Best Indoor Soccer Shoes for Wide Feet – 8 Picks in 2022

What Are the Best Indoor Soccer Shoes for Wide Feet to Buy? Do you feel that something is wrong with your feet when you wear shoes? Do your feet hurt while playing on the field and you cannot do anything? The answer is in this article as your wide feet cleats want the correct pair of best soccer cleats for wide feet that are narrow and it will help the player in moving their feet freely.

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You might be asking, “What would be different in these wide football cleats?” Well, this article will give you proper guidance about some of the best indoor soccer shoes for wide feet features and the importance to maximize your performance.

Top 8 Best Indoor Soccer Shoes For Wide Feet

Following are the top picks of best wide indoor soccer shoes:

Our Top Picks

Puma Invicto Sala Indoor Soccer Shoe

This new Invicto sala wide indoor soccer shoes is designed so naturally so as to give the player freedom on the field and provide the best features by PUMA.

Indoor soccer shoes for flat feet

Puma indoor soccer shoes are made in a combination of leather and natural suede that gives it a super softness and natural feel towards the ball.

The rubber toe is making the shoe more protected and durable in order to face any kind of ball for it. Their new low profile outsole has the capability to give extra and excellent traction while removable and light in weight sock lines make it very sure for the maximum cushioning and comfortlessness.

The full lace closure gives the perfect look to shoes and makes indoor soccer shoes wide width it very convenient for the players to wear them on the ground.

Futsal shoes for flat feet kelme indoor soccer shoes is great indoor soccer shoes.


  • Leather and suede material
  • Rubber toe
  • Lightweight
  • Lace closure
  • nonslippery


  • Not arch support
  • Low durability

Nike Phantom Vision Academy DF TF Soccer Shoe

The phantom vsn academy DF TF soccer shoes from the brand Nike are good-looking wide-width indoor soccer shoes having enough features to consider while buying a new pair for yourself.

Wide fit indoor soccer shoes

Nike Men's Phantom VSN 2 Academy DF TF Football Shoe, Black,...
  • Full lace fastening
  • Marke:Nike
  • Ridges on the instep
  • Mesh upper
  • Cushioned insole

These wide indoor soccer shoes are made up of synthetic leather that is good at taking harsh conditions on the field. The synthetic material takes a long time and is easy to clean too.

These futsal shoes for wide feet have a dynamic fit collar wraps around your ankle that give the liberty to the shoes to form a secure fit look. This collar will help the shoe to hold on to hard pitches and artificial grass.

It gives the best grip on rough and indoor surfaces. It keeps you stand confident on the field.
On the synthetic surfaces, it has rubber studs to give grip to your shoes perfectly and these wide width soccer shoes are easy to clean as the mud did not attach to them for longer.

There is a ghost lace on the shoes that provides protection and gives an extra smooth cover on the laces to attain a perfect and unaffected ball feel.


  • Dynamic fit collar
  • Multi studs
  • Synthetic material
  • Ghost lace protection


  • Hard to find sizes

Nike Mercurial Indoor Soccer Shoes

These Nike football boots are good looking and have reasonable price ranges for those who are hunting shoes that comes under their budget. These shoes have some basic and useful features that give ultimate performance assurance to players.

Wide width soccer cleats youth

The soles of these shoes are of rubber that is very good at maintaining the grip on any surface and keeps the player feel comfortable.

The upper of these shoes are of soft synthetic leather that gives a great fit that makes it possible for your foot to create conformity.

Wide Turf Cleats Adidas Samba indoor soccer shoes.

The Flywire cables through the laces are adding the lockdown for every type of twist and turn.

These best futsal shoes are padded very comfortably as it is in the heels of the shoes that is adding stability to plant foot while shooting.

The easy lace closure makes it sure to avoid any difficult or complex tangles as they are properly stretched with the shoes.


  • Easy to maintain grip
  • Synthetic upper
  • Flywire cables
  • Easy lace closure


  • Too skinny

Mercurial Vapor 13 Academy Futsal Soccer Shoe

These Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 Academy wide width indoor soccer shoes have multi-performable features that are good on indoor surfaces and outdoor too.

