However, if you are a professional footballer or amateur player, you will understand the importance of having the right cleats but also the best soccer cleats for ankle support once you are on the ground to kick the ball.

Top 7 Best Soccer Cleats With Ankle Support

For better understanding, there is a list of best Soccer Cleats With Ankle Support below with their immediate details to give you an instant outlook as follows:

List of Best Football Cleats For Ankle Support 2021

Soccer is a game that requires high-intensity training, which means it affects different parts of your body, especially the feet. As such, you need to have the right footwear that will allow you to achieve optimal performance by increasing your comfort with the best soccer cleats with ankle support.

New Best soccer cleats with Ankle Support 2021

With many brands and models that take care of a variety of feet, types of playgrounds, and game styles but it could be difficult to find the best soccer cleats for ankle support.

When you buy a pair of new cleats, it’s important to treat them as if you buy regular shoes. The pair should be fitting, comfortable, and durable for long-term use.

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Adidas Men’s Nemeziz 17.3 FG Soccer Cleats

Adidas best soccer cleats with ankle support

adidas Men's Nemeziz 17.3 FG Soccer Shoe, White/Solar...
  • Responsive touch and optimum ball control out of the...
  • Secure lockdown and ankle stability with a DUAL LOCK...
  • Explosive acceleration and direction change on natural...

Adidas Men’s Nemeziz 17.3 is designed to improve your speed on the field so that your opponents are surprised. It features a shaft that measures roughly low-top from the arc to provide optimal ankle support.

The high ankle soccer shoes frame exposed with a dual lock collar that looks around your entire foot to provide a secure seal and stability. The soft and flexible agility mesh provides a responsive touch, providing maximum ball control on the ground.

The outsole design plays an important role in stability and readiness in artificial or natural pitch. This cleat has a synthetic outsole that allows optimal agility for the firmer and artificial ground.

These high top soccer cleats with ankle support have a red sketch that is striking, so you are not unnoticed when dealing with your opponent.

Generally, these ankle support soccer shoes are designed with every aspect of soccer in mind in order to provide quality performance for professional soccer cleats. With these ankle support cleats, you definitely have the best ball control while you dominate the field.


  • Appealing color
  • It’s Lightweight for longer play
  • Comfortable and perfectly fits


  • Low durability

Puma Men’s Future 4.4 Netfit Firm Artificial Ground Soccer Shoe

Puma is an international brand that has been successful for many years because of its top range in athletic, lifestyle, fashion wear. Speed ​​and high accuracy are all that are required by a striker to get the ball to the goal.

These ankle support soccer cleats have a spandex sock that effectively combines with a one-way stretchable AdapLite upper material that allows maximum ankle support at the ground.

The outsole has been ergonomically designed with Gradient Stability Frame technology that allows your foot to bend naturally like a barefoot kicking motion. This helps you reach the optimum power to deliver the ball.

Speed ​​and accuracy come from high-level control of the ball. For better control of the ball, these cleats have Griptex. Griptex enhances your ball management skills and abilities so that your opponent doesn’t depose the ball so easily.

All players in the field require maximum readiness as well as stability. This allows them to be confident as they do not often fall while they lose the ball to their opponents.

PUMA ankle support soccer shoes have covered you with their evopower vigor 1. These cleats have anatomical engineering, which gives the players the ultimate blend of readiness and stability.

The accustomed 3D dots on the inner and outer part of the ankle support cleats increase the comfort and accuracy of the kick to confirm that these cleats are designed explicitly for strikers and other attacking players.


  • Excellent soccer cleats
  • Comfortable and fits well
  • Best for wide footed players


  • narrow at toe

Adidas Men’s Ace 17.1 Primeknit FG Soccer Cleats (Red/White/Core Black)

womens soccer cleats with ankle support

adidas Men's ACE 16.1 Primeknit FG Soccer Cleats...
  • Synthetic sole
  • UPPER: Totalskin synthetic with first touch cushioning....
  • OUTSOLE: Heel stabilizer and Totalcontrol stud...
  • Primeknit fit collar

Adidas Ace 17.1 has PRIMEMESH, women’s soccer cleats with ankle support that offers a fit like a sock, and quite comfortable to instantly control the ball even when it is at high speeds.

The sock-like fit is more appropriate for players with a wide foot. In addition, controlling PRIMEMESH technology also gives you impressive ground performance.

If you are new to soccer then it is your best bet for a better performance of your initial soccer skills. The upper of the cleat also features an ultra-thin film that prevents water from entering the cleat.

Studs are specially designed to give you better control of the ball as well as your movements swiftly in all directions with ankle support soccer cleats.

The outsole is made of rubber that enhances your level of comfort and performance on the ground.

You can move with confidence quickly and efficiently by having stability and control over both the first and second-generation artificial grass with efficiently aligned studs. These soccer cleats are designed for ultimate domination on solid ground.


