A sprained ankle is the form of injury which is in the ligaments of the ankle. Also, a mild sprain is due to the irritating and overstretching of the ligaments. On the other hand, severe sprains can create complete ligament tears. Learn more about Sprained ankle [How to Avoid & How to Treat]
Also, an ankle sprain is common among players.

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They are painful and require months to heal. However, there are some home treatments which, can speed up the recovery process.
In this article, we will be telling you about the Sprained Ankle [How to Avoid & How to Treat]. Here we will describe the supporting recovery and the long-term recovery method as well.

How A Sprained Ankle Diagnosis

Your doctor can examine the lower leg, foot, and ankle. Here the doctor will be checking the tenderness and then moving your foot accordingly to understand the positions of motion of pain and discomfort. In case of a severe injury two or more imaging scans are important to rule the broken bone or to evaluate more details on the extent of the ligament damage. 


In an x-ray, some radiation will be passed through the body to get the images of your pain or the ankle. Furthermore, this test is up to the mark to get the idea of the bone fractures. 

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Mostly the MRIs are using a strong magnetic field and radio waves to the detailed cross-sectional or getting the 3-Ds of soft internal structures of ankles with ligaments. 

 CT Scan

CT scans can show more details about the conditions of the bone joints. Here CT scans can take pictures from all angles and then combine to form a single 3-D image. 

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Here real-time images can be produced with the help of the sound waves. Furthermore, these images can help your doctor to judge the condition of your tendon or ligament when the foot position is different. 

How Long Does It Take For A Sprained Ankle To Heal

Mostly sprained ankle treatments depend on the injury severity. Moreover, the treatment of this can create swelling or reduce the pain to get the healing of the ligaments and then restore the ankle functions. Also, for injury severity, you need to get advice from the musculoskeletal injury. 

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To self-care, you must use the technique of the R.I.C.E. It can be the only approach for the first few days. 

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Avoid all activities that can lead you to the swelling, pain, or discomfort. 


After 15 to 20 mins immediately, use ice packs or the ice slush bath. Also, it would help if you repeated it after every three to two hours when you are awake. Moreover, if you are suffering from any of the vascular diseases, like decreased sensations, then immediately talk to your doctor. 


To stop swelling compress on your ankle with an elastic bandage until swelling does not stop. Do not cause the problem to your circulation by wrapping the application too tightly. Try to do it from the farthest from the heart. 


Elevate your ankle at your heart level to reduce swelling every night. In this way, gravity can help to reduce excess fluid. 


There are several counter pain relievers that you can take to manage pain from the sprained ankle. 


It can be possible that walking with the sprained ankle can be problematic. In this regard, you need to use the crutches until there is no pain. In this regard, you can use the devices. 


Once you feel the pain and swelling has been minimized enough to resume the movement again. Then your doctor can ask you to begin the series of exercises to restore the range of the motion. In this regard, your doctor can guide you with physical therapy with all the appropriate methods. Also, you need to maintain the stability training and balance it, which is also an essential part of retraining the muscle of the ankle to support the joint and work on it together. Furthermore, these challenges can require several challenges, like standing on the leg. 


In a particular case, the injury does not heal or look unstable for an extended period of physical therapy or the rehabilitative exercise. Such surgeries need to be performed here:

  • Repair the ligament that is not healing
  • Reconstruct the ligament with tissue from the nearby tendon or ligament
  • Prepare the appointment 

For all the suspected sprains, it is the best idea to get medical care. It can be the medical care that does not respond to the self-care strategies or the one to cause continuous pain or instability. In this case your pain is severe. It would help if you referred to the specialist. 

What Must You Do?

You need to write a list that includes the following things:

  • Symptoms detailed descriptions
  • Get the information about all the medical problems that you have lately, especially the one with ankles.
  • Grasp all the dietary supplements or the medications you use to take

What Must You Expect From A Doctor?

It would help if you asked your doctor the following things:

  • How does this injury occur?
  • In what direction did your foot turn when it happened
  • Can you tolerate the weight on that foot?
  • Self-care treatment tips 
  • What effect did that treatment have?
  • How will this injury be treated?

A doctor cannot do anything to treat a sprain. Moreover, a sprain cannot be treated medically. Mostly it can be treated on its own. But still, some specialists suggest that one must visit the doctor.

Also, there can be a mistake, but it can be curable with doctors’ treatment; otherwise, they can have some additional injuries like broken bones or others. Moreover, a doctor can assess the extent of the sprain.


A sprain is the most common, and it can usually heal on its own. On the other hand, the one with a severe sprain can require months to heal, and it can require some surgery. However, you need to ignore the pain but keep in mind that the doctor cannot do anything. However, there are only some self-care tips that can speed up recovery.

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