Difference Between Soccer and Futsal? Soccer is an outdoor game where futsal comes on the category of soccer that is played indoor.

futsal vs soccer This is the least we know about these two games where there is more to it.

As soccer is an outdoor game so it is played in the much bigger area than the futsal which mostly takes smaller fields to play.

difference between futsal and soccer There is another major difference in which in soccer there must be

eleven players on field whereas in futsal it consists of five players totally.

To solve your misconceptions about two game this article will help to give enough differences related to the soccer and futsal play which will help in giving clarity to the players.

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Difference Between Soccer and Futsal

Let’s start with discussing the key differences of both games as follows:

Key Differences In Futsal And Soccer

There are following key differences between futsal soccer as follows:

Ball Size, Weight And Bounce

Futsal ball vs soccer ball There is a difference in ball size for futsal and soccer as it is been observed that

futsal ball is much lighter than the soccer ball which is usually size 5.

Talking about the bounce, it is discussed that futsal football is actually designed in a way which reduces the

bounce while the soccer ball is bigger in size

and thus have more space and air in it which enables more bounce.

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Player Numbers

In soccer the number of players are eleven as compare to the futsal which is consist of five players. There is one goalie in each play.

Role of keeper in Both Games

One can give unlimited number of passes to the keeper in soccer but there is a different rule in the futsal as

the player can pass the ball to keeper if they have passed the half line.

If the keeper has touched the ball in our half line then one cannot play him the ball again unless the

opponent or defenders touch it.

The role of keeper in the futsal can be used as an extra player in the game. It is sometimes noticed that

goalkeeper is more active in futsal in which they are able to give their skills a maximum growth.

Official Goal Size for both

The size for the goal of Futsal is 2X3 meters whereas the goal size for soccer is much bigger than futsal size.

Substitutions Of Players

In soccer there is a limit of layers substitution which is maximum three for a game.

In futsal there could be unlimited substitutions of players in the maximum condition twelve is the number.

They can be range from youth to adults and professionals.

Throws by Goalie in futsal vs. soccer

There are mostly goal clearances in the futsal as compared to soccer.

The goalie of the team has the responsibility to throw the ball in or drop kick the ball of futsal. The goalie is

not allowed to come out of the box of goal having ball around.

In the soccer the goalie can strike to the ball and can throw it, tackle it and take it out of the box easily.

The goalie has the responsibility to kick the ball out of the net once the kick is awarded.

Timing of Futsal Vs. Soccer

There is no time limit in futsal as if in case of any injury the game can be stopped right away or delayed for some time.

In soccer the timing is restricted as running clock but the numbers can be added at the end in case of any

emergency situation.In futsal when the referee indicates

the clock stoppage t is when decided to stop the clock otherwise not.

In futsal the full time of the game is twenty two minutes whereas it takes forty five minutes to complete soccer game half.

Taking timeouts

There is a timeout rule in which team can take a break and strategize for further time. It happens in the

futsal play and it is other way around in soccer play as there is no timeouts allowed in them.

Rule Of Shoulder Charges

Futsal rules It is assumed that futsal is said to be the game of skill and is less about using strength and power.

In the futsal game being physical is discouraged as slide tackles are allowed but the shoulder charges are still not allowed in this game.

If compare it with outdoor soccer game then that would be more physically charged as the players are more with more space.

In conclusion it is not taken out that players of futsal are not strong than soccer players.

Rule Of 4 Second Restart In Futsal Vs. Soccer

In soccer there is no rule like restart the game or timeout as it wastes the time which is not allowed in

soccer and would be charged with yellow card for doing so.

In the futsal play there us a restart rule in which after 4 seconds of ball that goes around the bound or on a

goal throw or when there is a risk losing the ball to opponents.

Rule of offside in Futsal Vs. Soccer

The offside rule in encouraged in soccer so as to forbid the cherry picking and to use more skills in the game.

In the futsal the offside rule is not allowed as due to the smallest size of court.

Relevant position of Futsal Vs. Soccer

In futsal there is a position of Fixo, Pivot, keeper and Ala. In the soccer game they have defenders, midfielders, forwards and a keeper.

Field Size And Feel

There is a difference in field size and feel for both futsal and soccer.

To define the sensitivity of the game the futsal is played on hard surfaces mostly indoor and the soccer game

is use to of grass fields which gives the smooth feel to the players and ball got friction as needed.

In Game Action For Futsal Vs. Soccer

The action in game for futsal is nonstop as for both the teams but having the ball in possession.

In contrast to that the soccer field is more spacious and need more team possessions in order to form an attack.

There will be a time in which the soccer players take the ball and reach to the opponent’s goal so as to form an attack which is not possible in futsal game.

Fouls limit in Futsal Vs. Soccer

what is futsal It is seen that in futsal there could be a limit of fouls which is mostly five per game.

If the team has made five infractions then the opponents will face the penalty shot from the second penalty mark.

In soccer game the players can get the yellow or red card in case of any misleading in the game or due to waste of time.


Above mentioned differences is enough to make a comparison between futsal and soccer play and in case

if we missed any of it then let us know about it through your queries.

We would love to consider them and will try to improve it. Thank you!