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Doing all this without proper cleats can seriously damage your feet and destroy your ability to play soccer. The best way to care for your feet while allowing yourself to play a great game is to make sure you wear the cleats that are perfect for you. Kids’ high tops soccer cleats will help your kids to improve their soccer game.

Quick Answer: Best High Top Soccer Cleats

Let’s have a look at the Top 7 Best High Top Soccer Cleats available now:

Factors You Need to Look at Before Buying high Top Cleats For Soccer

Good Traction

Speed ​​is the only thing that almost all players can agree is essential. Central midfielders use it because they are mostly defenders and strikers in their right, keeping pace with the opposition strikers and outrunning their defenders.

Wide midfielders, though closer to touchlines, usually cover the width of their territory, regardless of whether they are closer to the defenders or attackers.

However, the defending midfielders are not limited to defenders. If necessary, they are required to move full back or centre back to defend the goal of the team at all costs.

As a result, traction is a feature that we can say with confidence that all players will benefit from. This will help them gain more control over their course, especially when moving at their highest speed.


In addition to traction, lightweight cleats are an important factor contributing to a higher speed. Imagine trying to run the full width of the field, holding two heavy loads on your feet.

high top cleats for soccer are especially useful for wingers or wide midfielders coming to the edges of the field. The reduced weight also helps with their stability in the attacks and tackles of the defending midfielders and the agility for attacking the midfielders.


The most important factors in high-top cleats for soccer are comfort and fit. The cleats are different for people with narrow or wide feet. Your soccer cleats should be comfortable. Buying some uncomfortable cleats because they are cheap or because a well-known footballer is advertising them.

It’s a big mistake, and your foot will be the first to feel it. Wearing some uncomfortable cleats can cause damage even after a single game. You will get blisters on your feet or even cause bunions to form.

The thumb should not be scratched from the top of your cleat. There must be at least some space at the top of your cleats. Also, there should not be plenty of free space, and if you can fit your finger in the blank area between your foot and your shoe, consider purchasing a smaller size shoe.


One of the reasons why we have so many different models of high top cleats for soccer in the market is that the needs of cleats are different for all players.

For example, someone who is a central defender is going to have different needs than a person who plays on the rightwing or left-wing. As the positions are very different and players will want different features and benefits from their soccer cleats as a result.

Looks/Type of feet

The most personal part of the choice of high-top cleats for soccer is the look and we can not give much guidance here. The new colours of soccer cleats are emerging almost every month, so you have to stay alongside new issues. Hopefully, now you have a good idea of ​​what the perfect pair will be for you or your player.

Adidas Freak x Carbon Mid Football Shoe

At first glance, the immediate feature of the Adidas Men’s Freak X Carbon Mid soccer cleat is its mid-cut. It is less popular than its low-cut counterpart, but it is the kind of soccer cleat that proves to be good to players with flat feet.

The mid-cut opening covers the ankle to the lower part of the leg in a cushion. It offers the ability to correct toe drift or any other form of deformity or abnormal stance that flat feet cause.

The extended opening on the ankles also ensures that you have good stability and support, which solves a problematic gait. It has a sock-like fit that fits exactly the foot. On the laster parts of the cleats, it has many adjustable laces that you can adjust.

If you ever need an orthotic inner sole insert or just have wider feet while having flat feet, this will accommodate. On the forefoot, there is an iron skin toe cap that protects your toes and the front part of the feet from too much tension. As compared to other high top soccer boots this one is cheap high tops soccer cleats.


  • Synthetic material
  • Soft cushioning for comfort
  • ​Offers additional support for the Achilles tendon


  • Poor moisture protection

Nike Superfly 6 Academy Soccer Cleat

One thing that makes Nike Superfly is a high-top soccer cleat Nike impressive is the multi-ground plate and stud layout. This high school cleat is made of a synthetic upper material combined with a dynamic lower material to provide an efficient fit and excellent touch.

Nike high top soccer cleats cheap

This Nike Superfly soccer cleat is one of the best soccer cleats for the midfielder. These Nike high top soccer cleats cheap are designed with a sculpted arch that provides maximum support during the intense game. The multi-ground plate design and stud layout offer acceleration and traction on natural grass and artificial grass ground.


  • Has soft inner lining and a traditional shape
  • Great price
  • Fast and agile cleat
  • Different styles available


  • Slightly heavy cleat

NIKE Men’s Phantom 3 Academy DF FG Soccer Cleat

Another pair of proper cleats coming from Nike. The idea behind the Phantom II design was to make soccer cleats that the striker felt he was playing barefoot.

High top soccer cleats ankle support

NIKE Men's Phantom 3 Academy DF FG Soccer Cleat AH7268-081,...
  • Nike Sphere Dry fabric to wick sweat away, reducing...
  • Loose Fit - drapes loosely on your body
  • Stand-off construction, reduces cling, wicks...
  • Fabric: Sphere Dry 92 percent polyester, 8 percent...

Thanks to the Tech craft collar wrap that extends out from your cleats like a sock and Flywire cable, you will completely forget that you are wearing these cleats on the field.

Nike Mercurial Superfly V ag is also good soccer high top shoes.

