Best Running Shoes for High Arches in 2023

If you have Best Running Shoes for High Arches, it’s important to wear a running shoe that provides a lot of cushioning and support for your feet. Runners with high arches tend to roll outwards (supinate), so it’s key for a shoe to provide lots of cushioning to protect your feet.

High arches are most commonly paired with individuals who have active lifestyles often causing shin splints or plantar fasciitis among a number of other foot-related issues.

Yet there’s no need to worry as nearly 57% of people can avoid these injuries by using the right shoe whether you’re an athlete or someone who just enjoys being on the move.

If you aren’t sure whether or not you have high arches, we’ve highlighted how to do the wet paper towel test in this article. While this isn’t a perfect way to find out if you have high arches, it will provide a general idea of what type of arch your footfalls are under.

We have rounded up ten shoes with tons of cushioning and support so that you can run pain-free and injury-free, no matter what sort of arch you have. Now let’s take a look at it.

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Brooks Ghost 14

Best Overall Running Shoe for High Arches

The Ghost has been one of Brooks’ Podiatrist recommended shoes for high arches for years and it holds the reputation for being a reliable performer on any kind of road, whether you’re just getting started or looking for your marathon partner.

The newest version of the Ghost, Version 14 has gained quite a following – thanks to its increased durability but still maintains its tapered look through the arch and heel.

These shoes have a trendy -12 mm drop, where the heel is. Your feet are angled forward slightly. Great for those with naturally good form or if you’re a runner at heart.

They have a nice, flexible toe box that doesn’t hold your foot in place but allows it to move freely instead. They weigh close to nothing and are one of the most comfortable Best running shoes for high arches 2020I’ve ever tried on.

Men’s shoes can be uncomfortable when you’re running around between events, which is why we make sure to provide plenty of cushion in our DNA Loft collection.

We create a unique but efficient shock-absorbing environment between the shoe and the foot by providing the best men’s shoe insoles that absorb impact energy and spread it across the sole.

If you find yourself experiencing discomfort in your heels or simply wish to have a cushioned shoe, the Brooks Ghost 14 would be an excellent option.

Brooks Glycerin 19

Most Comfortable Running Shoe for High Arches

We’d like to describe the Glycerin from Brooks as being extraordinary or even exceptional. With its plush cushioning, you’ll feel like your arches are being supported with a collection of small pillow-like gel pads.

We find that the shoe manages to be both flexible and not too heavy, making it ideal for those who need differing levels of support in their footwear.

DNA Loft technology in the midsole provides a plush, responsive, and shock-absorbing experience regardless of your foot movements as you run. At 10 oz for the men’s shoe and 9.4 oz for the women’s shoe, it feels like you’re putting weights in your shoes — not light and airy like a cloud.

New in version 19, the sock liner is fully redesigned. Why is this worth mentioning? Because your feet are going to be more comfortable and cozy after you slip into these shoes because of how plushy, soft, and comfortable they are.

Another huge pro to this shoe is its durability. The outsole’s three transition zones not only make for flexibility but also create better traction because there are ridges in the sole which allows it to grip into the ground when you push off. The seamless upper provides a secure yet comfortable fit throughout your cross-training workout.

New Balance 1080v11

The New Balance 1080v11 Best sneakers for high arches offer a breathable, cushioned ride with a pliable heel and supportive midsole to protect your feet during intense runs.

This neutral shoe’s engineered mesh upper is lined with BIO-GEL to wick moisture away from the foot for all-day comfort, while the toe box is constructed with nylon to help resist fraying when you work out.

For high insteps, these running shoes have a new soft heel for support, and at the rear of the shoe is an added layer of foam that helps provide targeted comfort and stability without being bulky or heavy.

Ultimately, what shines about this shoe is the midsole Fresh Foam. This technology from New Balance is extremely soft and loved by reviewers for its plush support.

The combination of hard and soft blown rubber on the outsole also provides a great mix of traction and durability which are great for racking up the miles. This latest version of Fresh Foam is more improved than ever before with an even better energy return.

Best Running Shoes for Underpronators in 2022 [ Top Pick ]

This is a wide shoe – even in the standard, medium width – so if you have a narrow foot, it’s not for you. However, if you have standard to wide feet and need some extra wiggle room when it comes to your footwear, the Wide Lace-Up Oxford will be perfect.

Hoka One One Clifton 8

Best New Balance Running Shoe for High Arches

The sixth iteration of Hoka One One’s Clifton has been updated to provide a more luxurious, cushioned ride. The mesh and synthetic upper are still tight, breathable and durable and the build is still responsive and lightweight despite the cushioned comfort.

Lots of cushioning help to soften the blow felt by high arches. The shoe has a high stack height (making you grow just a bit taller!), but it is visibly distinct from a traditional running shoe.

But this translates to maximum support and a soft landing for high-arched individuals struggling with pain associated with podiatric issues.

