Best Soccer Socks 2022 [Top Pick and Inexpensive]

best soccer socks most fashionable and comfortable soccer socks out on the market in 2022. There are more brands than ever before. They’ve got more unique designs than you can count as well as measurements to fit every foot size imaginable.

Let’s take a look into this phenomenon and discuss what changes have contributed to this huge jump in popularity.

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Adidas Rivalry OTC Sock

Most of Adidas’s brand new socks are meant for individuals who have a lot to offer in the world when it comes to performance, fuel creativity and even live up to their passions.

This will reduce sweating, prevent blisters and keep your feet dry. An added

best running shoes for achilles tendonitis is how durable these synthetic materials are, so this sock can last for an entire season or more with little to no wear and tear.

Another benefit to wearing these thin socks is that they offer excellent control, making them an ideal option for midfielders and wingers. The downside to this is that these aren’t terribly warm, so they’re not the best choice for goalkeepers who plan to play in especially chilly conditions that require lots of extra fabric insulation against the cold weather.

Although the actual socks are thin, they have a pretty decent insole to avoid having your feet freeze off on bone-chilling days, especially if you play sports. These will grip onto any surface you choose to play on, whether that be grass or turf.

When it comes to soccer, Mizuno makes some great shoes. Overall this is a good pair but best achilles support for running make sure you try them on before buying them as they don’t always fit the same throughout their line.

It also comes in a variety of different colours which means you can color-coordinate your bracelet with the rest of your team. If you don’t have a favourite sports team, this anti stress keyring is the perfect gift for the sports lover in your life – or simply for someone who needs their daily dose of stress relief.

Nike Classic II Soccer Socks

Like Adidas and Nike, both of these companies have designed a top quality thin synthetic sock designed to wick moisture and sweat. This is achieved using their “Dri-Fit” fabric. Unlike Adidas

best shoes for achilles tendonitis however, Nike also manages to design their socks in ways that are tighter fitting for a more comfortable feel against the skin.

The shin portion of the socks are quite snug which keeps your shin guards in place, while Nike has customized each sock with specialized graphics on the left and right side.

This is an important feature that other brands may decide to skip over by outsourcing it to factories in developing countries so as to produce more clothing at a faster rate including baseball pants such as these.

This results in a better fit particularly around the toe area, with OTC and OTK length socks available.

However, if you’re looking for a looser fitting sock running shoes achilles that won’t be hard to put on, the Nike Classic probably isn’t for you.

Some players will find these socks uncomfortable because they are more ‘’compression-fit,” making it feel as if their legs are being squeezed. These socks can also wick away moisture better than other looser options.

The Classic uses medium-density synthetic fibers to create a soft and comfortable material. Some goalkeepers prefer this material as it provides them with a good balance between feel and warmth.

You will never see two shoes from Nike look exactly alike, even if they’re the same style. There are so many color combinations and styles in which each shoe can take form.

Adidas Team Speed Soccer Socks

If you’re looking for a snug sock and the Nike Classic doesn’t appeal to you, Adidas Speed might be your best bet. Like its aforementioned counterpart, this sock is very tight and so custom-molded that it fits snugly on each foot.

The thickness is similar to thick cotton tights or socks in regard to the top part of the sock where they create a ‘toe pocket’ effect.

Though there isn’t any padding around the rest of the ankle and foot, the material continues to cling tightly enough due to its inherent fabric properties so as to make you feel secure while running, skating or engaging in other activities that require footwear.

These pull ups are very stretchy and elastic. They’ll fit around any curve nicely, so you won’t have to be concerned about them ripping apart when trying to change things up.

The difference between the Adidas Team Speed and the Nike Classic is because they’re made to help with comfort in different areas of the knee. The Nike Classic helps with stability, but the Adidas speed was made for more flexibility because it’s slightly smaller on your body.

Don’t be fooled by the photos – you won’t get socks unless you order a size down. This isn’t an issue really though if you’re just looking for an over-the-calf option since you can simply fold these socks down over your shin guards.

These socks are available in pretty much every color you could imagine and they also offer them in multiple sizes. An added bonus is that these socks come at an incredibly reasonable price for how high quality they are.

