Best Running Shoes for Mortons Neuroma

When we set out to design our perfect running shoe, we didn’t stop at good looks. The Vapor Flex is designed with a comfortable lace-up upper and zero drop soles.

It features a removable foam insole that comes with four varying degrees of cushioning depending on the preferences of each user – even if they happen to have Morton’s neuroma, one of the most common causes of debilitating foot pain.

The best shoe options for Morton’s neuroma are running shoes with a wide toe box and a low heel-to-toe coefficient of friction. These elements will provide the runner with the right amount of comfort and support.

The Altra Escalante is our top pick for runners with neuromas. It’s lightweight, has a wide toe box and zero-drop to ease pressure from your feet and reduce the risk of damaging your shoes. The shoe’s foam technology is ideal for shock absorption in those areas that are most painful for users of this product.

In this article, we’ve gathered up the top

Best running shoes for mortons neuroma 2022

for Morton’s neuroma so that you can find your breath of fresh air as you run to stay on par with your daily exercise regimen.

Altra Escalante 2.5

Best Overall

The Altra Escalante 2.5 running shoe is ideal for those suffering from Morton’s Neuroma. It’s zero drop platform provides a forefoot cushion with every step, reducing pressure on the pained tissue in the forefoot.

The R2 comes with a nice level of cushioning that makes it feel like you’re walking on air, which is especially pleasant when Best walking shoes for Morton’s neuroma 2021 strikes.

What We Like

The Escalante 2.5 features an unusually soft, comfortable midsole made of Altra EGO foam. This midsole goes a long way in reducing shock and absorption of vibration in the forefoot, which contributes to its innovative design for Morton’s Neuroma sufferers.

You will be amazed by how much your foot feels like it’s getting a small massage every time you take this shoe for a run.

Shoes may not be the first thing you think about when it comes to running your business, but having a great pair of shoes is a must for just about any activity.

The Brooks Glycerin 15is an attractive-looking shoe that functions well as well—think comfortable walk with enough support for a medium-paced jog without causing discomfort or irritating your feet.

The zero drop platform is Altra’s specialty. They call it “balanced cushioning,” and it’s excellent for taking pressure off the painful area of the forefoot. If you aren’t used to it, though, you may find that you need to foam roll your calves for the first little while of wearing these shoes.

The Fit4Her technology makes walking more efficient for women, and this is seen in the way that women’s feet are shaped. The fit of the shoe should reflect these natural differences on a functional and structural level to ensure an even softer, more comfortable experience.

Why We Like It

The New Balance 730’s toe box is spacious which allows the metatarsal bones to splay naturally and comfortably. Splayed metatarsal bones help toes spread apart and move freely, which also prevents a state of clawfoot that – pardon the expression.

Between the air cell and the Footframe support plate, we can see how there are springs that apply force to all areas of the heel evenly.

What’s New

The new Escalante features a much more supple upper than its predecessors, with the 1.5’s neoprene and the 2.0’s nylon and leather higher-ups making way for a disruptive amount of synthetic croc-skin, while keeping in place some Lunarlon foam cushioning.

Ideally, the new model will keep everything the same in terms of build, with only small changes. What I think would go well is.

Altra Torin 5

Top Wide Toe Box

The Torin 5 from Altra features a wider toe box, which should suit those who require that extra space. We all know the need for more room in the toe for our bunions, so this shoe may be a good option for your needs.

The cushioned forefoot combined with the smooth upper on this shoe makes it comfortable for a person with plantar fasciitis.

What We Like

The shoe is soft and plush with a nice bounce, cushioning your foot on impact while remaining adaptable to different surfaces and providing a smooth, contented ride. With less of an energetic response than you would expect, it offers a relaxed, comfortable stride for getting around town in style.

But just enough support and compression keeps you going all day long without being too overbearing – or at least that’s what EGO MAX claims.

With a standard zero-drop platform, Altra’s running shoes keep things even and balanced. This results in less pressure on the ball of the foot and is great for runners looking to reduce impact while they take on new challenges.

Your footwear needs to fit properly. This will make a noticeable difference when it comes down to comfort, and of course, performance as well.

