How to Wash Running Shoes: Keep Your Trainers Pristine

How to Wash Running Shoes, Having a good pair of running shoes is essential to your performance. We’ll explain how to keep your shoes working optimally with some simple household products which can be used to give them a deeper clean and help maintain their lasting qualities:

In this article, we’re going to go over how to keep your running shoes safe and sound, the dos and don’ts in taking care of them, and other general advice that will save you so much hassle.

Running shoes are an investment – don’t ruin them by carelessly using harsh cleaning products or hurling them into a washing machine full of other clothes.

Washing running shoes is not a straightforward process, and there are several different schools of thought on how to do it the best.

We don’t recommend washing your runners in a washing machine because it will ruin their shape and structure.

Let’s get to the core of our business and see which products we should provide or sell.


Running shoes need to be cleaned with the utmost care, due to their intrinsic value and risk regarding being damaged, so as not to accelerate wear and tear on them. How to wash running shoes by hand, Besides this, here are some cleaning tips that give you more insight into ways that might damage your footwear:

Here are the things that you will need:

  • A cloth or baby wipe
  • Some mild soap
  • Cold, clean water
  • A toothbrush

These are all the things you need to gather and follow in order to complete this task.


How to clean Running shoes with mesh,The first step to keeping up with a pair of boots is to make sure they are clean by taking off any dirt that may have built up in the soles. You can do this just by wiping your boots over with a cloth or even a paper towel.

White soles can be a struggle to maintain, sometimes you’re stuck with toenail scratches or pesky clay pieces that don’t come off quite right and it looks like you’ve stepped in something nasty.

Sometimes all you need is a little elbow grease, or if that doesn’t work, make an all-purpose cleaner by mixing your soap of choice with three parts water and vinegar.

Take one tablespoon of baking soda and one tablespoon of laundry detergent and mix them together. Dip the toothbrush in the cleaning solution and scrub the dirty areas thoroughly.


The upper of the shoes usually get dirty from general wear and tear or you could get them wet in the rain.

If you have wet shoes from a vigorous workout session, allow them to dry out before attempting to clean them.

After scrubbing all of the dry grime and dirt from your fabric, mix up a combination of water and laundry detergent. Adding a bit of this cleaning agent – in the form of a liquid – to the base should help loosen up anything that might still be stuck firmly in place on your fabric.

Use the toothbrush to spread around the mixture until it’s even throughout, then use another wet cloth or wipe to gently remove any residue you created from applying it.


The same solution used for cleaning the shoe’s fabric can be used for cleaning the insoles as well. Just take them out and rub some of the solution in the top area with a toothbrush until it’s nice and wet.How to wash on cloud shoes,  Air dry the insoles at room temperature.


Sometimes using baking soda and detergent alone might not be enough to thoroughly clean those dirty laundry stains, but luckily there are other ingredients that you can use to turn things around.

For instance, adding vinegar to the washing machine while you’re doing your laundry helps break down dirt that’s turning white clothing into brown patches as it cleans out of your clothes altogether.

  • Take some simple toothpaste. Simple as in the kind with no beads or gel-like ingredients. It’s plain white toothpaste.
  • Use your finger to rub it gently on the affected areas.
  • Afterward, use a toothbrush to scrub every nook and cranny.


While it can be tempting to throw running shoes in the washing machine, we ask you not to. Washing your running shoes will affect the physical form of your sneakers as they need to keep their shape, and that’s something that is hard to do while they are being spun around inside a washing machine.

Washing the shoe in a washing machine will damage the shoe’s resistance and therefore shorten it’s lifespan. The seams of the shoe will start coming apart, which would make it harder to wear them.

Never dry shoes in direct sunlight or with a hair dryer. Both of these methods can warp the shoes and ruin their shape permanently.

People often suggest trying out the following method: clean your shoes and put them under a radiator before going to bed. However, this might lead to damaging the structure of the shoe because it’s made for warm, dry air which is not what it gets under a radiator.

Try not to throw the clothes into a tumble dryer. This can make them damaged sooner than later.


How to wash running shoes Brooks, Washing your running shoes by hand is not the only trick that can prolong their lifespan. There are also other ways in which you can ensure their longevity:

  • Untie the Laces After Running

Do not use your feet to remove your shoes. Untie them, and then pull your foot out using both hands. Using your foot to extract your shoe will make the heel much less strong, making them more unstable.

If the heel can move freely on its own accord, the friction will cause some serious blisters which will result in a painful running nightmare.

  • Follow the Manufacturer’s Indications

What’s great about running shoes is that reputable running shoe manufacturers provide guidelines on how to properly care for their products. Every manufacturer will provide tips, do’s and don’t’s and information regarding the cleaning products that can be safely used on specific shoes or models.

As a rule of thumb, always check your manufacturer’s website for helpful tips on how to prolong your shoe’s lifespan. After all, they know exactly how to take care of their products.

Get Rid of Odor

There are times when simply cleaning them off won’t do the trick. Sometimes a bit of help will be needed in order to get rid of the foul stench of success and fitness.

Foot sprays, powders, and polishes are already available in any shoe shop or online for purchase so this isn’t really any new news. Grab a box or can, read the instructions and get at it. Remember to give the insoles a good washing to your shoes now and again just to be extra effective.

If you consider yourself not a huge fan of sprays and powders, another alternative is to use dry tea bags. The nice-smelling varieties are ideal for this purpose, as they will absorb the moisture and help eliminate odors from your shoes.


Make sure to avoid using the washing machine when cleaning your running shoes; this will help them last longer and remain more effective.

Having an ill-fitting shoe with no support to your feet can lead to the wrong kind of pain, discomfort and even result in lower blood flow to your feet.

If budget isn’t an issue, you could purchase products specifically manufactured to clean running shoes because they are the best options for protecting your runners from germs in day-to-day use – and know that many cleaning products available on the market will negatively impact the materials.

Give your shoes a weekly check up and make sure to rotate them regularly when you wear them so that no single pair wears out faster than the others, thereby making sure you get the maximum wear out of each pair.

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