How to stretch soccer cleats, If you have bought new soccer cleats and found them a little tight then it will give you hard time on the ground or while playing. In order to get rid of that feeling, there are lots of ways to make them flexible quickly.

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One of the best techniques is to wear the best soccer shoes for a short period of time; try to dampen your boots with warm water or use a hairdryer before walking around.

There are other methods that involve not wearing shoes and still stretch them easily like stuffing newspaper, bending shoes with hands, place a tennis ball inside the shoe or freezing the shoe, and lastly by using stretching tools.

How to stretch soccer cleats, These all are effective methods to stretch your shoes appropriately. If your shoes are tight after using different techniques then it is a sign that you just need a different pair of shoes.

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How To Stretch Soccer Cleats

If you want to stretch the boots then wear them for short period in your home while doing different house chores, while cooking or doing other stuff.

Method 1: Wear Your Boots For Short Period

Try to wear them for at least 30 minutes so as to get your feet convenient for your shoes and vice versa. If in any case they are hurting you or giving blisters on the feet then takes them off quickly.

Use double socks or the socks that are thicker in material, it will help your shoes to stretch faster.

If the shoes are tight enough that while wearing it is leaving certain spots then you can cover them with band-aids so as to protect your feet.

Method 2: Dampen Your Boots With Warm Water

The second way to stretch your shoes is that one can dampen their boots and socks with warm water and wait till they dry. For convenient use, fill water in the spray bottle to keep them wet or pour it onto them directly.

Make it very sure that they are dampening nicely and perfectly. Wear these wet socks and boots for around 30 minutes or an hour till they all dry up properly.

For keeping your socks wet, use cool or warm tap water
Use any feet cream or Vaseline on your feet where you think there would be a chance to get the blisters.
Keep moving your feet inside your shoes until drying so as to make some room inside.

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Method 3: Use Hairdryer To Stretch Tour Boots

Giving heat to your shoes can seem effective in order to stretch your shoes. Put on a pair of socks that are thick with your football cleats on over them.

Heat up your boots for about 5 minutes at least and move the hairdryer on the surface of the shoe slowly and use this heat to stretch the boot.

When you have trying heat up your shoes with hairdryer, keep them on your feet for about 10-20 minutes so as to stretch them.

Method 4: Keep Your Boots In Hot Water To Stretch Them

Put on your socks and boots at same time on your feet. Place them in a bucket filled with warm water with your shoes on your feet.

how to wash cleats, Make sure to avoid putting your lace area in the water so much. Try to keep wearing the shoes inside the water for at least 10 minutes and continue wearing them for about 30 minutes until they dry up.

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Avoid warm water as it will damages the glue inside your soccer cleats The function of hot water is to make shoes more flexible. Apply leather conditioner on your shoes if they are made up of leather to avoid cracking when taking out of the water.

Method 5: Loosen Your Laces, If Possible

If your shoes have laces then there would be a probability that it is tightened because of them. Try loosening them down and putting the shoe on your foot. Make it adjustable and retighten the laces around your foot. Do these with both shoes for a better fit.

Stretching Football Shoes Without Wearing Them

There are many kinds of shoe stretchers that can be useful in stretching your shoes from all sides. How to stretch soccer cleats. Place the shoe stretcher inside your shoes and adjust them in the areas that are tight.

Method 1: Use Shoe Stretcher

Keep the shoe stretcher inside the shoes for one-day maximum. If you want more stretching the use a two-way stretcher

Method 2: Put A Plastic Bag Full Of Water Inside Tour Boots For Stretching

How to stretch soccer cleats, Place a plastic bag full of water inside your shoes so as it goes all the way towards the toes. Place these shoes in the freezer until the water expands and gets it colder which ultimately stretches out each boot.

Leave these boots in the freezer overnight so the water gets freezes completely.

If it is not easy putting out the bag from the boots once it is all freezes then wait for some time and let the ice melt which will help to loosen the bag.

Method 3: Put Tennis Ball To Stretch The Shoes

If the upper side of your boots is tight then you can do this by putting a tennis ball as deep as possible into both shoes. Make sure that the ball must reach to the toe area so as to stretch that portion more specifically.

After putting the ball inside it, leave them in shoes overnight as it will help the shoes to contract the upper portion of the soccer cleats.

Method 4: Stuff Newspaper Inside Your Shoes

Take pieces of newspapers and magazines and squeeze them up inside your shoes. It should be as deep inside the foot area where your toes are located. If you want more areas to be stretch inside the shoes then put more newspaper in them.

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Make proper big rolls of newspaper so as it will be helpful for the shoe to break the toughness of shoe. Once you have seen that boots are filled with newspaper then let them be inside it overnight so as to take as much time for stretching.

Fill newspaper properly as no space inside the toe area is left behind.

Method 5: Bend Shoes By Using Your Hands

In your leisure time try to bend shoes while sitting in front of the TV or while listening to music etc. take a boot in your hand and stretch it back and forth continuously.

Doing that will help the shoes to break its toughness slowly and gradually. When this method is implemented several times then it will make some room for your feet to fit in these shoes properly.

Try to stretch your boots with hands for almost 5 minutes per boot.


All of the above techniques are commonly used and are really effective if are implemented properly.

One has to take properly sized shoes to avoid such methods but if there is a chance to improve your shoes shaping then this article will help you in stretching your shoes while putting shoes on or without putting them on your feet.

We hope that this article was really informative in terms of making your shoe stretch. Implement them in your home and if any query left then you can put it under the FAQs portion. Thank you.