How to Play Striker in Soccer?

How to Play Striker in Soccer, Forward is a super important position in the game of soccer. soccer striker positioning, If you want to be stricter, always remember that you must have good footwork, speed, a cunning soccer mind, and a powerful shot. A striker only gets some chances in the game; therefore, you need to avail them and turn them into goals. Also, to be a good striker, it is good to train yourself to be in the position. If you want to learn how to play striker in the game, read on!

How to Play Striker in Soccer

how to be a good striker in soccer, Always shoot quickly while maintaining accuracy. Moreover, the faster you pull off the shot, the more deadly you will become while playing as a striker. Your first touch can create the swing on your leg, either to the defender side or till you can receive the ball.

Shoot quickly!

The second one is the shot itself. If you can push these two shots, you can make the ball to the defender’s side and then fire off the image before they can even react. Once you feel better on these quick shots, you can create a space and push the ball quickly to the defender’s side before they can even reach.

Practice while putting the ball

soccer forward tips, You can practice while putting the ball immediately out in the air. It is the header on the goal or the volley, mainly when you strike the ball and then hit the ground. It isn’t easy but it is essential. A best forward can redirect the ball aerial towards the goal without setting the ball, giving the defence time to react against it. You can also practice it easily with your friend who can be hitting your crosses and the corner kicks, but you must keep some things in your mind.

Follow your targets

For headers, it means that your shoulders must turn to face the goal. Your hips can work as an indicator for kicks, which will be shot to meet the goal on accurate finishes. But if you are standing still, then skill is almost useless. It would help if you always moved, jog while on the field, even while you are practising. It is not typical for standing still in the game when the ball is approaching the box.

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Moreover, it would help if you focused on controlling the ball out in the air with your entire body. You must be good at controlling the ball from the perspective. It means that bringing the ball from the air smoothly. Because lots of balls, in the game, come with the aerial crosses and from the long balls.

Best ways to practice includes:


how to be a better striker, If you are a challenging person, then juggling is the best way to practice. Check how high you can get the ball and still maintain control. Hit the ball long. Start the game with 20 yards away, and slowly then get further and further.

As you are getting better, then pick up the speed between hitting and controlling the ball back.
Drill crosses or shots against the wall at the hard surface while reacting quickly to trap things rebound.

One on one, challenging defenders

You must be able to beat them without the assistance of teammates. How to Play Striker in Soccer, Once you have the ball, you must dribble around the defenders and the goal by getting things in different ways like Maradona., or the scissor. Some of the good moves are shoulder feints and step over.

Get some close friends or some teammates who can challenge them to 1 c 1 drills

You can make a thin rectangle and then alternate defending and attacking and crossing the opposite line with the control. You always do not need to beat the defender straight up. Sometimes you need to control and shield the ball with your back goal. You can work on moves by yourself. Work on dribbling after setting up a box. You can also work on cutting, dribbling, and throwing moves at full speed while staying inside the box to work on your control.

Some forward moves

You must develop some feet into your dangerous weapons of scoring. How to Play Striker in Soccer, Some moves are using only some dangerous forward activities with one foot. Also, some dangerous forwards can use one foot only. If you are comfortable using both feet, you can only expand your toolkit as good defenders if you have the foot on one side of the field.

But when you are using both of your feet, you can spend extra time developing your passing skills and shooting on your wrong foot. Of course, it will not be as good as your dominating foot, but you will give defenders fits significantly if you can cut to other defenders and then make a clean pass with the weak foot.

All the time, watch for the shots

It would help if you watched for the spots all the time on the target. Especially when they do not score, then shooting on target can create deflections, corners, and rebounds that will lead to goals and put the defences under pressure. Your mindset must always need to make the space for your or your teammates.

Also, keep in mind that you need to shoot not only you. Some forwards will also get many chances, and others will then feed their partner with suitable options, and then they take only some with themselves.
Sprint, weave, and dart will create an open space to make defensive chaos.

Among them, a mobile striker is the most dangerous one. Especially when you do not get the defence on your toes all the time, then for 90 minutes, it might be a mistake while revealing the gaps that will create a goal. Make a run when your team is good enough to work.

Fake it before you make it!

How to Play Striker in Soccer, Always be on the right jog and on the right jog of your toes to get the jump of the defenders when you open the space up. They will also be trying to look at the area once you are trying to fill it.
It would help if you keep your eyes on other forwards. Timing runs to crisscross and weave with them and will throw the defence for the enormous loop.

Now is the right time to cross the spot to your full speed so that you hit them. If you are waiting for the box to arrive, then you are easy to markup. On the other hand, you can also time your runs to get to the ball, as it is coming, and cut it before the ball reaches the defender while getting the start for any jumping header.

After then keep your eye on the ball and run it just as it comes available to you to play, and then you will win most of the volleys, long balls, and headers.

Curling runs

These are also a great way of making space and time. Instead of sprinting into the square box, you can also take the curving path as the ball is coming down to the wings, then cut straight once the ball is in the air. Your curling run will let you approach the box on the run while still allowing you to change direction quickly.

Check the ball instead of always running away from it. Here checking means always running towards the teammate with the ball. After that, you can also open the space and make the pass shorter. It is essential to work with another striker, as the space you are running away from is open for him. Mainly if your defender then follows the check. Also, if you are unable to get the ball, then the defender is on you still. Therefore, it is good to keep moving if you are unable to get the ball.

As you check, it is always good to check the shoulder. Especially if you caught up with the defender sleeping, you would have more time with the ball than you might think.
Therefore, it is recommended to cross all the shots into the goal. It is essential for the younger players as such players can make a mistake.

Return on the midfield on defence while holding up the back defenders. It would help if you wanted to get the ball from the review or the punt. You are no good for your team if you sit on the top and wait. So, you must bring the defenders back from playing easy crosses without pressure. You must be ready to sprint or counter attacks. If the ball is crossed or cleared, then it is your job to get it back from the offensive position.


How to Play Striker in Soccer, You can also watch the professional forwards and notice what they do with the ball for such a purpose. So, next time you must pay attention to the ball to check when the ball is not touching the ball. Also, note how good forwards are moving, which makes the defence constantly look up while reading.

As you are watching more than pay attention to how such forwards are working together. They were crisscrossing to manipulate the defenders into creating space.