How to Throw a Rugby Ball? Techniques & Passing Tips

Just as every sport has its own playstyle and technique, so does Rugby. To make the most of your time on the field, it’s important that you learn how to properly throw a rugby ball. In order for any player – whether right-handed or left-, they need not only know what their own position involves but also understand when and where each other attacks will happen so as avoid getting caught off guard by an opponent who has already taken advantage in advance!

How to Throw a Rugby Ball Step by Step?

For long passes

The long pass requires some points below

You will need to use long and accurate spirals, placing your right hand on the back of the ball. It is necessary then move it by pushing away from you with accuracy in order for this shot to work correctly so make sure that both hands touch when setting up before pulling them out towards opposite hips or alternatively place one arm straight at a time as if making an L while moving forward slightly past its original position keeping everything horizontal – close eye contact between target line & where eyes focus along path planned through space being travelled- look ahead again just before releasing into release phase which includes follow-through after shooting motion finishes.

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For Short Passes

The short pass requires some points below

  • When throwing a football, you should use light spins to make short passes and quick pops.
  • To perform this exercise, hold the ball with both hands in front of your face so that it points up towards the neck or chin area; just below the nose if possible.
  • Then slightly pull back on the right side ribcage until the target zone is reached while pushing forward at the same time (the ball will eventually roll off fingertips).
  • Finally snap fingers away from the chest after releasing complete throw by snapping wrists backwards.


When you master two of these passes above, your team will have a better chance at victory. Every move matters so let’s practise and take note of every detail in order not to miss any important factors that contribute to winning!