Best Walking Shoes for High Arches Review And Buying Guide

Runners with high arches don’t just run with high arches – they also walk around all day every day with a higher arch. It’s best to find shoes that give you the right kind of support and are actually comfortable on your feet.

Most people with high arches are fond ofBest sneakers for high arches, which can lead to aches and pains later in the day. If you have a job that requires walking around a lot, or even if you’re just carrying out your daily errands on your feet, it should be simple enough to find a pair of shoes that fit well and provide arch support .

The Brooks Dyad is the most popular walking shoe. It has a high arch and can easily accommodate a custom orthotic (which are not included however) and also has a wider base for extra stability.

Brooks Dyad 11

Best Overall

If you need a shoe that is meant to provide comfort and support for Podiatrist recommended shoes for high arches (and insole flexibility) for ones who wish to wear their own orthotics, then this shoe may be right up your alley.

The Dyad 11 features BioMoGo DNA cushioning that adapts to your stride to help you run with lesser impact, making it especially great for people who want to run but also need orthotics as they are specially made to fit in the shoes.

Brooks has made the midsole structure more solid and stable with dual arch pods. This makes for a balanced feel underfoot as well as giving you extra support so that each step taken feels awesome.

The shoe also has a heel segmented crash pad, which is built into the midsole. This helps to absorb shock, provides additional cushioning, and helps with a smooth heel-to-toe transition. This particular style also features an adjustable Velcro collar as well as a padded neoprene tongue that ensures comfort every step of the way.

The upper fabric is made up of a breathable mesh that makes sure the foot stays cool throughout the entire day. A padded tongue helps to reduce pressure points, while a padded collar adds comfort around your ankle.

The outsole of the shoe is made from a durable rubber and features three flex grooves in the forefoot. This helps add some flexibility, letting the shoe bend naturally with the foot. Some people may find the shoe to be firm and not have as much flexibility as they’d like.

Saucony Echelon Walker 3

Top All Black and All White

This shoe provides shock absorption due to a cushioned midsole and can help with balance while you walk through its sturdy platform. PWRRUN foam in the midsole is lightweight and will aid your legs when it comes to strength, endurance and speed.

The upper is constructed from a durable leather that releases heat and moisture to keep the shoe well-ventilated. Breathable mesh allows constant air flow, preventing any blisters in the shoe throughout your work day. The heel collar and tongue are both cushioned for decreased pressure points on foot.

Exclusively flat fastening laces improve flexibility in footwear without causing strain on the foot. A spacious toe box together with an increased size contributes to more comfort in every step taken.

The leather outsole is made from premium material, so it’s long-lasting and built to last. It also features a pattern that’s slip-resistant, and gives you greater stability going forward for walking on both dry and wet surfaces like pavement and gravel.

There’s only one color option for this shoe: black. Some may be worried that their white pants will get dirty if they wear this shoe too often, so the choice is limited right now.

New Balance 928 V3

Best for Medicare Reimbursement

New Balance’s 928 v3 is a stylish, durable and comfortable design with the ability to have optional orthotics (i.e. Shock-Absorbing CMEVA Midsole Made Specifically for Custom Orthotics).

This is important because while the midsole cushioning offers excellent shock absorption, it still maintains near maximum responsiveness due in part to its composition of Compressed Midfoot Energy Wedge™ and Full Length ABZORB® SBS Heel-To-Toe Shock Absorption.

It features 18mm of extra cushion for impact absorption, a double dose of ABZORB® Advanced cushioning technology, and an odour-resistant lining. It also has an adjustable arch strap and the sole molds to your foot’s shape.

The mid-sole of Vibram Fivefingers Spyridon LS trail running shoe is made out of Rollbar technology, providing lateral and medial posts which will aid in stabilizing the rear foot. The stability and support provided by the mid-sole minimizes overpronation and supination.

The upper is made with 100% leather and provides good ventilation. There are perforations that help keep the foot locked down while staying well cupped in the shoe itself. The lining is made of seamless fabric material wth antimicrobial properties to keep your foot healthy with proper airflow.

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The outsole is designed to prevent slippage on all of your activities. The design provides comfort that comes with a flexible sole, which limits foot strain and gives you the freedom to bend and flex as needed when Best walking shoes for high arches and plantar fasciitis. This particular shoe falls under Medicare/HCPCS code A5500.

If another practitioner prescribes it for you rather than through Medicare, then you may be eligible for reimbursement by your private insurance company.

Hoka One One Bondi 7

Most Cushioned

There are certainly many differences between dedicated walking shoes and running shoes. That being said, many running shoes are made for walking as well which presents you with more options to determine what kind of shoe will work for your particular needs. One of our favorite walking shoes is the Bondi.

Hoka’s Mafate shoes are the most cushioned in their running shoe range. That being said, you can definitely feel the difference with these on your feet, particularly in the heel region.