Strong arch support, molded heel counter and a secure fit will keep your foot in place, locked down throughout the entire stride process. If a sneaker doesn’t feel right on your feet, don’t wear it.

Based on measurements from a 38mm version, the Crocs Swiftwater flop weighs about 7.4 oz for an average-sized women’s shoe and 9.41 oz for a men’s size 10/10.5

Why We Like It

For those with Morton’s neuroma, roomy toe boxes provide the ultimate environment for comfort and flexibility, especially when combined with a supportive heel. They’re also noticeably better for sufferers of bunions.

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What’s New

The forefoot on the Torin 5 has increased by half an inch. Additionally, there is more room in the toe box (the front of the shoe) than with previous versions.

Another improvement is the midsole, which has been upgraded to EGO MAX foam. This midsole delivers a plush, responsive ride and comfortable feel. Plus, this shoe is offered in wide so runners can now get a proper fit for their wide feet.

Saucony Echelon 8

Best for Orthotics

The Echelon 8 has a removable insole and is wide enough to fit orthotics.

It comes in regular, wide, and extra-wide. It’s also one of the Saucony models with a wide toe box.

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What We Like

The Echelon 8 has a stable base that provides structure and support to the foot while you’re moving around. It has a wide toe box that offers plenty of room for toes to align properly, so you can move freely without restrictions.

Although we have a slight drop from 18mm to 8mm, we still maintain the same energy return of our 21mm PWRRUN cushioning.

Designed especially for those that cross the great outdoors, this pair of minimalist shoes are perfect for all your light activities and they will feel like a dream with the featherweight mesh uppers and the quick-drying soles.

The outsole of this product is made from rubber which is one of the most lightweight, flexible, and durable materials. While having a very thin sole and standing tall to provide better traction while running, it also plumps up along with the other materials to take on more shock when landing each time you take a step.

Foot beds are designed effortlessly, so you can do any physical activity even if the surface of your shoes is slippery.

Why We Like It

For runners weighing over 180 lbs, the new Echelon 8 will fit just about any type of orthotic. It has a sleek silhouette and a drop of 8mm that noticeably lowers the runner’s center of gravity while increasing stability.

What’s New

Additional cushioning was added to the midsole as part of a new SPLY-350 feature in the 8. The comfort wrap is made with synthetic suede and flexible foam, while the Tri-Flex sole has been used since 2003.

Altra Paradigm 6

Top Zero-drop Shoe

The Paradigm 6 is a zero-drop walking shoe with a stable platform built for a healthy, natural gait.

The Naturalizer Angela sandal provides excellent arch support and a sleek and stylish design that features a padded instep collar. The Italian leather upper and dual adjustable ankle straps ensure the perfect fit, while the Amy cushioned footbed keeps your feet comfortable all day long.

What We Like

The zero drop platform, or having a foot strike at the same exact level as the rear foot, reduces pressure on the front of the foot. Sweeping away any unnatural stress to your feet, legs and knees, it goes beyond simply bringing you closer to nature.

It provides a big relief to those who suffer from  Women’s shoes for Morton’s toe because of its reliable FootShape and adequate protection all around too.

Although the Guide Rails are technically a stability shoe, the shoe only activates when it needs to. Their performance on various surfaces makes the shoe comfortable and easy to wear for wide feet.

As part of my Best Cross Training shoes for Morton’s neuroma, I enjoy stepping onto this hilly course once a week. This course is full of beautiful views but it’s also really hilly and I have to plan accordingly.

The exhibit smells like coffee and caramel. It’s a little denser under the arch, but not obtrusively so. The main stability feature is an innovative system of guide rails which is very subtle by design, but comes through when you need support.

InnovArch is customized with fabric strips that are stitched onto the insole of the shoe, allowing you to change how much or little support your feet get with a quick tug.

Why We Like It

Plying your favorite sport isn’t a drag. The Guide Rail system is light and practical but doesn’t hurt novice skaters.

The Adrenaline ASR 9 is a wonderful shoe for mildly to moderately overpronating feet. This shoe has both strong arch support and good shock absorption. It is a great combination of qualities.

