Football Streaming Online Sports Scholarship Opportunity $1000

Football Streaming Online Sports Scholarship Opportunity $1000

Whether you are the club sport athlete who is finding an opportunity to play at a more recreational level or a talented athlete looking at your dream college for a full-ride scholarship, we have decided to provide exceptional financial aid to such deserving students.

The scholarship is more than student support to pursue his/her career in his/her passion. It is a source of motivation and dedication for such students. Knowing their skills and worth chooses the most suitable athletic scholarships that are best for them.


Team of participation

Football Streaming Online is offering $1000 scholarships to deserving students to motivate them to follow their passion. Suppose you or someone close to you face a problem in paying the fees of the renowned sports institutions. Also, they are thinking of dropping their passion. Then it is good news for them.

If you are interested, then please tell us about yourself in $1000 words.

Eligibility criteria

This scholarship is for All who love sports. Please send us your story in a word document to our email: scholarship[@]footballstreamingonline[dot]com.  Also, you need to mention the following details with your submission:

Email address, Full name

The name of high school If attending any

Your field of interest in sports

Please note that all submissions will be made through email.

Application deadline:

The deadline for entry is December 31st, 2021, at 11:59 PST, and a winner will be selected by January 15th, 2021.

Importance of Sports Scholarship Opportunity In Students Life:

Sports are essential to maintain and improve one’s physical skills and ability. In addition to this, it is a method of entertainment for the participants as well. Sports are crucial in students’ life. It is also the way to bring mental fitness to the person who is continuously involved in it.

Moreover, those who are struggling with busy schedules can get tired quickly. However, we need a sound mind, which we can only get with the sound body’s help.

Where education is essential to give you fame, name, and money. Similarly, sports are essential to get a sound mind. Even it is essential to oneself in sports because all the entrepreneurs and highly successful people have sports in their schedules:

Also, because of its importance, one can not ignore sports. Due to the following characteristics, sports are essential:

  • Team spirits
  • Time management skills
  • Physical fitness 
  • Mental strength
  • Consistency
  • Confidence 
  • Health 
  • Discipline
  • Decision-making skills

Hence due to several factors, games and sports are significant to us. They teach us patience, punctuality, dedication, and teamwork. Also, sports can help fight several diseases like obese, obesity, arthritis, diabetes, etc. It teaches us to go on living by ignoring all the obstacles. Also, it helps us to make us bold and give us a feeling of happiness. Also, it gives us the feeling that we can combat all the problems coming along our way. Hence both sports and studies are essential for us, and one must learn to balance them to gain the maximum output.

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