Soccer Drills For 6-Year-Olds

Soccer Drills For 6-Year-Olds, It is essential to make your kids learn all those basic soccer concepts if you want them to be successful soccer players. Such a concept involves; small, sided games, soccer dribbling drills for 6-year-olds, decision making, ball control techniques. Here are the essential elements of the list that must be part of a child’s soccer training.

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  • Imply the bucket
  • Fill the bucket.
  • British bulldog
  • Four goals
  • Controlled craziness
  • Freezing tag

Why must the soccer drills be fun?

coaching u6 soccer, The coaches must make it fun to teach kids soccer. As no one reason that the kids want to play is fun. Here are the reasons that the kids must enjoy while playing soccer:

  • Make friends.
  • Get exercise.
  • Have fun.
  • Challenge themselves.
  • Improve skills.
  • To relieve stress
  • Win
  • Play on a team.
  • Get the same personality as their role models.

Drill no 1-fill the bucket!

Whenever the kids are in the game, the level of such excitement increases while they are in the u6 soccer drills, hence, the exercise is not only the great essence of competition but also an optimum level of dribbling drill provider.

  • Setup

Divide the players into a team of atheists of 3 players each. Every player will need a soccer ball for this drill.

  • Objective

Here the end goal is to put every ball into the bucket, and players must be back into the end lines. In this game, the first team who completes the task will win the round.

Drill no 2-empty the bucket.

soccer practice drills for 6-year-olds, As the name implies, the drill is opposite to the training as mentioned above. The effective way to run both the exercises is to run them one after another. In this way, they both do not need an additional step up as the soccer ball will be in the basket that the team has to empty.

  • Setup

The setup is the same as the last one. However, the balls will start in the bucket.

  • Objective

Here the team players will fight to remove every soccer ball from the bucket and get every player back to the line to get their soccer balls.

Drill no 3-clean the room

soccer drills for 5-7-year-olds, Here the soccer drill is ugly emphasizes kicking the ball. However, it is a fun game overall. In this, the players try to keep the side of the field clean of any of the soccer balls. Here the players need to kick the ball to the other end of the area and then kick the balls back into the room.

  • Setup

Here you can split the set-up into two halves and then scatter all the soccer balls around the player’s half of the field. Here you can also place two of the players in the other half of the area. Again, make sure that the lot is separated into halves.

Drill no 4- British Bulldog

soccer drills for 6 yr olds, The base variation of this game requires no soccer balls. However, you can add variations to make it more exciting and challenging. It is fantastic for the average soccer player to get a hundred per cent with this game so that they will contact you with as many touches as possible.

  • Set up

You can make a rectangular field that must be 15 yards wide and 30 yards in length. You can make cones or discs to make different sections, and the end must be the safe zone while I sit in the middle with the danger zone. 6 year old soccer drills, You can also place every player at every end line with the ball in their hands. Two of such bull dogs’ designs are then placed in the danger zone without the soccer balls.

Drill no 5- freezer tag

fun soccer games for u6, It would help if you did not need to underestimate the need for the good old fashioned freeze tag game. Most of the young players will adore this soccer activity. There are a lot of athletic benefits with this game as well. You can also add different services with variations in this game.

  • Setup

Mark the square field with the cones and discs that must be about 10 x 10 yards. Give two or one player a penny. Meanwhile, when the players are in on the whistle, they will tag the other players. On the other hand, if the player is then ranked, they must stay frozen when they touch the other player on the team.

  • Objective

The main reason for the game is to tag all the players to tag them so they must be all frozen at one time. Also, players can keep the game continuing for as long as it is possible.

  • Changes

You can provide the players with the ball with the dribble within their designated field. They need to do it while trying to keep the “it” player away from it. However, if the player gets tired, they must open their legs wide and be unfrozen only when they kick the balls.

Drill no 6- controlled craziness

It is the other fantastic soccer drills for u6 which is fantastic if you are working on your kicking fundamentals. It allows the players to kick the ball several times within the parameters of the game.

  • Setup

You can keep it around 20 x 20 yards of the field. Also, make sure that every player must get the ball.

Drill no 7-four goals

The game is not only fun but also incorporates ball kicking and control. Also, the game allows the players to get the scores that they want.

  • Setup

While using the four goals with the help of cones, nets, or discs, the field can be set up in the cross formation. All the soccer balls must be placed in the middle. Soccer balls must be played slightly more significant than the overall number of players. You can then place every player at each net. Also, players must use the side of the goal line on the net.


Hence, the article is specially designed to give the young soccer players a fresh idea and new vibe of playing soccer. The drills will create a fantastic sense of excitement which will allow you to get the basics of soccer. These all drills are highly appreciated among the young players, and they will enjoy playing them.