There is a comfortable lining in the shoes that wraps your foot and gives the second skin to it. They are very easy to wear and provide protection through the extra lining.

The soft synthetic material is enough for the shoes to texture it from heel to toe that gives it the touch they need for creativity when it comes to high speed.

These wide indoor soccer shoes rubber soles are responsible for giving extra grip to your shoes as it has the power to hold the feet to the ground comfortability. The rubber outsoles are designed in a way that provides multidirectional traction on the street, court, and indoor surfaces.

The lightweight of the sock liner is enough for providing cushioning to the shoes and has the extra power to hold them quickly.


  • Synthetic material
  • Rubber outsoles
  • Lightweight


  • No toe comfortability

Nike Men’s Football Adult Unisex Soccer Shoe

The Nike men’s football adults’ shoes are famous for their uniqueness and a good fit for feet. These are adult unisex wide width soccer cleats for men that have the credibility to look stylish on both genders.

leather indoor soccer shoes

Nike Men's Legend 8 Academy Multisport Indoor Shoes,...
  • Sole lining provides low profile cushioning
  • Lacing loop keeps the tongue steady during the game
  • For providing traction on street, hall and indoor...
  • Stain-free outsole
  • Maximal Comfort

These wide indoor soccer shoes have the speciality to make players dominate on the field. These shoes help the player to move ahead and take command on the field and leave the rivals behind.

These shoes give a proper grip on the feet and make it sure to raise the performance of the players. Its forefoot has a grippy texture to give control to its user on the field.

Through proper balance and grip, it is comfortable for the players to play their game with confidence and proper balance on the field.

It is a blue-coloured attractive men’s wide-width soccer cleats that shines bright on the ground and gives the power to the user to have high performance. It is also available in different colours for variety.


  • Synthetic
  • Proper grip
  • Texture coating aids
  • light-weighted
  • good for both grass and turf ground


  • Size issue
  • Not run long-time

Soccer Boots Shoes for Big Boy – Messi Turf Shoe

These soccer shoes are good for outdoor training purposes. Its wide width feature is enough to create the best room for your feet to move freely on the ground and comfortably inside the shoes.

HGX Soccer Shoes Ankle Boots for Boys - Messi Turf Indoor...
  • Fine quality leather upper and strong elastic fabric...
  • Standard Shape to make the feet comfortable and Soft...
  • Pre-Molded Comfort Thick Foaming Rubber Sheet of...
  • Non-Slip of Rubber Sole with High grip will Creates...
  • Professional working team with good finishing...

The rubber soles are suitable for giving grip to the shoes and also are very good for maintenance and cleaning.

It is made through a very fine quality leather upper and has a strong elastic fabric collar that protects the ankle from any injury and pressure.

It is of standard European size that has the shape to make the feet very comfortable and its soft fabric lining gives extra protection to shoes and makes them more breathable.

The pre-moulded comfort thick foaming rubber sheet of the midsole is very light in weight and will create travelling very comfortable for the player.

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These best wide turf trainer non-slippery rubber soles are responsible for creating proper traction and makes the ground comfortable for good performances.

The extra-wide cleats good and well-maintained finishing technology is appropriate for the production procedure that guarantees high quality and makes sure to give a good performance.


  • Rubber soles
  • Strong fabric collar
  • Fabric lining
  • Good for indoor AG/TF ground
  • Ankle support


  • No grip beads

Adidas Predator Tango 18+ Indoor Soccer Cleats

Adidas wide shoes are famous for their flexibility and designs. Its manufacturing is very smooth and light that every player wants it more. The reliability and durability are attracting more and more customers to this brand.

Adidas Indoor Soccer Shoes

adidas Predator Tango 18+ Indoor Shoes [FTWWHT] (12)
  • Size 12 Mens
  • Authentic Adidas Gear Guarantee

These turf soccer shoes for wide feet are made through 100% synthetic leather that is good at cleaning and are long-term facilitators for the users.

It has the most responsive cushioning that boosts one energy in terms that on every consumption of energy you will get extra more.

There is an upper knit that gives a supportive heel-to-toe fitting to its shoes that enhances the feel and control of the shoes.