The molded Best sneakers for high arches and plantar fasciitis while the ankle collar provides ample padding overall through its use of memory foam. For added comfort, you can always add a custom orthotic to this shoe should you need additional support.

The brand new Under Armour Curry 3 is said to be very comfortable during use and it looks as though it’s also quite stylish.

It has an extremely cushioned feel on all sides, featuring TPU overlays in addition to a heel counter which holds your foot in place. This sneaker also seems to be relatively sturdy, making it ideal for any girl who’s always running around town.

Orthofeet Lava

Best Orthopedic

No products found.

Orthopedic shoes are made by a team that specializes in creating footwear suited to people who suffer foot problems due to orthopedic issues like flat feet or lower back pain. What’s Included: Deeply padded insoles provide orthosis and protects your feet.

These athletic-looking shoes feature a springy base that conforms to your foot’s flexibility. The individually-cushioned insoles provide targeted support for discomfort in certain pressure points, while the over-the-top straps are cool and easy to adjust.

The running shoes feature a wide toe box to prevent chafing around the toes and ensure adequate room through the toes. Along these lines, the top of this particular shoe is designed without excess material or support so as not to put pressure on the top of your foot.

Some people prefer to wear shoes that are more comfortable for their feet. If you are someone who spends hours on your feet, like a teacher or security guard, you may want to find a shoe with more cushioning in it so that you’re less likely to suffer from foot problems.

Asics Gel-nimbus 23

Best for Long Distances

It’s crucial for startups to figure out the “why” behind their business goals. There needs to be a passionate reason for doing things the way you do them, otherwise the day-to-day grind can wear down on you and make it harder to stay motivated instead of sparking ideas that take your startup to places you’ve never imagined.

When once you set foot into these shoes, you’ll realize that their midsole is rather firm in nature; however it does still absorb any shock upon landing on the ground and provides a good amount of cushioning.

You’ll find that their midsole or foam base is in fact Gel cushioned which promotes both comfort and energy return regardless of the surface you’re running on.

The Trusstic System Technology will keep the feet in place with flexible grooves, and supports the perfect stance for long walks. It helps to be able to walk naturally while still staying comfortable.

It’s true – from time to time, even the most stubborn dirt will shift during a high-impact movement. While you may have found success with similar designs in other shoes, we understand that style is your number one priority.

Vionic Delmar Adela

Top Walking Shoe for Women

You can choose these shoes in leather or novelty leather, or a combination of both which is the chain-inspired Lace-Up. You get a choice between two colors which are black and white. These aren’t high fashion shoes but they’re definitely worth it for the price.

The Ortho+ shoe supports those who have high arches and helps maintain a normal gait. Its biomechanical footbed provides arch support and keeps your foot stable, while the flex grooves in the sole allow your foot to bend naturally while you walk.

People with flat feet may also find this shoe helpful due to its combined use of a biomechanical footbed and other features designed to stabilize your step.

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The soft and supple boot-upper material of the shoe holds its structure around your feet but allows them to move freely at the same time. It is easy to use thanks to its Velcro strap, fastening buckle, and zipper. The shoe’s instep is also made from rubber which offers extra strength and improves traction.

New Balance 626 V2

Top Walking Shoe for Men

New Balance is known for making great shoes in general, and these are one of its awesome offerings that are good for the feet and also have the bonus of being a Medicare/HCPCS code A5500 diabetic shoe. This means that you may qualify for reimbursement if you get a prescription for these shoes.

No matter how far you walk, you’ll find these shoes are comfortable on your feet. The midsole contains an ABZORB crash pad for reducing shock and you can remove the insole if you have custom-fitted orthotics.

These shoes boast an internal shank for added stability. The outsole is slip-resistant and has been certified by the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM), so you know it’s good quality.

Although the soles tend to wear down quickly with frequent use, you will never find these shoes in any color other than black or gray but that’s alright because that means they will always be consistent.

Altra Paradigm 5

Best Wide Toe Box

Altras are rare, so their mass market availability is a strong selling point. Appropriate for people with wide feet or arch problems Altras boast zero drop.

Lightweight and responsive to the ground, the Paradigm 5 ensures that one never has a problem like back pain (especially for those who have wide feet).

The toes can splay out naturally. You know the feeling when you just want your feet to feel free and spread out without restraint. However, some shoes will merge the metatarsal bones of your foot together and squeeze it; putting pressure on your toes and arch instead of spreading it outwards.

The Paradigm 5 features the Altra Ego midsole, which offers balanced cushioning on a zero-drop platform. Some may find the zero-drop platform to be strange at first. It’s important to ease into them slowly because they do use your feet and calves differently than other shoes and they take some time to adjust to.

Nike Air Zoom Vomero 14

Best Nike Walking Shoe

A brand we’re accustomed to here in the US, NIKES are excellent walking shoes and a popular choice for those who enjoyBest shoes for high arches and standing all day. Its technology is designed to make sure you get long-lasting comfort from these durable shoes.