  • Great design for ankle support
  • Quality outsole
  • Perfect for wide footed players
  • Great moisture protection


  • Little bit heavy

Nike Magista Obra 2 Academy Dynamic Fit FG Soccer Shoe

Soccer Cleats with ankle support nike

Nike Youth Magista Obra II FG Cleats, White/Black-Volt-Pure...
  • Shaped Dynamic Fit collar links the lower leg and foot...
  • 3-D texture is amplified on the high-use areas of the...
  • Rotational zone in the forefoot is ideal for quick...
  • Asymmetrical lacing system expands the ball control...
  • Interior heel counter cups the foot for cushioning and...

Nike soccer cleats with ankle support, These pair of soccer cleats are considered one of the best because of their other features. Fly-knit upper allows good ball control and traction. Anything that gives yourself good control of the ball and traction to the soccer player is definitely positive for that pair of a soccer cleat.

Check out the indoor soccer shoes with ankle support.

The ankle support cleats in this also provide added stability to the soccer player between the leg and the foot and provide it in the most comfortable way. Nike does not disappoint and offers a large number of ankle support soccer shoes that provide adequate ankle support as well as some other positive features.


  • Great fitting
  • Quality material for long-lasting
  • Lightweight and comfortable fitting
  • High-quality outsole


  • Poor moisture protection

Adidas Men’s ACE 17+ PURECONTROL Soccer Cleat

Best football cleats for bad ankles

adidas Men's Ace 17+ Purecontrol FG Soccer Cleats, 8.5 D(M)...
  • Size 8.5 Mens
  • Authentic Adidas Gear Guarantee

The Adidas Men’s Ace 17+ PureControl offers an ultra-thin compression fit, which increases comfort and stability, while its snug knit forefoot brings you closer to the ball for perfect ball control. It is important that this pair allows you to play well, regardless of the ground.

Due to the fact that soccer is more than just kicking the ball, these Adidas cleats contain red, white, and black colors that complement the aesthetically designed upper wraps.

For stability and ultimate control when dribbling and directional changes, ACE 17+ ankle support soccer cleats are equipped with an ultra-lightweight sprit frame sole that has conical studs for greater grip on solid ground.

For all direction control, NO STOP GRIP and a thin layer of dots appearing at the upper side to enable the ball to stick to your feet. However, the coating of chrome at the bottom of the cleat will significantly wear off during the game, but will never affect their performance.

The prime-knit upper covers your foot into adaptive support and ultra-light relief, while the ultra-thin film keeps the water away.

Stability on the ground is extremely important when it comes to the soccer game. Ace 17+ of Adidas for men has a TPU cage in the prime knit on the sides to provide maximum stability.

Within the ankle support cleats, there is also a support structure system that anchors the player’s foot for reliable locking. By doing this, you can tackle your opponents and control the ball with confidence.


  • Excellent fitting for ankle-high soccer cleats
  • Very comfortable to wear and play with
  • It’s Lightweight for longer playtime


  • poor packing
  • stretching issue

Nike Soccer Cleats with ankle support

Best Ankle Support Soccer Cleats Buying Guide


The most important factors in the best football cleats for ankle support are comfort and fit. The cleats are different for people with narrow or wide feet.

Your soccer cleats should be comfortable. Buying some uncomfortable cleats because they are cheap or because a well-known footballer is advertising it.

It’s a big mistake, and your foot will be the first to feel it. Wearing some uncomfortable cleats can cause damage even after a single game. You will get blisters on your feet or even cause bunions to form.

The thumb should not be scratched from the top of your cleat. There must be at least some space at the top of your cleats. Also, there should not be plenty of free space, and if you can fit your finger in the blank area between your foot and your shoe, consider purchasing a smaller size shoe.

Touch/Feel for the Ball

The touch/feel of the ball is all about the top of your cleat. Some players have a certain preference for the type they prefer.

Heel Support

All defenders, midfielders need the best football cleats for ankle support for most of their movements in each role. The ball goes through them all the time, so they also make quick turns, for which heel support is a great asset.

Players are also expected to always be ready for any incoming passes and also be ready for a chance to attempt a shot. For either of them, jumping and landing with stability are two things that will support them.

Cushioned Upper

Cushioning is mainly for protection and comfort. They are useful to the defensive players who tackle and make the most of difficult contact moves. That said, this will benefit midfielders who play in defense of the team rather than defenders.

A cushioned upper, in particular, will provide them with better protection for surviving aeriel tackles and one-on-one contacts.

This is usually followed by a lot of dribbles and making a variety of passes. Excessive use of the forefoot can slow them down, not just in the running but also in handling the ball.

Soccer Cleats With Sock


Finally, these boots all have their own unique features as well as some similarities. All in all, the best football cleats for ankle support, along with many other features of each cleat, make them the most preferred ankle-high soccer cleats in this category. Predator 18.3 is also a good choice for soccer cleats with ankle support women.

Most soccer players are left out of the field for long days because they often experience ankle problems and injuries.
However, with these cleats we have reviewed, the frequent pain of your ankle while playing your favorite sport will be a thing of the past.

Choose one of the top 5 best soccer cleats for ankle support 2021, we’ve fully reviewed Nike soccer cleats with ankle support and your ankle issues will never bother you.

Walk to the ground with a pleasant mood to play up to the ninth minute. Walk celebrating your win rather than frowning with a painful ankle while you’re not sure if you will make it for the next game!

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