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Adidas Traxion Premier Soccer Socks

The main reason why you get blisters is due to friction between your socks and the shoe, because of all the running around on the pitch.

This repetitive rubbing in the long run will cause blisters and calluses. The amount of time needed to start seeing these side effects depends on both the user’s sensitivity level and the quality of the massage device. You might want to give your feet a rest on the weekend – visiting a spa is highly recommended.

As a result, Adidas has produced a sock with small dots built into it for cleats that help players’ feet stick to the surface better. For players like myself who get blisters pretty much every game when playing in other socks, this material is a blessing because I know my feet will stay firmly attached to the cleats at all times.

It’s definitely worth a shot if you tend to develop sore spots when playing.

These special Traxion socks are made from a thinner synthetic, but with Coolmax technology for quick wicking action, breathable mesh panels and added cushioning in high-impact areas.

Each sock is custom-fitted individually for the left and right foot. this means that they are both fit nicely. They also go up to just below the knee in length, which most soccer players prefer to have.

Soxnet Acrylic Soccer Socks

No products found.

Now let’s take a look at some really inexpensive soccer socks. Some people say that they won’t wear their socks out quickly (no matter how thick they are) and they aren’t worried about blisters. So if you fit into either of those categories, it can be worth opting for an inexpensive option to save yourself a little coin-purse space.

Soxnet acrylic socks come in a pack of 3 and are priced very reasonably. They’re pretty thick with a cushioned sole, so their durability is actually stronger than you might think given the price – they’re surprisingly tough.

However, this pattern is not extremely breathable – perhaps too busy for you if you’re already prone to blisters.

A couple of clients have come to us asking us to make custom-designed socks, including clients with friends who play on sports teams and the owners of both a pizza parlor and a professional bakery.

Because Soxnet is a relatively small business, they offer the highest quality products and customer service. Their socks are made using some of the finest soft fabrics with just the right combination of elasticity.

They promise to make sure you’re happy with your purchase and to honour it in the unlikely event that any problems at all arise within that first year. But what’s even more exciting about these fantastic socks is their durability and unbeatable cost.

Adidas Metro IV Soccer Socks

The Adidas Metro IV is a competitor of the Soxnet sock so it might have a bit of that going for it. However, if you’re in the market for socks, there are better options.

These socks are thin so you can keep your feet cool and reduce sweating.

However, the downside to an extremely limited color selection is that these socks will start to fade over time because of their decreased coverage. Although they are machine washable, if you find them to be uncomfortable at all, there is a very good chance you won’t want or be able to wear them for long hours at a time.

Wearing thin socks may also lead to the development of blisters and foot ulcers, so it’s imperative not just for good hygiene but also for safety that those with diabetes pay close attention to their body when wearing these types of socks.

If you’re looking for a high-quality, breathable sock that’s lightweight and comfortable enough to wear all day long, try Metro socks by Outlier

The most popular sneakers of all time are the ones made by Adidas. Find out which styles have been dominating for decades, and shop here for great deals on your next pair. They offer socks made with stronger materials, so they will most likely last longer than the cheaper ones.

Adidas Utility All Sport Socks

Adidas also makes a spectacular Pantherella OTC sock that comes in all sorts of colors and is quite thick. It has a cushioned sole.

This isn’t a dedicated soccer sock, rather it’s made for athletes in general. As such, this particular pair of  best soccer socks to prevent blisters is designed to be versatile and can be used for different sports and seasons.

Because they’re designed with comfort in mind, these socks don’t offer the greatest feel for the ball when playing sports.

As with other synthetic options from Adidas, the “ClimaLite” composite material used in this type of soccer cleat is very breathable and comfortable to wear not only when playing but also if you intend on walking around in them before the game begins.

This is a tight-fitting sock, so it stays in place and doesn’t fall down easily. There’s no need to use shin guard tape because there isn’t any additional material on the sock.

Adidas Copa Zone Cushion II Soccer Socks

If you’re a goalkeeper – live in the north, and your team is decent – who would know that you might get chilly between the sticks from time to time.