There are several layers of cushioning that come together to provide a comfortable feel when walking. The base layer is comprised of Nike’s React foam, which provides nice rebound while also remaining responsive.

On top of this is a Zoom Air unit which works in conjunction with the React foam to offer smooth and balanced cushioning. Even more comfort is added from the Dynamic Fit technology in the midfoot.

Flywire cables stretch between supportive plastic nodes over the medial side of the foot for a feeling of extra support in the arch area.

The mesh upper is durable and hugs your feet to create a more supportive fit. It’s breathable, which allows for better airflow, so you can wear it on hot days.


What Are High Arches?

High arches refers to your instep arch. If you’re lucky enough to have one it can generally be supported by any kind of shoes from leather flats to high heels. Having high arches is a sign of a lot of things – like being flexible or having good circulation which is always a plus.

But if you happen to have TOO high an arch, that’s when you might start experiencing various issues with your instep and catching on the ground like your foot getting stuck between slats or doorways, your instep hitting surfaces ahead of the rest of your foot,etc.

Foot pain is often due to a condition called plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciatis is when the fascia becomes inflamed and causes pain in the soles of the feet.

It usually affects people who are overweight, although it can also affect older adults and others. Though you may want to get out of bed earlier and hit your morning jog, it’s important to consult with a podiatrist to determine what is causing the foot pain.

This is because the foot is providing less shock absorption whilst walking. People with higher arches can have corns and calluses, stiffness or inflexibility of feet, and tight muscles in the lower leg,

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such as the tibialis posterior and peroneal muscles (these support the outside of your lower leg – at least, that’s what I remember from my anatomy classes.

People who have high arches often also underpronate (or supinate), which places pressure on muscles and joints of the feet. If your shoes usually wear out first on the inside edge of the heel, you’re facing this issue. Here are some other signs that you might be suffering from overpronation.

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Metatarsalgia
  • Achilles tendinitis
  • Knee pain
  • IT Band Syndrome

Wearing shoes that aren’t the right size can be tiring and painful to wear, especially because most of us are not designed to wear high heels.

What Shoe Features Do You Need With High Arches?

People with high arches do best with a shoe where the insole provides full support across the entire arch. Look for shoes that have the following.

  • All of the foot beds have ample cushioning to support the arch and prevent it from collapsing during a time when you are using your feet.
  • In baking, the only things that should keep their shape are people’s mouths
  • Combination suede and canvas upper with a well-cushioned foot bed, durable rubber outsole and padded collar.
  • Have wide extension— this would feel like the point of the arch has been extended outward, which makes it easier for people to walk through without feeling constricted.
  • This shoe has a deep heel cup that helps to boost your foot’s comfort level, providing stability and support where it’s needed.
  • You may have trouble with plantar fasciitis or similar foot problems. You might have to try different things and find what is most comfortable for you.
  • Padding around the ankle.
  • Dynamic and firm support.

What if My Shoe Still Does Not Support My High Arches Enough?

If your shoe is not providing enough support, you can insert a pair of insoles to properly align your foot and ankle position so that the arch can be stabilized to provide shock absorption. When you have trouble with high arches, we recommend some of the following high-arch supportive insoles.

To help with additional support, try adjusting your laces. For a wider foot, you can loosen up the sides and skip every other eyelet.

Or if you want to keep it simple and classic, use a standard four eyelet lacing technique – just make sure they haven’t stretched out and need to be replaced.

If you are still experiencing discomfort after trying countless practice shoe adjustments, it’s best to consult with a podiatrist in order to see if orthotics might be the best cure for your ailments.

What Benefits Will High Arch Shoes Provide?

If you’re already experiencing pain in your feet, you may wish to invest in shoes which provide support for high arches.

By doing so, you’ll not only be reducing the likelihood that it will get any worse or prone to reoccurring problems, but you’ll also be gaining a number of other benefits.

  • The arch support in the shoe helps to redistribute the pressure across your foot and aligns you with your center of gravity.
  • They can be inserted into the dough beforehand so that they do not burn when placed on a hot surface.
  • Shoes with adequate support can help you maintain an upright posture.
  • You’ve got a lot of work on your hands. Bring some guests, who will help you out.
  • Mid- and innersoles of running shoes help to cushion the impact felt when you run.
  • Overpronation and over supination is corrected by motion control of the shoes. Do you feel like you stand off-balance after moving away from a designated position? If so, you might have flat feet or fallen arches.
  • The shoes provide adequate support for the plantar fascia ligament that runs on the bottom of the foot and connects to your heel bone.


If you have high arches and are a runner, one of the most important things you can do is find the right kind of running shoe that supports your foot. If you have high arches, your foot will collapse inward without the right kind of support.

This is also true if you have lower arches, but it is much more likely to cause foot problems if you have high arches, as the collapse of your foot is more extreme.

The best way to find shoes that will help you run and walk in comfort is to make sure they provide arch support. Arch support is found in running shoes that have an elevated heel. This will help support your arch and keep it from collapsing.

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