This shoe has lots of differences over last year’s versions – the most significant is a more flexible version of the Clifton that’s not as stiff as past models that many runners complained about. In fact, the cushioning is bouncier and feels faster than prior editions.

Reviewers also seem to be upset with how some versions of this shoe took more than 200 miles to break in – which resulted in a firm-feeling shoe that wasn’t very comfortable.

But it appears that Brooks focused on providing comfort for runners last year who wanted something softer so they now offer another option aside from modifying the fit by going a half-size up or down or replacing thicker insoles.

Hoka One One Bondi 7

Best Long Distance Running Shoe for High Arches

One of the most cushiony running shoes on the market today, the Bondi 7 can stand up to even the fastest of sprinters with its extra superior heel cushion, which measures out to be 43.5mm high.

For those who want a shoe that is as comfortable for long-distance running as it is for short sprint training sessions, this show by Hoka One One may very well be irresistible.

Most runners will say they want something on the lighter side, but that doesn’t mean they necessarily want something that feels like a flimsy material. In fact, Hoka One One is one brand that’s managed to put together a number of innovative designs to help consumers get the best of both worlds.

In the case of its latest running shoe, we can’t help but notice it features a colourful design you don’t usually find in other ordinary running shoes. While it may seem like it takes away from a shoe’s structure or support system, we can see why some runners prefer this sort of added style.

This shoe runs a little bit. It’s a generous cut for the size, both in length and width. It has a dramatic look complete with thick soles that extend way out from your foot.

Your toes actually sit down inside of these giant chambers as if you were sitting in bucket seats in a car, which makes this style an interesting twist on a popular personal preference.

The Bondi is very cushioned. It has a rocking motion to make it feel lighter underfoot and therefore more comfortable for longer runs. This design was inspired by how skiing feels as opposed to how running sometimes can feel, which is quite bouncy.

Brooks Dyad 11

Most Cushioned Hoka One One Running Shoe for High Arches

As one of the more popular motion-control shoes, the Brooks Dyad is a shoe that was built to provide flexibility and exceptional shock absorption. It’s for those people who’ve been out of running for a little while and it’s what I’d recommend for people who have not been able to find a pair of shoes that fit their orthotics yet.

Most runners from beginners up to advanced runners like this because its simple design has proven time and again it can last mightily through many miles allowing you to run faster and easier every step of the way.

The Dyad used to have a pretty narrow toe box that caused pain for many people, especially those who need an orthotic. The good news is the Dyad 11 has been redesigned to fit more foot types and offers a lot of space at the front of the shoe.

This is a great feature for people with an orthotic who will be able to place their foot comfortably into the shoe without having it pressing up against the side walls.

The Dyad 11 has a seamless upper. The soft overlays reduce irritation on your feet and there’s good flexibility in the forefoot for moving from heel to toe when you need to transfer your body weight. It has exceptional arch support and it’s great for someone with high arches for cushioning around the midfoot.

The Saucony Dyad is great for those looking to increase their stride length or just spend some time pounding the pavement.

This shoe is a popular option amongst individuals who are tall and/or overweight (as there is a lot of shock absorption and the wide stance provides support) and the cushy foam helps keep runners comfortable for miles on end.

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The sole itself is straight from toe to heel rather than tapering around the arch – helping keep things flexible and slightly more neutral than many other running shoes, which works well for folks with weak hips as it takes the pressure off of them somewhat.

Asics Gel-nimbus 23

Best Running Shoe for High Arches to Be Worn With Orthotics

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The Nimbus’ multi-directional outer layer mesh provides support and the flexibility to travel with your foot while also giving you a greater sense of control.

The hard Exoskeleton heel support from Asics provides phenomenal support through your heel, which also serves to help stabilize your ankle,

two important features when you’re looking for a shoe that will help people with high arches who want to provide stability but also ensure they retain an immense degree of comfort as they work their way around a variety of terrains.

The FlyteFoam/Gel technology also helps protect your feet from impact as you walk on hard pavement. Also, this protective layer makes the shoe responsive and lightweight. The high abrasion rubber sole handles light trails well, but it doesn’t perform well in off-road environments.

Asics Gel-cumulus 23

Best Heel Support in a Running Shoe for High Arches

The Cumulus 23 is like running on a cloud. The unique midsole construction and seamless upper fit make it a great shoe that goes the distance as you rack up the miles. Some wear-testers said they thought it was too much shoe for just walking around in, but hardcore runners loved it for its cush and grip on the road.

Both heels and front-feet benefit from gel cushioning. High arch support means that energy from the heel is transferred well to the frontal area, resulting in toe action after a push-off.

Better foot reaction means less effort required for any activities that involve running or jumping. The RM Williams Sandal will be your comfortable companion.

One of the lighter shoes we’re reviewing today, this shoe from Asics has managed to be supportive through the midsole and sole without adding extra weight.

The latest version also features a seamless upper for a comfy, sock-like fit. It also does away with the plastic gusset on the outsole. This provides a more natural running feel.