The new high top soccer cleats Nike pair of soccer technology is designed to give the striker more control of the ball. If your team tactics move between midway and high ball passes, you will experience the full benefits of the Dynamic Fit collar. Do not worry that high top soccer cleats ankle support have laces because they fit in a small area to maximize the strike zone of the cleats.


  • Good Support
  • Very comfortable
  • High maneuverability
  • Great ground traction
  • Improved touch on the ball during play


  • Poor moisture protection

Phantom Vision Dynamic Soccer Cleats

High-top Soccer cleats CR7 super lightweight and it comes with a stud configuration specially designed for speed. It’s very quick of the mark, and there’s a bare-footed feeling in the game.

High top Soccer cleats CR7

Nike Men's Footbal Shoes, Womens 8
  • Internal bootie conforms to your foot
  • Ghost Lace system creates concealed lockdown
  • Mesh outer layer with textured NikeSkin technology...
  • Dynamic Fit collar links your foot and lower leg
  • Hyperprecision plate provides responsive traction on...

mens high top soccer cleats Plus, the instep is made from Flyknit material, allowing you to get a little extra curve when you cut inside and shoot for the far post.

This is not a cleat completely without laces, which means it can still fit when it is needed. However, the smooth laces area allows you to strike shots cleanly and make them better when you receive and control the ball.

Nike Hypervenom Series is also the best Nike high top cleats.

In our opinion, this is the best of both worlds and we love what Nike did with this design.


  • Offers excellent speed and stability
  • Great for shooting and passing
  • Hidden laces ensure an excellent first touch
  • High top soccer cleats Nike


  • Could be more durable

Adidas Men’s Predator 18+ FG Soccer Cleat

While Women’s high Top Soccer Cleats Adidas Copa Mundial succeeds because of its classic and timeless design. The Adidas Predator 18+ represents the other side of the spectrum: the latest cleat technology in soccer.

Women’s High Top Soccer Cleats

adidas Predator 18+ FG Soccer Cleat (Men's), 8.5 D(M) US,...
  • Knit upper delivers a supportive heel-to-toe fit for...
  • Stretchy Sockfit collar features Primeknit for adaptive...
  • Control the ball at high speed with a Purecut laceless...
  • Molded heel offers a snug fit for instinctive movement....
  • Hybrid stud tips amplify rotation and traction....

The Adidas Predator series is the best choice for the world’s most prominent footballers and has made many appearances at the World Cup.

David Beckham, Mesut Ozil, and Dele Alli count among Adidas Predator users, so you know you will be in good company. This “Primeknit” edition, made of high-quality synthetic material, gives a user more comfort and a cleats connection that is not just found in traditional cleats.

This unique feature makes Adidas Predator 18+ one of the most comfortable of the modern era. This cleat is also one of the biggest laceless cleats for this game.


  • Classic and timeless design
  • Used by top soccer players
  • Very comfortable
  • High quality


  • Poor moisture protection

New Balance Men’s Tekela 1.0 Pro FG Soccer Shoe

High top Soccer Cleats Youth

New Balance Men's Tekela 1.0 Firm Ground Soccer Shoe,...
  • Full foot microfibre upper
  • Dynamic kinetic stitch embroidered bands
  • Ortholite Insert

With these kids high tops soccer cleats on your feet, you can control the ball and match while enjoying the unparalleled comfort and feel of the ball. This soccer cleat is made of synthetic leather imported with an extra-durable leather sole.

These youth high-top soccer cleats also have a removable insole that makes them easier to wash and clean. It comes in excellent quality design and at a reasonable price.

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Adidas Men’s Nemeziz 19.3 Turf Soccer Cleats

Nemeziz 19.3 is great because it packs all of Adidas’s best technology into a single pair of cleats. You get semi-circular spikes that provide good agility, which makes sharp cuts and turns easier. For further support when dribbling, these cleats come with the patented “agility mesh” outer material, which helps to help improve touch and control.

No products found.

The surface also grips the ball while passing and shooting, making it a breeze to place the ball accurately.

As you expect from Nemeziz’s line, 18.3 is very durable, it should at least one full season, depending on how often you play. Plus, they have reasonable prices and come in a heap of fantastic colours. You really can not switch Nemeziz 19.3 as a central midfielder.


  • Offers excellent speed and stability
  • Great for shooting and passing
  • Hidden laces ensure an excellent first touch


  • top line is too short

Best high top soccer cleats of All Time

Here are the top-rated best high top soccer cleats of all time available in the market:

Best High Top Soccer Cleats 2021 Buying Guide

When getting the best quality high tops soccer cleats, make that critical decision by looking at closing at all aspects of the cleats. Choose the correct size for your preferences. Identify whether it is comfortable enough and that the material of the cleat is durable enough.


If you are a person who detests spending time looking for a wonderful pair that are affordable and durable, then this article is for you. You can be sure to find the cleats that are meant for you among these top seven soccer cleats.

These high-top cleats for soccer will protect your feet while playing a game that you like, and at the same time, you can play any soccer game like a pro. Our best choices are just a few options but do not hesitate to apply our recommended features to find the best combinations that will benefit you.

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