Soccer Drills for Kids When it comes to teach the young soccer players they are looking for more fun than

focusing on the basic soccer drills.

To do that smoothly and to make it effective for them, we have picked some fun loving soccer practices for

kids that will create their momentum and help in learning

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Soccer Drills for Kids

the new skills. These drills will make them know about the actual spirit of football game and how to be

competitive on the pitch.

Following are the youth soccer drills that are designed especially for the young soccer players as follows:

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Fundamental Running lines

soccer training for kid It is believed that the average running rate of a soccer player is estimated as 6 miles per game. In general

many soccer drills give the learning to the kids in order to run for long periods of time with training your feet to be quicken.

Now a day’s youth found it boring to just run alone for practice or any soccer drills for youths so there are

some engaging fun loving game related to running which is fundamental running lines.

The proper teaching procedure of running is introduced to keep them safe from any injury. Kids usually

have high level of energy which is good for learning new running skills that is foremost important in soccer.

In this drill, make a straight line of all the players and make them run few rounds as a warm up on the field.

Take names of specific players and ask them to run in the front of the line.

Make this a process and follow the same rule as through.


As a warm-up try doing backpedaling which is mostly recommended for the youth players. Give them the

pointer to head up to their team in case one wanted to avoid any trip ups.

The game starts with the players confronting the cone. Ask them to do backpedal making a V shape that

must be away from the original position at the 45 degrees.

Once they are done doing backpedaling for the longer time then make them to repeat the process in the opposite direction.

One can add backpedaling in the warm up state or for the practice of youth before the game.

To make this game more vigilant for the players, say their names and make their line which tend to

backpedal towards the end of running line.

Passing in Doubles

In becoming aware to the ball is quiet difficult for the youngsters but to play football, it is necessary to gain

the control on the ball. In this game the players are paired up in which they have to stand separately from

each other at some distance.

This drill basically gives the training to the players that how they are going to receive the ball and pass it off

easily so the next player must have time to stop the ball and then kick it forwardly.

Goal Kicking

This drill is for youngsters and professionals who wants to do tough practice for the soccer game.

In order to score for the youth, soccer players will excite them outside the condition and they keep their attention fixed.In

this drill, make your players to stand at some distance and locate one coach or trainer in to the goal.In

this they have to practice shooting the goal from a short distance. One can run towards the pass and then aim towards a goal.

This is best drill for the strikers who wants to score in the game.

Stop To Turn

soccer drills for little kids The players must have the training to protect themselves from the defenders and

on the right time duck away from them.

To give them this lesson, players should kick the ball confronting a short distance. Make them learn to take

short steps and reach to a stop with the use of the foot bottom to halt the ball.

Once they reach the mastery skill in this position then make them move around the ball and make them

learn how to change the directions.

It would be better that they chose alternate direction with every run complete.

Weaving Drills

teaching kids soccer Giving players a lesson to move all over the ground will facilitate them to reach their goal.

In this drill make them know how to weave while having a ball. This would be done by cones setting in a zigzag manner.

To start this, stand at the end of the cone and allow them to run from inside and outside of them while having a ball.

After that drill ask them to pass their ball towards their next team member and then repeat that again and again.

This will make their rhythm and also they will learn how to weave in the ground.

3 Cone dribble

In this drill make your players go dribbling into the specific points on the ground.

Get these players on the back side of three cones and ask them to dribble to the cone, touching them and

make them backpedal to their existing place.

The drill will create a rhythm of these players and make them more fit and comfortable while being on the field.

They do not need extra warm ups or practices while following the rules of it.

Ring ball

This drill is played in 12mx12m field space having cones ad 8 rigs in it. The number of the team players must be 7 as per every team or it would be 6 against 6.

To start this drill there would be two teams, team A which will do its best to catch the ball with their feet in to the ring.

If the opposite team white has one foot into the ring then the red team will not get any point. There is a

rule in which with running the ball for more than 3 seconds is not allowed.

If the team white will try to win the ball then they will not punch the ball out of the hands of players.

This will create a momentum of the players and will take them to find the energy to compete with each other.

Ball Exchange

In this the field space of this game is about 20mX20m for the players to move around freely.

In this drill there will be two-three players having no ball but the rest of them will dribble around.

The rule in the game is that the dribbling ones will leave their ball when the coach or instructor will give

them an acoustic signal like whistle or loud noise and then they have to look for a new soccer ball.

The two players would be empty handed. This game will increase their enthusiasm and will give them more energy on the ground.


Above mentioned soccer drills are the best for kids to play indoors with their instructors or coach.

These games will help them to improve their soccer skills to keep themselves fit while staying indoor and don’t have to go anywhere else.

These easy to do fun drills would be enough for making their time more productive.

If you have any query related to this article then you can tell us in the comments.

Thank you.