As active women, we want shoes that keep up so we can achieve our goals without sacrificing style. Our Reverie

Mizuno Wave Sky 5

Best High Performance Running Shoe for High Arches

Mizuno has managed to take on the elite high-performance shoes with their Wave Universe running shoe. This shoe brings a whole new meaning to cushion as they explore a whole new realm of what is possible by exploring an all-new type of material called Yield Tech.

Unlike the gel or foam layers found in Asics or Brooks, this shoe from Mizuno uses segmented sections of foam that help you move smoothly as you’re running. Each pod crashes independently as you land, helping you overcome the issues associated with high arches. You’ll find your run is more comfortable and smooth.

Added flexibility in the forefoot and heel means greater stability while running, providing a better feeling of toe-off. Wave technology mimics a foot’s action with high arches, allowing for extra levels of comfort as you run.

The mesh design is integrated into a lightweight mesh upper providing excellent ventilation. It features soft, crush-resistant straps and the removable fibre-boarded midsole offers optimal cushioning with each step.

Saucony Triumph 18

Best Saucony Running Shoe for High Arches

The Triumph is a high-performance, cushioning shoe that weighs just over 11 oz. This shoe will meet your needs if you’re looking for less cushioning than the ASICS GEL-Lyte III or more cushioning than the Pegasus 31.

The Triumph’s engineered mesh allows for a breathable structure. It adapts and helps the shoe to develop its shape specifically for the individual wearing it. A new FORM FIT upper, along with a DYNARIDE outsole, helps to establish a comfortable fit for your foot.

The midsole features a brand new PWRRUN foam that provides cushioning with a full-length midsole and is also responsive and durable. It gives runners an energy-returning ride, and it’s also much lighter than what you’ll find in older models.

The outer sole of a shoe has been designed to deliver an even flex with every step you take, ensuring the shoes will not be as heavy or feel as stiff.


How Do You Know if You Have High Arches?

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Arch pain is another key sign that your shoes may not be the best fit for your feet. If you notice rubbing at the top of your shoe, ask yourself if it’s due to the upper being too tight or is it simply that your shoe size is too large.

If you currently have high arches like me, you can talk to a doctor about getting custom insoles fitted in your shoe. These will compensate for any arch issues and help prevent future injury or discomfort during regular wear.

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You may think who cares about your shoes and all that jazz, but high arches need special attention when it comes to footwear. First of all, comfort is key here because high-arched feet might have trouble accommodating wide or narrow toe boxes that are often found in many popular brands on the market today.

Also, choose a pair of shoes with deeply padded insoles since many athletes suffer from pain in their heels, knees, and other joints due to the increased pressure put on these body parts as a result of pronation.

Do You Need Arch Support for High Arches?

One of the most common complaints among runners is the discomfort in their arches. If you’re a runner yourself with high arches, you don’t have to suffer any longer. In most cases, additional arch support in your shoes will help manage the pain you might experience.

Implied: Arch supports in shoes offer 2 distinct benefits. Firstly, the extra cushioning can alleviate foot strain and pressure, which helps relieve stress on your entire body.

Secondly, the support makes sure that your body weight is distributed more evenly across your feet as you work out, making it easier to get through your day.

To get the best out of wearing shoes with arch support, it is also important to make sure that your shoe does not have a high heel size.

Shoes that offer plenty of space for the toes are most comfortable and can help reduce foot pain. Since wearing shoes with a high heel may cause health issues to worsen in the long run, you should use heel pads so as to minimize strain on your heels.

Proper insoles can also be used to support high arches. These devices are designed to stabilize the heel. According to our research, the best insoles are ones that provide firm support and are a great fit. The result is increased foot comfort and more effective running performances.

Can Running Shoes for High Arches Prevent Overpronation or Supination?

Runners with high arches typically supinate, which means the foot rolls out when the runner takes a step.

Running shoes are designed to help support people who have a high arch. These types of shoes will provide much-needed comfort and stability in a form that works with your body’s natural shape and posture.

Runners with an overpronation or flat feet cause problems while running because they do not have the right arch type for the running footwear.

Sprint shoes are usually created to support and stabilize runners who follow a specific type of running. However, many runners have high arches, which can cause pain when overpronating during your run.

One way to check if one overpronates is to check the outer edge of their shoes. If the outside of their shoes has more wear than the insides, it’s likely that they overpronate when they walk or run. Check out this video for more info.

Shoes that are designed for people with high arches, like us, provide the right amount of support so you don’t feel pain on the ball or heel of your foot when running.

But you can secure this kind of support and comfort while still maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle at Allen Edmonds, where you’ll also find a wide range of colours and styles to fit your personality perfectly.


Having high arches is a common foot condition that affects many people. If you have high arches, it’s important to wear a running shoe that provides a lot of cushioning and support for your feet.

However, it’s also important to remember that every foot is different, which means that you may need to experiment with a few different running shoes before you find the one that provides the right amount of support.

Our blog post should help you understand what to look for in a running shoe if you have high arches.

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