What’s New

There have been some noteworthy updates since the Paradigm 5. Firstly, the midsole now utilizes Altra EGO MAX foam which is a little springier than the last generation. Secondly, InnovArch technology provides optimum support for your arches.

The Guide Rails system has been updated to only come into play when the foot moves. This is what accounts for the comfort felt by neutral-footed runners. New colorways have also been added.

Hoka One One Bondi 7

Most Cushioned

Known for its creative EVA midsole, you can expect maximum shock-absorbing cushioning in the Bondi 7. It’s not only soft underfoot but around the ankle collar too. Made from durable materials and a variety of colors, it isn’t easy to miss this pair! We know you’re going to go wild for this one.

What We Like

The Bondi 7 features a cushioned midsole with a lot of cushion. Senior Author, Erid Cho wrote that it has plenty of depth but some might find it to have too much padding in the forefoot area.

A men’s shoe has a cushion that is approximately 4mm in thickness, while the women’s provides slightly less at roughly 3-3.5mm thick; an average percentage that is appropriate for customers with pain in their forefoot.

Breathable engineered mesh uprights hug the foot and support a plush ankle collar that keeps the foot properly positioned.

With the 4mm drop, an early-stage rocker is produced which helps to give a smooth ‘rebound’ effect through the heel-to-toe transition and assists in carrying the rider’s natural momentum. This is further enhanced with a beveled heel.

Why We Like It

You feel fresh in the Birkenstock Arizona. It’s ideal for anyone who has problems with their feet or back and doesn’t want to sacrifice style to get the support they need.

For starters, the Hoka Bondi 7 is one of the lightest shoes available. Even so, it remains incredibly durable – this shoe is built to last. In fact, we’ve heard reports from customers who have worn their pair to the gym and have even put them through a rock climbing session here and there  these shoes hold up to their reputation of being able

What’s New

As compared to the Bondi 6, the new Bondi 7 is only 3mm less in stack height, but it feels just as cushioned. The heel lock has been improved and the upper is more breathable than ever before.

Are you suffering from Morton’s neuroma? If so, we have great news for you because there is now a wider version of this shoe that will allow your feet to breathe easier while ensuring a perfect fit.

Topo Magnifly 3

Best Lightweight Shoe

At only 9.7 oz for a size 10, the Topo Magnifly 3 is among the lightest-feeling shoes you’ll find. The moderately-sized 25mm EVA midsole also stands out and it’s especially noticeable considering its lightweight design.

Threshold Pace: How to Find It and Use It in Your Training Runs

What We Like

The Topo Magnifly is a light, breathable trail shoe that feels comfortable right out of the box. This zero-drop shoe comes with a nice and wide toe box as well.

The dual-density midsole is not only filled with a heartier mix of soft and springy foam, but it also boasts a rocker design that allows for a smoother take on foot lands.

The idea is to help speed up that heel-to-toe transition and to get the body moving at full momentum. Say goodbye to sloppy movements as you coast into your next big hop.

An upper with a snug but soft fit in the midfoot makes for a nice custom feel on the foot but it’s enough space in the toe box to keep your toes comfortable.

Lastly, to improve your experience with this pair of shoes, it features footbeds made from Ortholite foam and paired with molded ankle collars to stabilise your foot while still keeping it comfortable.

Why We Like It

These shoes are as light as a feather and are perfect to wear. In fact, they feel like you’re wearing nothing at all! #Shoe-Diaries.

A large toe box and zero-drop platform make Sanuk athletic footwear great for people who suffer from Morton’s neuroma.

What’s New

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New Balance 1080v11

Top New Balance

The New Balance 1080 v11 is made to ease the pain and pressure of people who suffer from Morton’s neuroma. The shoes are created with comfort and safety in mind to make sure that those affected by this severe disorder will be able to run in peace.

What We Like

The 1080v11 is a suitable for many different types of runners, offering mulitple sizes, really comfy midsole cushioning, and the more flexible and comfortable Hypoknit upper.

One of the primary complaints about the UltraBoost is that it’s too loose and offers no support. The UltraHeel provides much-needed stability, although some wearers may still feel like the extra cushion doesn’t offer enough comfort and may still wish for a thinner profile.

