Soccer Goal Dimensions Soccer is one of the sports that demands least accessories on field but must have the reliable and solid equipment’s to rely on. Many coaches, players and casual fans of soccer don’t give a keen look to the goal

soccer nets dimensions, what type of dimensions it should have on the ground. The goal net is one of the important equipment that can turn your game around if it is not appropriate.

soccer net sizes Every soccer net has same type of look apparently but they do have some different features and dimensions. One should buy soccer net according to their field demand as it will make an impact on their play.

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Soccer Goal Dimensions

what are the dimensions of a soccer goal There are many sizes and other options available in market and it is really confusing for the customers to choose the best from them.

how big is a professional soccer goal, This article will inform you enough about the types of goals and their dimensions. It will also help in making a right decision and give you assurity that one is making right decision for their team.

how big is a pro soccer goal, This article has touched every segment one by one which will give you quick information of the soccer goal net and its quality. Firstly we will look into the regulation soccer goal sizes as follows:


soccer goals measurementsThis segment is for the dimensions of goal so as to find the best for you according to the demand on the field. All of them are enlisted with the recommendations of FA’s which is making it legit and competitive for all age groups.


These 11-a-side goals are mostly targeted for the seniors as it is a full sized football goal. It is of 24ft wide x 8ft high.

This goal net is constructed under the specifications of professionals and you can be placed in the park.

According to the FA requirements this soccer net is specifically for the players that lies in the age range of 15 or above can take these 24ft wide x 7ft high soccer goals.


This 9-a-side football goal can be used for the players that have the age range like fewer than 11 and mostly fewer than 12 teams of soccer.

As per the recommendation of FA these goals have 16ft wide x 7ft high goals for a 9-a-side football games. They are supposed to found at artificial as 3G pitches through the world wide country.

This soccer net can be used by both juniors and youth for football games.


This &-A-side football goal is very common in mini soccer play and is widely seen that they can be used by various age groups comfortably.

The most common mini goal for soccer if 12ft wide x 6ft high and most frequently used by the age group of under 9’s and under 10’s.

These are basically used for the training and matches that needed warm up competitions in line before the big play under the considerations of FA. 12ft x 6ft goals can be a good choice for the artificial pitches and for the senior age group in the same 7-a-matches of soccer.


According to the recommendation of FA, 5-a-side games should have 12ft wide x 6ft high goals. This goal size is appropriate for the individuals who are under 7 and under 8 as they can play mini soccer with it.

Most of the companies think that for official futsal goal size the dimensions should be 3m wide x 2m high and this can be applicable for all the age groups that are interested in playing football.

There are traditional 5-a-side goals that are commonly used on the 3G and Astro turf pitches also they can be a good fit on indoor pitches. They can be of either 12ft wide x 4 ft high or 16 ft wide x 4 ft high.


UNDER 7/85-A-SIDE12FT X 6FT (3.7M X 1.8M)
UNDER 9/107-A-SIDE12FT X 6FT (3.7M X 1.8M)
UNDER 11/129-A-SIDE16FT X 7FT (4.9M X 2.1M)
UNDER 13/1411-A-SIDE21FT X 7FT (6.4M X 2.1M)
UNDER 15/1611-A-SIDE24FT X 8FT (7.3M X 2.4M)
16+ & SENIOR11-A-SIDE24FT X 8FT (7.3M X 2.4M)

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The goals of the football are mostly made through three various types of materials such as: PVC, steel or Aluminum.

Along with their useful features, each of them has some advantages and some disadvantages that is making the path clearer for the customer to choose best for themselves.


PVC goals are used very commonly among kids and are very good pick for the house held plays. Some of the youth is using it as for their training purpose that is away from the ground.

They are light weighted and can be installed in a minute quickly. These soccer goals are freestanding and can be protected through using the U-pegs. There is easy storage bag for the transport of PVC football goals.


The steel football goals are considered to be the ultimate goals. It consists of features like robust, heavy duty and can be go on all type of surfaces.

They are available in three different sizes such as: 8ft x 6ft, 12ft x 6ft and 16ft x 7ft. These goals are waterproof and cannot catch rust usually.

They are installed with quick thumb buttons and setup in the field within 10-20 minutes.


These types of soccer goals are best for the coaches and professionals throughout the world. It is considered to be the king of all goals.

It is available in both types like free standing/ self-weighted and socketed. They are lighter in weight and have extraordinary strength abilities.

They are best for every surface like grass, artificial, concrete and wooden pitches too.


There is a must need to know that which type of soccer goal is best for the pitch and according to age.


These freestanding goals are very famous and can stand tall on the ground confidently without taking any kind of support.

They have the stanchions that could be attached to the runback and backbar in creating the frame of a goal. These goal types can be convenient for surfaces like grass, concrete and artificial.

They are easy to build and protected with U-pegs to keep them standing.


As through the name these goals types are slot into the sockets and sleeves that have the ability to concrete below the level of ground.

Once installed in the socketed football goals they could be help in an upright position and could be removed when you are done with it.

These types of goals are very convenient for the surfaces like stadiums, parks and also schools. They can be kept for the prolonged period and can be placed easily anywhere.


Above given information about the dimensions of soccer nets and types of goals are enough for the viewers to take their decision.

If any query is left behind then any one can email or send us the FAQs for it. Thank you.