Fortunately. Adidas make a thicker sock (that’s available in black or white) called the Copa Zone Cushion to protect you from the chill, because although these socks aren’t made with naturally warm materials such as wool, they have added cushioning inside to help keep your feet warm.

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However, when competing it’s good to know that there are plenty of good players around. And who knows; you might just get lucky enough to line up against the only other team in the competition with a squad as good as yours, leaving you free to decide who takes first place.

In any case, we all know how hot an indoor pitch can get so hopefully the moisture-wicking properties of our top-of-the-line synthetic “ClimaLite” will make a valuable contribution towards keeping your feet cool and comfortable.

Their unique design combines style with function beyond just looking good and it’s comfortable. And they best soccer socks for youth look great too, We have a few different styles so you can choose which one fits your personality best.

Material-wise, they’re an excellent choice because they’re durable enough to withstand both goalkeepers and outfield players alike. That’s partly due to the thicker materials used and partly thanks to a more tailored fit for larger adult foot sizes.

The only concern about this pair of socks is the quality of its build. Many have reported issues with the top portion of Adidas’s signature three stripes, which appears to be coming off instead of being stitched all the way through as it should have been.

The loose threads may not be a big deal for the most part and I wouldn’t worry too much about it as they won’t unravel while you’re playing.

Nike Academy Over The Calf Socks

Instead of just making the entire foot area padded, Nike has designed this sock with padding in the toes and heels for durability. This prevents other areas like the heels from being rubbed raw by shoes.

As a result, this sock is ideally suited for professional footballers and can last for ages depending on their needs.

In my experience, it was always the toes that would split first. So I’m glad to see that Nike has now worked to specifically address this issue by adding flyknit to their design. Besides the anti-skid/anti-slip heel and toe padding, this is a great synthetic socks for soccer cleats.

Nike’s “Dri-Fit” technology combined with the calf material does a good job at keeping you cool since the fabric is thin yet soft and comfortable to wear.

The Nike Academy is a great option for individuals who want to learn more about the company and what goes on there, but it isn’t free.

If you are prone to blistering, it is prudent to wear socks that reduce the frequency of blisters (while also implementing other strategies to help deter them from occurring ).

LITAO Youth Soccer Socks

If your kids struggle to wear the generic sports socks, LITAO’s youth option is likely to be a great match.

These capes are super stretchy and easy to move in so children can easily put them on without any help.

The manufacturing process for this product is state-of-the-art, combining traditional production methods with modern technology. This union of the old and new make for a revolutionary development in socks that are both comfortable and very suitable for sports use.

These are the best soccer socks for younger kids on the market right now. they provide numerous benefits, including:

  1. Super soft and comfortable.
  2. Easy to get on, and will stay up over your shin guards.
  3. The available colors are super bright – kids love this.
  4. Breathable.
  5. Quite durable for the price.

Adidas Youth Field II Soccer Socks

Probably the main reason why socks are so much fun these days is because of how colorful, bright and creative they’ve become.

This might mean finding tighter-fitting socks that will hold your shin guards in place more effectively.

For this reason, we recommend the Youth Field II Sock for age 10 to 14. This sock is ideal for sports, casual wear, fashion and others. Here’s why:

The ClimaLite synthetic fabric used on this compression sock is able to hug the skin while wicking away sweat, so you stay cool and comfortable during all levels of activity.

The use of ClimaLite helps avoid that squishy, bulky feel that can happen with running socks or even just regular socks, making it easier to move your feet around and preventing irritation.

The cotton also makes them reasonably durable, which is especially good for over-the-knee socks as these tend to wear the top of socks prematurely if the fabric isn’t tough enough. Nonetheless, you can always fold them down on your child if they’d prefer a mid calf sock or even fold them up, too.

Soccer sock buyer’s guide

When it comes to purchasing soccer socks, you’ll want to make sure that you’re buying your merchandise from the right sites. Below we have listed a few helpful tips that will help you differentiate between legitimate and unreliable sellers so as to ensure that all of your products are of the same high quality.


The color of your soccer sock actually quite important as it can determine whether one may play or not, based on the rule set that various teams and leagues follow. For example,

in some cases one may be required to wear a shade that matches the team strip – so it’s important to jog in and ask your manager if this is necessary. Always remember to wear black socks when you’re the referee.