Its wide indoor soccer shoes have a moulded heel that will offer a snug fit for the instinctive movement of the feet.
It Adidas street soccer shoes have the capacity to control the ball in all conditions with the upper of control skin that will keep the ball attached to your feet.

These Adidas futsal shoes are an adaptive sock-fit collar that expands and supports your foot with every move on the ground. It has the ability to control the ball at high speed with a pure cut laceless sock forefoot with no edges.


  • Synthetic leather
  • Responsive cushioning
  • Supportive heel
  • Control skin upper
  • Adaptive sock-fit collar


  • Not resistant to weather conditions
  • Expensive

Adidas Predator Mutator 20+ Tf Soccer Shoe

This is our second and last pick of Adidas wide shoes as they are offering one of the best soccer accessories for the players. They are available in good sizes and colours that attract most of the customers towards it.

Best soccer cleats for wide flat feet

adidas Predator 20.3 Turf Soccer Shoe Mens
  • Regular fit
  • Demonscale 3D-print strike zone
  • Low-cut boots for taking charge on artificial turf.

These wide-width indoor soccer shoes are made up of synthetic fabric that is good for comforting and styling the brand. The layer of insole and outsoles are of imported nature.

The rubber soles are giving a proper grip to the Adidas wide shoes so as to maintain good performance on the field. It is necessary for the players so as to keep themselves firmly on the ground while facing the harsh ball.

The advanced technology of soccer makes sure to take all the safety measures while making these cleats as their grip quality is so efficient which makes the cleats worth taking.

These turf soccer shoes for wide feet have grip beads that have a different and reliable impact on the game of players and they feel confident while playing and without losing their grip on the ground.

Adidas sala indoor soccer shoes are also good for wide indoor soccer shoes

Adidas wide shoes is a collar fit on these shoes so as to give extra grip and it protects the player’s ankle from getting injured.


  • Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Rubber soles
  • Grip beads


  • No water proof facility
  • Heavy in weight

Best Indoor Soccer Shoes for Wide Feet Buyers Guide

Final Verdict

When you are comfortable in your shoes while playing then it creates magical energy that helps the player to play freely. For this purpose those who have problems while playing as their feet are wide then these indoor soccer shoes wide will surely be the best solution for them.

The above reviewed best indoor soccer shoes for wide feet have some unique and fantastic features to serve you well when you need them.

All of them were chosen after tons of research but if you ask Which soccer shoes are best for wide feet? then our favourite among all is NIKE MEN’S FOOTBALL BOOTS that Which has enough room for the wide feet and has good insole and outsole which gives you ultimate comfort and control to the player.

We are hoping that you might have come to a decision after reading his article and if you have any queries left then feel free to ask anything in the comments.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

Is Nike Phantom good for wide feet?

The Nike phantom has wide cuts that are surprisingly the best for the wider feet in terms of ling boots. These boots have enough room for the adjustment so as they make sure it fits each and every type of foot.

How do I know that I have wide feet?

It is observed or will give a sign if your feet are not adjusted in any cased or any pair of shoes. Once the measurement of your foot is told then it is easy for you to pick a pair for yourself.

If the width of the foot is 4 1/16” in a size 9 shoe or 3 3/16” in a size 7, then you are considered to have wide feet (C/D).

What are ghost laces?

The last and the least notable feature in the shoes are their hidden laces that are called Ghost Lace. It keeps the laces out of the way in-game. It helps the player to be comfortable without stressing that his/her laces will hinder their performance.

Which is wider Nike or Adidas?

It has been observed that extra-wide indoor court shoes Adidas men’s wide shoes run bigger than Nike by up to 5 millimetres. The size varies as the women’s 6.5 translates to 9.12 inches on Nike and 9.2 inches on Adidas, which is noticeably a big gap.

Are Predators for wide feet?

Adidas classic indoor soccer shoes Predators are said to be for soccer cleats for wide feet. The Adidas collection has added many predators in their range and is the best indoor soccer shoes for wide. The cleat’s high instep not only makes it perfect for indoor soccer shoes wide but also for people who have a high instep.

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