Fun Soccer Games for Kids Soccer is such a sport that is played by both children and adults quiet competitively.

There are many roundup matches in adult’s soccer but is there any soccer activities for preschoolers too?

The answer would be yes as there are lots of fun soccer games for kids in order to make

their sport time more fun and interesting. These games actually develops their skills and competitive nature while allowing them to have adventure.

Learning these Fun soccer games online will keep you out of tough coaching sessions and will not make you bound of anything.

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Fun Soccer Games for Kids

soccer games for toddlers Some of the fun soccer games for little kids are designed specifically for U12 and below that players.

This article will actually encourage the parents to give their children a look for better fun time practice. Here are some top best favorite soccer games for the kids as follows:


Fun soccer games to play this is the first interesting game for kids in which it is a game of revenge on adults.

In this each kid will be having a ball and it marks off a 20×30 yard grid. One can make their grid look so

much bigger or smaller as it totally depends on the number of kids and their age level.

soccer activity for kids It is seen that with increase number of age will give more and more soccer

experience to the kids and adults.

After that grid the instructor will then go into the middle of that and will start to run all over the place.

The kids should have to dribble their balls all over the grid and try to hit the instructor with the help of the ball.

Whenever it touches the coach or instructor, he/she should have to say or yell “OUCH” to make this game

more lively and full of fun.

This game is very funny once it comes in its momentum and every kid plays it with full enthusiasm.

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This is another fun game for the kids and in this game named sharks and minnows, requires a bigger grid of

maximum about 20×25 yards.

Every player or participant must be assigned with a soccer ball except for the two whose are named as sharks.

The role of these sharks should be that they would try to kick the minnow’s ball out from their grid place

and minnows have the role to dribble the balls away from the sharks.

If in the game minnows ball is out of the grid then they should take one lap of the grid and after that they

will be allow to come back in the game.

Every minnow is allowed to get two probable chances before declared as out of the game.

The one who will remain in the last will be renamed as sharks and play next round in the role of sharks.

This game will be more fun if the sharks and minnows try to quicken their speed and don’t let anyone win

without giving a tough competition.


This game actually build the listening and awareness skill among the kids as in this the listening skills and

learning body awareness is the essences of this game.

Every player who is participating in this game have to follow the instructions given to them by a leader named “Simon”.

If say the instructor or coach could be named as “Simon”. The leader has to say following things to their followers like:

Change your direction or move from your exact point

Second would be to try stopping the ball

Third instruction include in which they have to put their foot on the ball and anything else they would

like to trick their followers in this game.

It would be fun to play when they randomly pick one and ask them to do five tie jumping or skipping or kicking the ball.

Their commands would be the interesting part in the game which will keep them hooked in it.

The listening part to the leader will give the skill of listening skill to the children as it will help them to improve them.


This is supposed to be the classic super game which is specifically designed for the schoolyards. In this

game all the kids have to line up at a start point declared by them and should have one instructor that must

be standing on the 15-20 yards literally away facing their backs from these kids.

The instructor have to say or yell “green light” and the kids should start to dribble towards the leader.

Once the coach or instructor yells “red light” then they have to stop right away where they are standing right now.

The coach have to notice and wait for some time and on the right moment should turn around. If he/she sees anyone moving then he/she has to send that one player back to the beginning point.

This game will make the skills of alertness and be on the point when needed.


In this game there are multiple sharks and minnows. This version of game has the 15×15 yard of grid and

every player participating in this game would be handed with a ball.

One of them must be without the ball and named as a “Room Cleaner”.

The role of the room cleaner is to get all of the ball out of the grid and get the success. When it is been

kicked out of the grid then the ordered players must go and try to retrieve their balls anyway and should do

that until all the balls are out at the same time.

As mentioned earlier that soccer is not just about competing with other but from this we must pick the

skills and use it in the best way possible.

This game is really funny if not just about learning the skills. In this the players go goofy and try to kick their

ball into the cleaner’s grid for fun and make him/her crazy.


This game is for all age types and can be seen by the professionals running around warming up with this game.

In his game the players should stand in a circular position where one or two named as a monkeys in the middle of that circle.

The game starts when one of the player standing outside of the circle must pass a ball to other player standing outside.

The monkeys are not allowed to stop the first pass but after that everything is fair in the game.

The main aim of the game is to retain the ball away from the monkeys in the middle.

If the monkey takes over the control then he/she can witch the places with the one player who really

touched the ball before them.

The major role of the monkey is to take the control over ball and cannot just push it away.

In order to make it more interesting and interacting there are many things one can do.

One can make the circle bigger in which it would be difficult for the monkeys to take the ball or the way

around in which it can small to prevent them from being taken away. There could be one or multiple monkey at the same time to make it more fun.


Above mentioned games are the best for kids to play indoors with their instructors or coach.

These games will help them to improve their soccer skills to keep themselves fit while staying indoor and

don’t have to go anywhere else.

These easy to do fun games would be enough for making their time more productive. If you have any query

related to this article then you can tell us in the comments. Thank you.