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However, if you’re just buying soccer socks for training or for younger children the color isn’t really that important. If your kid likes red, buy red, If a little more excitement is desired, try some nice patterned ones.

If buying for an older player who will be moving at high speeds and might need maximum comfort instead of a fashion statement, pick up some pairs with cushioned soles to make sure their feet don’t go numb after running around all game long.

Different soccer sock cuts

Some socks come up just over the shin and some go to just below the knee. It’s probably down to what kind of look you are going for, but for those looking for maximum protection, a sock which covers the whole leg is ideal.

Thomas Müller, who’s wearing his socks low (and diving a lot), is so pink and candy.

  • These are the socks that you don’t have to slide your heel into, because you can tuck them over your heel.
  • Traditional/over the calf socks should end just below the knee.
  • Over-the-knee socks are equally long as knee high socks but extend beyond the knees. They should make you feel positive in your looks and ensure comfort as they will not tend to slide off. Without folding a standard or traditional sock down, some women use them over their knees to achieve this effect by themselves. It is however essential that you tape such socks on, or sew a band of elastic to hold them up so as not to keep falling off.

The benefits of different types of soccer socks

Soccer socks are a wonderful part of any athletic gearline-up. Like most sports gear items, soccer socks are produced in tons of different colors and styles so that customers have the many options they need when buying.

Soccer socks made specifically for soccer players have different features than regular black crew socks you might use at work or around the house on a more daily basis. Some common features found on soccer gear include:

  1. Warmth. If playing in a very cold environment you might want to consider warm and cozy socks for your goalkeepers. Some options exude heat. They are pretty handy except for the fact that they may make your gloves wet or sweaty. The disadvantages of these products don’t seem to outweigh the advantages, though. Natural fibers and materials tend to perform best as they absorb sweat more efficiently than synthetic ones, though some other kinds also work pretty well within certain limits.
  2. Breathability. On the other hand, soccer players who play in hot and humid conditions should wear thinner or more breathable synthetic socks as these offer a better opportunity to reduce sweating. This can be of benefit because it may help to lessen the possibility of blisters from forming on the feet/legs. Soccer socks advertised as having moisture wicking, breathable fabric (such as Adidas’s ClimaLite options) are designed to wick sweat away from the feet/legs.
  3. Durability. More expensive soccer socks from prominent brand names are going to last longer. If you wear holes in your socks easily, it’s worth spending a little extra for those that will hold up better and provide relief from the discomfort of wearing them. Playing with socks that have holes in them is like playing with six extra holes on your shoes – except they’re not even on your feet.
  4. Knee protection. Many footballers love to dive or slide right into each other (defenders especially) and so they buy long socks in order to prevent serious injury.
  5. Blister prevention. Some socks have moisture-wicking capabilities, tight-fitting designs to minimize friction against your skin and keep you cool, and extra cushioning around the toe area. Wearing properly fitting socks is a good idea when playing sports so that you can keep your feet comfortable.

Soccer sock material

These days, there are a lot of options in the market when it comes to different types of soccer socks. The following are a few important differences between a synthetic, wool and cotton sock.

  • Natural cotton, wool): possibly warmer, most likely more comfortable
  • Synthetic Stylists which use a three-syllable word & on the Grammy’s red carpet. “Look, sometimes, plain meaning is just too little too late. Dieter Rams

When searching for socks, you should take into consideration how much of each material the sock is made of to make the right decision.

Soccer sock sizing

Soccer socks come in a variety of different sizes ranging from extra small to extra extra large.

In the fashion industry, it is necessary to have a detailed definition of each size in order to accurately determine which styles are more appropriate than others for different customers. Most brands define their sizes according to one of two sizing systems.

For example, maybe a size 30 in Adidas sneakers fits a women’s 5-9.5 and youth shoe sizes 4-6. Check the manufacturer’s guidelines to find your size


You’ve reached the end of our buyer’s guide,Still unsure which pair of soccer socks to get? Leave a comment and we’ll get right back to you.

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