Our Fresh Foam® X in the midsole delivers a comfortably cushioned and springy ride. Blown rubber in a unique honeycomb pattern on the outsole provides excellent grip, keeping you safe as well as cushioned on multiple surfaces.

Why We Like It

It’s plush, spacious and extremely comfortable. Plus, because you have a choice of widths, you can get more than just one if your entire family uses them.

What’s New

Version 8 was the biggest change to this shoe. Not only has it been made sleeker, but the height of the heel has been reduced.

Topo Ultrafly 3

Best Light Stability

The Topo Ultrafly 3 weighs just 9.5 ounces for a standard-sized men’s shoe and is incredibly lightweight for a stability running shoe. While being incredibly lightweight, it doesn’t compromise the support features that come with the stability technology which makes this unique.

What We Like

The engineered mesh upper wraps around the foot, providing a secure fit while allowing for space in the forefoot. An external heel counter keeps the foot stable and helps with a good lockdown.

The Topo Midsole combines the support of an EVA post with the cushion of Zipfoam to ensure that your inclined feet stay stable and comfortable. Comfort technology is our main priority, so we prefer using materials that will improve performance without stopping you from feeling like you’re wearing slippers.

Some of the sole is covered in rubber (for durability) but a gap has been left for some of the midsole (think of the midsole as being like an inner-sole), which means that some light can pass through. This helps to keep it lightweight.

Why We Like It

The Ultrafly 3 is stability shoe that weighs next to nothing. Ideal for those who need support features but don’t want to feel weighed down.

What’s New

For the updated version of the 3, Nike redesigned the outsole to save on shoe weight without sacrificing its signature flexibility.

The contoured 3-Stripes make the sneaker recognizable. A TPU heel counter fitted with an EVA medial post gives the NikeCourt Zoom Vapor 9 Tour more structure and support.

Nike utilized external heel counter support and an EVA medial post for additional structure and stability.

Altra Provision 6

Most Supportive

The Altra Provision 6 is a motion control running shoe that also protects the foot from lateral movements and impacts. In other words, it’s beefed up in areas where typical running shoes tend to be softer for comfort, granting it some serious stability.

Despite its additional support, the shoe still maintains its lightweight construction, coming in at 10.3 ounces and equipped with a drop of 10 mm.

This, along with its generous toe box and cushioning, makes it a great choice for those who are suffering from Morton’s Neuroma – a condition which is often characterized by severe pain and inflammation experienced on the ball of the foot.

What We Like

Altra Paradigm 6 shoes have a Guide Rail system on the medial and lateral sides to prevent side-to-side movement. The Guide rails are subtle, offering good support when you need it without interfering with your ride when you don’t need them.

EGO foam has been added to the midsole, which reduces both the shoe’s weight and cushions your step with its soft feel underfoot.

Because of this addition, Altra also took steps toward reducing the pain of Morton’s Neuroma not only by naturally reducing overall foot tension, but also by decreasing pressure on all parts of your foot as you run, jump and play.

InnovArch is a special foot support technology that is designed to keep the foot stable in its natural position throughout the stride cycle while providing the cushioning and support needed to provide improved comfort.

With its FootShape toe box, the Altra Escalante gives you plenty of wiggle room in the forefoot and provides excellent flexibility so your toes are not restricted when wearing this shoe.

The InnerFlex grooves underneath the foot do just that – they let your foot flex freely and keep it from feeling uncomfortable or restricted in any way.

Why We Like It

The Guide-rails provide light support and are not intrusive. From the size and shape to the cushioning, the shoe ticks all the boxes for a supportive choice for those with Morton’s Neuroma. The shoe may also be appropriate for other foot conditions, like plantar fasciitis or post surgery recovery.

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What’s New

A new EGO foam has been added to provide more cushion and rebound. The InnovArch has also been updated to provide better support. In addition, the InnerFlex groove has been redesigned to provide better flexibility.

The Provision 6 incorporates a more dilated forefoot compared to the previous version and also has a much greater instep.

Altra Lone Peak 5

Best for Trails and Offroad

The Lone Peak 5 is the perfect trail running shoe for those with Best shoes for Morton’s neuroma women’s and other people who want to run in comfort without foot pain.

