those proper gloves so as to keep his/her play comfortable. This article reviewed the ten best goalkeeper gloves 2021 with their top features and some of their disadvantages so as to give an unbiased look at all the products.

All of them are of the best quality but our favourite among all is BLOK-IT GK GOALIE GLOVES that has a good grip and is easy to maintain.

We are hoping that you might have come to a decision after reading his article and if you have any queries left then feel free to ask anything in the comments. Thank you!

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