Soccer Workouts at Home If you think that going to gym or weight room for daily workout is time taking or you have tough schedule

then this article will solve it easily. Here it is a quick to do soccer exercises at home that build your routine in a perfect

manner and it doesn’t take much space or any fancy equipment’s.

These workouts can be perform indoor while keeping yourself out of bound in any strict time routine.

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Soccer Workouts at Home

soccer workout plan at home Playing football takes lot of strength and endurance and it further move you towards the success. If one has

perfect body shape or workout routine then doing so will not bother them much.

soccer workout at home There are some easy indoor workouts one can perform easily at home. Let’s take a look at them one by one as follows:


Pushup with soccer ball

Soccer Workouts with ball Take a position in which you are in a board like position with straight arms. The feet must be together and

there must be one hand on the ball while taking that position. Drop down your body with the help of bending elbows

and also engage your chest muscles in it. While doing that push yourself upward to starting position and

switch hand on the ball and repeat this position again and again. Do that for at least 10 to 12 reps. Try to complete three to four

round of this workout within 60 seconds take some rest in between these rounds.

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Dynamic Lunge with Knee Drive

Take a lunge position in this workout where your right knee should be on the ground or floor behind you

and your left finger tips browsing the top of a soccer ball at one side. When you took that position then try to drive up actively with the help of your left leg.

After that come down or land in a position where you feel stable in lunge position with finger tips on the soccer ball again.

This workout will take 10 to 12 reps on both sides. Make 3 to 4 rounds in which it takes 60 seconds and try

to rest in between this workout. If you want to drink some water then you can do tis too.


Soccer Ball Toe Touches

In this workout one should have one soccer ball for drill. This workout will start with the help of your left foot placed on the soccer ball.

Make your feet switch quickly on the ball with make your arms engaged in this process. In this one must

take a halt at feet while doing movement’s abruptly with the help of toe touches. For completing this drill, 20 reps will be needed.

Three rounds will complete with the help of some rest in between this drill. Make a rhythm for this drill so one can train their feet on the ball easily.


Forward/Back Cone Shuffles

In this drill take two cones and set them up to about 2 meters apart from each other. To start that workout, one must start stooping

with one knee and on the same time put the same side of the hand on towards the ground which should be placed next to one of the cone.

Smoothly drift up and quicken towards the second con placed in front of you. Make your feet quick while

doing that action. Do some jog around the cone and then come backwards to where you started initially. Make it light

and don’t put so much pressure on your feet. Do 5 rounds for about 30 seconds. Make sure to take rest for 30 to 60 seconds in between these drills.


Single Leg Lateral Jump

This workout is also best for the daily routine doing. Do a setup of cones in which you stand in front of one cone.

Start jumping to the sideways towards the second cone in which use legs landing and balance maintained.

Do that on the other side of the cone too. For this drill one have to do 10 to 12 reps for each side. In order to complete this workout do 3 rounds of 10 to 12 reps each with 60 seconds.

Take some rest in between that so one can go with the routine smoothly.

If you have company then tell him/her to throw a tennis ball towards you so with every landing you must catch


Agility Ladder Run

In this drill stand tall in front of the ladder on one side with your feet hip width apart. When you move

forward then place one foot outside the ladder while make your left foot step inside the ladder cell. The do that opposite

as put your left foot outside the next wing of ladder and your right foot inside the ladders cell. Continue that rhythm

till the end of ladders cells and with that keep moving tour arms and core continuously. When you reach at the end of the ladder

then go back to the initial point where you started first then do deep breathing for a while. In this drill do 5 complete rounds in a same routine in which give yourself 30 to 60 seconds break.


3-Way lunges

Soccer workouts At Home without equipment In this drill start with keeping your upper body in a straight position and put your shoulders towards your backside and chin slightly upwards.

Move forward by keeping your hands on your hips into the lunge position with either right or left leg. Make it very sure to stay in the front knee position

where it stays over your laces and back knee doesn’t touch ground side. After doing that come to the exact first position where you were before the workout.

Do step sideways while keeping your chest up and eyes in forward condition then go back to exact starting position?

After that you can lung backwards too whole keeping your posture straight and then returning back to the initial position.

When you are done with all of these three steps then repeat the same steps with the opposite leg which

you did not use for lunge. Make 2 sets of each and 6 reps, repeat if for both the legs.



soccer exercises to do at home It is good for activating the muscles and workout purpose for soccer players. The glute area is supposed to be very sensitive in performing abrupt movement on the ground.

In this you should have to keep your back straight and put some weight on your heels. Bend yourself

keeping the legs bend and back straight and bow down till 90 degrees angle and then go back to the same position.

Repeat that in a rhythm and do 10-15 reps of it while giving 60 seconds break to yourself.


Above mentioned workouts are the best for maintaining one’s body shape and fitness. These workout will help the soccer players to keep themselves fit

while staying indoor and don’t have to follow the strict timing of gyms and trainers.

These easy to do workouts can be perform easily by everyone on the grassy ground or smooth place so as

to avoid any injuries. If you have any query related to this article then you can tell us in the comment.

Thank you.