When buying soccer shoes every individual should have proper knowledge about the Soccer Shoe Features and uses of it.

For every soccer player, soccer shoes are one of the most important equipment that must be well purchased.

It would be possible when you have enough information about the best type of soccer cleats and its availability in the market.

It is seen sometime that most people make their decisions just on the basis of celebrity influence as they

think that wearing celebrity endorsed brand will make them look cool else you feel comfortable in them.

Make a decision when you know all the Soccer Shoe Features about it and are ready to make it useful.

Some of the insights in this article have chosen best features for top professional players to wear on their field.

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Soccer Shoe Features

We have previously outlined the various pieces of gear that a player will need in order to practice and compete efficiently and safely.

You will want a pair that delivers excellent traction, support and feel of the ball. This article will dive deeper

into soccer cleats and outline a few things to consider when evaluating which cleats to purchase as well as

share some insight into which soccer shoes the top professional soccer players wear on game day.

There are some major features of a soccer shoe or a cleat. It includes upper, insole, midsole, outsole, studs and the heel of the shoe.

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different types of soccer cleats, There are varieties of different materials responsible in the manufacturing of the cleats or shoe. The high quality kangaroo leather cleats can mold to ones feet after playing in them for a while and are very reliable.

The kangaroo material is bit heavier than the shoes which are made through the synthetic material. Contrast to it, shoes that are made of mesh material are seen to be very light in weight and they are not

good for the conditions like in raining as it is not waterproof. Cleats that are of calf or goat leather seem to be less expensive than the ones made up of kangaroo leather.

soccer cleats types, There are some artificial leather having different type of qualities like it is resistant to water and can be useful in many weather conditions.

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Everything that lies above the insole or midsole is called the upper of a shoe. It is majorly involved in the touch and control of the ball.

Many different brands manufacture various quality designs for shoes upper area and with the help of different material.

The use of different material impacts on the play quality as synthetic material is far more the best in all.

One can choose the material type according to the demand of their play and which is easy to maintain in their scenario.


Everything that a lie below the insole or midsole of the shoe is seems to be the outsole.

This part of the cleat is commonly made up of materials like synthetic and rubber which is totally based on the surface of the shoe.

Many materials are accurate for the indoor shoes but are totally opposite for outdoor shoes.

The rubber material is best for the grip purpose whereas the synthetic is a reliable material that last longer.


There are some basic types of insoles used for all the shoe types but if you have any difficulty wearing that

insole then you can customize it in order to give maximum comfort to your feet.

Some players have this strategy in mind where they purchase well maintained and comfortable insoles for their shoes so as to give ultimate performance.

There are sometimes enough cushioned done in the insole area to make the foot of the player most comfortable.

Some shoes have sweated absorbent quality in their insole which is also the best feature to consider while buying it.


The material between the inner and outer sole is seen as midsoles of a shoe.

It is designed vigorously to absorb any kind of shocks received by the player’s foot in case while on the filed running furiously.

These midsole are designed to enhance the performance of the player with possible best material.

Sometimes one can prefer changes in their midsole so as to make it according to their playing style.


The back side of the shoe is known as the heel that is for the ultimate support.

It has the quality to protect the pressure of the feet and make it work properly for them.

One can try few pairs of the shoes and make it possible for them to select the best style available for them.

There is no other option for them in selecting best heel for themselves.


There are some nobs on the bottom of your cleats which is known to be as stud. There are three kinds of stud that is manufactured in the market for different brands.

They are named as bladed, hard grounded and round sized.

The conical type stud is mostly round shaped at the bottom of the shoe. The blade shaped studs are thinner in form situated at the bottom of it.

These blade shaped studs go deeper in the pitch and are better at traction too. Sometimes it gets harder to remove them from ground.

These kinds of stud can be responsible in giving maximum traction on different field surface.

Different stud types have their own best way of giving high performance on different surfaces.

Many brands have different stud for different grass type which can be differentiated easily by just looking the length and form of stud.

On the natural grass where there is no dew mostly should use a pair of firm ground shoes on it? These types of shoes have ten or more long studs responsible for their better traction.


There are two heights of ankle shoe available in market: low profile and mid profile.

The mid profile shoes gives proper protection to your ankle that reduces the sprain and will give you extra range of motion.

The right ankle length will protect your foot from getting any kind of injuries.


buying soccer cleats, Once you are done with your options then keep that in mind it should be fit to your foot rather than snug. If you are getting a pair of K leather then make it stretches significantly.

The more the shoe is tight fit the more it will allow the player to maintain their proper balance.

Notice if your pinkie finger is comfortable while wearing shoes also note that if there is any space between toe and at the shoe end.

If it is way too tight then rather making your play improve it will worst your performance.


how to buy soccer cleats When picking a shoe for self always make a foot impression and then compare it with the shoe to take right size.

In case it is not possible then see their charts and choose wisely by looking length, width and depth of it.

There is a general rule that your shoe must be ¼ or ½ inch gap between the toes and at the top of boots.


Taking right pair of boot cleats soccer home will make your game more efficient and you will learn something really appreciable. If you are ready to pick ones then let the soccer season begin for you.