What We Like

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The excess pressure on your heels is no longer an issue thanks to the zero-drop balanced EGO cushioning. The VitaFlex technology works by which means your foot is cushioned from shock but simultaneously provided with stability and support.

The traction of the Lone Peak 5 is exceptional for an all-terrain rubber outsole , specifically crafted for improving grip on rocks, snow, ice, and other surfaces. It’s incredibly durable thanks to a high-density rubber compound and reinforced with gripping lugs that come in the shape of arrows to provide 360 degree coverage…just what you need.

Why We Like It

We love that the Altra Lone Peak 5 has more toe space than most shoes. It’s perfect for those with Morton’s neuroma because the hefty lugs keep you from feeling like you are getting a sloppily fitting shoe. The Altra Lone Peak 5 also offers plenty of goodies to aid in blister prevention, keeps your feet cool and breathes well for hot weather runs.

What’s New

The dual-density midsole has been replaced with something called EGO foam. EGO is supposed to be 30% lighter and 10% bouncier than the previous dual-density midsole. Perforations have been added in the upper for better breathability and flexibility.


No matter what type of running shoes you prefer – from minimalist to trail running shoes, our articles can help you decide which are the best running shoes to buy and some beneficial tips on how to maintain them.

How Should I Lace Shoes for Morton’s Neuroma?

Running in heel-less socks can help reduce the pain of Morton’s Neuroma, a common foot affliction in which there is a thickening of the nerve between the bones in the ball of your foot.

The pressure from your shoes, particularly when they are laced too tightly and have little traction, can compound the problem by adding to this pressure and further aggravating your toes.

You may not be able to wear toe socks with flat shoes, though! It all depends on the shoe you’re wearing. If your flats don’t have a certain amount of space around your toes, then it’s best to try something else besides those socks.

It turns out to be better to not walk barefoot. Going barefoot can actually cause more pain because the place you feel hurt is not getting supported. Your feet have tiny fatty pads underneath them which aren’t enough to absorb all the shock in your feet if you were to walk around without shoes on.

If you walk barefoot often, it could actually end up making your neuroma worse. Instead of taking the risk, wear a shoe with appropriate support!

How Long Does Morton’s Neuroma Last for Runners?

Unfortunately, medicine is unable to predict how long Morton’s neuroma will take to go away. While it usually goes away within several months, in rare cases it can be years before this painful nerve condition subsides.

So what should a runner do?

Feet are important and if you’re wearing uncomfortable shoes, they could lead to some unpleasant symptoms. Morton’s neuroma often comes from poorly fitting shoes and we don’t recommend wearing high heels of any kind if you want to avoid this condition.

which is caused by nerve pain in your foot due to pressure on your toes. Because our list of the top running shoes is made up entirely of comfortable footwear, small problems like these can be avoided altogether with the use of a good pair of running trainers outfitted with supportive insoles – whether you’re doing interval training or jogging a few miles.

How Can Runners Treat Morton’s Neuroma?

Changing your running shoes can go a long way towards treating this condition. While we mention that shoes with a low heel and a wide toe box should help, you can try taking painkillers to help alleviate discomfort.

For people with Morton’s neuroma, steroid injections may be an option. If this is not a viable solution for the patient, their last resort should be surgery.


While proper footwear, regular exercise and weekly foot massages will help reduce pain caused by a bunion, there are also other measures that can be taken to relieve your symptoms throughout the day.

For example, maintaining an appropriate bodyweight/body fat percentage to your height can reduce pressure against the side of your foot, while wearing soft ribbons around your toes may stop them rubbing.

Finally, as last resorts, over-the-counter medications and injections are options for Morton’s neuroma as is surgery. However, many doctors prefer not to perform surgery unless no other option has worked because the natural sensation of the affected toes may be lost in the process.

Any type of shoe that’s made to support the foot can cause Morton’s neuroma. It will take some time to find what works best for you. It’s vital that you don’t sacrifice comfort or your personal health for the sake of fashion however.

If you can still run in proper form with your Morton’s neuroma, you are just fine to keep running. However, be sure to come home and use some of the treatment options listed above to help you alleviate the pain that many runners experience from Morton’s neuroma.

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