If you are thinking of buying a soccer ball for yourself, it is not like you need to go to the nearest sports shop and choose the one you like.

Mostly some crucial factors need to be considered while choosing the right soccer ball. However, if you are buying the one for a teenager, the one who is not in the teenage group, then you cannot even go with the random regular-sized ball.

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For such reasons, you need to consider the one which is not for any random player and neither to have some fun with the ball. Also, nobody wants to use the one which is too smaller sizes or too big. And there are several balls of different sizes which are all meant for the age groups.

Soccer Ball Sizes For Age Groups

Mostly soccer ball sizes differ according to the age group of the players who are playing soccer. Also, the ball is the essential gear in sports either for competition or for practice. It is also essential to choose the right size for your team’s ball to get the best accuracy and player performance.

Also, there are several materials of the soccer balls from which you can choose the size. However, you need to check on their sizes that what soccer leagues or coach is acceptable according to their soccer ball regulations. It is essential because some soccer leagues have strict guidelines for the size of their ball’s selection.

Branded balls

In addition to this, always consider the Size 5 soccer ball available in the market. It is because they feature the best materials and even aesthetics to make the game even more enjoyable.

Importance Of Size Selection Of The Soccer Balls

The underlying reasons for the variety of such sizes are mainly because of the safe and smooth development for all the young players as they are growing in age and skills ball. Football federation around the world has set all these references for the soccer ball sizes.

It is even crucial for the younger players who want to reduce the risk that the ball can hurt them during their play. Matching the age groups, the ball sizes can be the best option while playing football. Therefore, it is essential to consider all the sizes of the balls according to their age.

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Choosing The Right Soccer Ball Size:

The foremost step for buying a soccer ball is determining the soccer ball’s right size according to your age group. It is because several soccer balls have different soccer balls’ requirements. Moreover, it would help if you were sure to know balls according to your organization or coach.

They will guide you with the proper soccer ball size according to the age group with the size that the ball must adequately use.

Here you will learn to choose the right size of the balls the one you must buy:

Soccer Ball Sizes By Age

  1. Size 1 for under three years
  2. Ball Size 2 age 3 to 5 years
  3. Size 3 age 5 to 8 years
  4. Size 4 age 8 to 12 years
  5. Ball size 5 age 12 to above

Size 5 Soccer Ball

It is for the international standard soccer ball for all ages of 12 to older. Also, it includes professional players as well. Moreover, due to its size, it is not suitable for children below 12. The reason behind that is controlling or kicking the ball.

For international standard tournaments, the size five must be preferable, around 12 to 16 ounces (450 grams). Also, it is 27 to 28 inches in circumference and weighs. It is according to FIFA’s law of the game, according to law 2.

Soccer Ball Size 4

It is ideal for the age group of eight to twelve. Moreover, it is the medium-sized ball that is best for youth soccer players. All they may not have developed enough physically to tackle with the size of five balls and others.

In addition to this, for older children, about 8 to 12, Soccer ball size four must be acceptable. Moreover, the ball must measure about 25 to 26 inches in circumference and weighs and the ball must weigh around 12 ounces (320 grams).

 Size 3 soccer ball

It is for children of the age group of five to eight. In addition to this, it is the smallest for the teams involved in the junior players.

According to their circumference, children of eight or below can mostly get the three, which is about 23 to 24 inches. Moreover, their weight must be 12 ounces. With the smaller sizes and weight, children can easily control the game and the ball’s size.

Size 2 Soccer Ball

Size 2 soccer balls are for children of ages group three to five and are among the smaller sizes. Moreover, it is ideal for kids who are starting to develop their skills ball and becoming competent players. Moreover, older players can improve their first touch, ball control, and footwork because of their size.

Size 1 Soccer Ball

It is also the smaller sizes soccer ball and is for the children below age 3. It is best for kids who are starting with sports. Like size two, the older player should improve their footwork, first touch, and ball control.

More Information About The Soccer Game

 How long will the soccer game last?

Most soccer games are made up of two 45 mins with a break of 15 mins for rest. In addition to this, some extra stoppage time is also added to the end of each half. It is mostly due to the discretion to make any time that had a loss by the referee, which can be because of the game delays.

It is mostly when the game cannot end in the tie, which is expected during the elimination tournament. In this way, two additional 15 mins are added to each of the games. Also, it involves the final penalty round kick. It is the case when the game still ends in a tie. Hence a rough estimate is the two hours.

Players In The Soccer Team

At a single time, each soccer team has the players of around 11 players on the pitch. In addition to this, most teams have the additional players’ bench that can range in between 2 to 12 players, which can be the substitute.


In the end, you cannot buy the ball which fancies you. There are individual balls of different sizes, which will aid in their development and their growth. The four-year-old can have trouble with kicking the ball size five, and it will end in the wastage of money at the end of the day.

As it has been clear that all the ball’s sizes have different uses according to their age group. The size five ball can be a good option for the kids, and likewise, size 1 or 2 will not be the better option for professional players. In the end, we hope that this guide must be helpful to you. In this way, you can purchase the right ball with the right size.