This list might be slightly different, which is due to the economic implications of COVID-19. Furthermore, the COVID-19 leads to the substantial salary reductions of many European clubs and the dips in players of the market values. Furthermore, the global economic crisis could not knock down the world’s most lavish salary of all the time on their pitch. 

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Most Paid Soccer Player

Cristiano Ronaldo

This Juventus striker is the number one Portuguese international player. Also, Ronaldo is one of the best players of the century. Furthermore, Cristiano Ronaldo is not only one of the highest-paid soccer players. But also the highest-paid athlete around the world as well with an overall net worth of about $450 million. 

Lionel Messi 

Leo Messi’s endorsement activity is relatively pale as compared to Ronaldo. Furthermore, the Messi salary put him only $ 1 million with a whopping $104 million. In addition to this, last year Messi topped the list of the highest-paid athletes. It makes him around $103 million, and it is also the highest salary among all the soccer players. Furthermore, it makes him around $130 million, and it is the highest salary for all the teams of sports. However, after cutting the 70% pay cut, he is dropped to the second number. But due highest paid salary Argentinian forward for Messi around the substantial amount of the money. 


For most of the past decades, Neymar Jr. has been the third-best player in the world after Messi and Ronaldo. However, his accolades Neymar cannot win the player of the year. Whereas Ronaldo and Messi both win it around 11 times. 

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Mohamed Salah

Saleh was the back-to-back Premier Golden winner and he is the current champion of England and Europe as well. Furthermore, the Mo Salah is the best premier league champion. When it moves to the Liver pool in the year 2017 for $ 46 million. Also, in the first season at this club, Salah broke the record of 38 games with 32. Helped Liverpool to the champion league final. 

Kilian Mbappe

Mbappe is the future and the rising star of Ballon d’Or winner. In addition to this, this 21-year-old French forward has light up Ligue 1 from the past three seasons. Furthermore, after winning the game with AS Monaco and with the league 1, this young player got the golden boy award. Also, he switched to PSG, which was the loan deal to PSG in 2018 for around $156 million and which was his highest transfer fee overall. 

Andres Iniesta 

Andres is one of the best midfielders of every time; however, he is edging closer and closer towards retirement. Especially after leaving Barcelona in the year 2018. Furthermore, the Spanish Hero is currently playing the Japanese side from which he is earning $ 29,6 million in earning became most paid soccer players. 

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Mesut Ozil 

Mesut is the player who has scored only one goal, and he has provided only assists in 18 matches in this season. Furthermore, Arsenal has also given Mesut the free money away despite his all best quality and the fact that he is one of the best ball players. Moreover, Ozil has also been criticized from past few years by several managers and pundits after the past few years of the lacklustre performances. All his parents desire to not to play for Arsenal. 

Paul Pogba

In the year of 2016, Manchester United re-signed the French midfielder from Juventus on his five years contract for a world record of $120 million at the same time. However, after that, he was facing trouble with consistency and his commitments with the club. Unlike Ozil, he has the undoubted quality. Furthermore, he has the skills and the passing ability which are all phenomenal. In 2018 he put all his effort to see the world to win Franc the world cup with all his incredible performance throughout the tournament. Furthermore, he has played in the tournament and has won one of the best build goals. 

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Also, one of the incredible Brazilian midfielders from Chelsea who has not played in Europe since 2016. After winning the shocking move to the Chinese super league Shanghai in January 2017. Oscar was able to provide his family incentive with a $75 million transfer to China as he grew up poor. 


Also, there are some other players as well who are very close to his most paid soccer players list. They are Alexis Sanchez of Manchester United and the Welsh Winger Gareth Bale of the Real Madrid. With a net worth of $25.7 million, $25.2 million, and $25.6 million in the total earning respectively. Hence it is the list that shows one how lucrative the game of soccer is and how well the right players are earning.