The Best Running Shoes for Wide Feet in 2022 { Top Pick }

We know that The Best Running Shoes for Wide Feet come in every shape, size and ability level so it’s critical to find the running shoe that fits your specific foot. This becomes especially important for wide-footed runners who need a shoe built for stability, cushioning and comfort.

Your feet are too wide for the running shoes you’re currently wearing. Don’t despair as it isn’t a problem when you take into account that there are Wide Running shoe Men out there, but if your shoes aren’t meant for someone with wider feet, there will be discomfort experienced and therefore motivate you to run less.

Below, we’ve rounded up ten wide-foot athletic shoes known for being comfortable when worn. Some of these are great for performance and stability, while others are meant more so to encourage pronation control and joint protection during moderate impact workout sessions. All are quality additions that will fit well into your collection of workout kits.

In the instance you want a comfortable running shoe that will allow your toes to wiggle around freely, a wide run will be best suited for your needs. Or, if you have narrow feet or a narrower heel, then a wide run will be better accommodated with room to breathe during rigorous training sessions.

Don’t forget this important fact beforehand and you’ll avoid any potential troubles in sizing down or up when going with the right fit.

The best choice would be to find a shoe with a wide toe box. If you are looking for the ideal pair of running shoes that will comfortably accommodate your toes, check out this article – it has some excellent suggestions.

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Hoka One One Bondi 7

Most Cushioned Running Shoe for Wide Feet

For runners with high arches, this shoe will be a valuable asset because of the cushioning and its wide base. The shoe offers stability and has a durable rubber outsole which is great for running on roads! But runners with bad knees may find this specific style less suitable for them.

The Bondi is one of the tallest shoes on The market. It stands at 44.3mm, which means that runners will have 2 inches of pure cushioning! As if that wasn’t already high enough, the heel feels super soft while the forefoot offers a feeling of pure comfort.

If you’re tired of your shoes not providing adequate support, try these stylish Best running shoes for wide feet men
on for size–you won’t regret it.

The Bondi utilizes Hoka One One’s unique midsole technology and is accompanied by the brand’s early-stage Meta-Rocker technology, which enables one to guide their foot through a natural and correct gait cycle, thus avoiding unnecessary discomfort and torsion.

The Bondi 7 is not only tremendously sleek, but it’s also extremely spacious. It’s even available in wide sizing for those of you who require a little extra room.

Brooks Ghost 14

Most Durable Running Shoe for Wide Feet

The Ghost is a beginner’s favourite among neutral runners. The shoe has appeared on the Runner’s World “Editor’s Choice” award and has been preferred by many neutral runners thanks to its cushioned feel as well as comfortable upper that provides extra support in every stride.

The Ghost 14 has a wide toe box – for anyone who requires that in their athletic shoe. You can enjoy the mesh upper, which makes this shoe great for any season and is also incredibly breathable! It’s also available in three widths: standard, wide, and extra-wide.

The foam in the DNA Loft gives this Best Nike running shoes for wide feet consistent and firm support without compromising under pressure while also keeping a lightweight feel and providing relief to areas of high pressure.

Consider how many miles people who often run in these Best shoes for wide feet men have already put on them. Now, you can do the same for yourself because of this product’s sturdiness and reliability.

Saucony Echelon 8

Top Running Shoe for Wide Feet and Orthotics

The Saucony Echelon 8 is a great-performing shoe from Saucony’s increasingly-impressive stable of running shoes. This time around, the Echelon has received a few updates to give it a little extra versatility for runners as well as boasting plenty of Saucony’s latest technology that ensures it remains a hard-working and reliable option for neutral runners.

The PWRRUN midsole foam provides your feet with the cushioning they need which helps them get closer to the ground with its extra support. What you might not realize is that this also leads to an extra gentle bounce back due to the impact protection.

The cushioning of these shoes is ideal for people who are on their feet all day as it will keep them feeling fresh and ready to continue working throughout their busy schedule without having to rely on a break to get some rest.

This shoe is roomy and breathable, without being boxy-looking. In fact, it manages to be chic, despite a spacious toe-box and sturdy construction. This model comes in wide widths of both the men’s and women’s models, which helps you know that there will be a great fit no matter what your foot type or size.

New Balance 990v5

Widest Running Shoe for Wide Feet

A lot of time and effort goes into crafting shoes. Every step in the producing process matters so that is why New Balance has six different widths in men’s 990v5`s and four different widths in women’s 990v5s. Men can find their size with X-Narrow to XX-Wide, while women can select from Narrow through X-Wide.

This shoe is a perfect cross-trainer as well as an excellent trainer for experienced runners. The blown rubber outsole, EVA and ENCAP technology in the midsole, and pigskin/mesh upper all make this shoe a great find and even greater value.

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While the New Balance 990s are a bit bulky, many runners who have wide feet ultimately don’t mind because they know there’s a lot of cushioning and stability in the shoe, as well as an extra-large fit for their needs.

This is also one of the few remaining shoes that are still 100% manufactured in the United States.

New Balance 1540v2

Best New Balance Motion Control Running Shoe for Wide Feet

New Balance offers a variety of models and many widths to accommodate sports enthusiasts with wide feet. The 1540 model is characterized by its comfort in terms of width as well as a lightweight design.

ideal for learners or beginners who are looking for a shoe that provides comfort without sacrificing performance. Both men and women can choose from five different widths: narrow, standard, wide, extra wide and extra wide.

New Balance has introduced a stable shoe, 1540. It affords many advantages that runners are sure to enjoy. One of the greatest benefits is its cushioning system, which is designed to absorb shock and keep footstrike in proper alignment, thereby reducing injury to areas of the lower leg such as the shins and knees.

The shoe’s Roller Posting System places two posts inside the heel on either side with a composite plate between the two to provide runners with even greater stability and total body control.

Specialty shoes for basketball players feature breathable, no-sew mesh on the upper with synthetic overlays.

Brooks Addiction 14

Best Brooks Motion Control Running Shoe for Wide Feet

One of Brooks’ most stable motion control running shoes, the Addiction 14 is on the wider side and will produce a lot of comforts even for people with very wide feet.

This shoe also touts a perfect balance of support and stability as well, so if you’re looking for a suitable running shoe to help with flat feet or particular issues, we definitely recommend this one, especially thanks to its orthotic-friendly design.

Addiction has a high heel-to-toe drop which brings higher levels of comfort through the entire length of your feet and lower extremities. Reviewers report the DNA foam Brooks uses to cushion their soles as being soft, springy, and bouncy all thanks to the brand’s advanced use of cushioning technology.

Brooks brand and their designers implemented CrashPad technology in the heel to help you carry smooth transitions from your heel and into the ball of your foot, helping prevent arch collapse. Perfect for people who overpronate, this motion control shoe will be sure to meet anyone’s needs.

Altra Torin 5

Best Zero Drop Running Shoe for Wide Feet

Altra is known for creating running shoes that promote natural movement. Each shoe is designed to reduce the impact on your foot by reducing the heel-to-toe differential. Runners often find Altra shoes to be more comfortable as a result of wearing shoes with zero drops.

Runners who wear Altra’s wide toe box styles (Aspire, Torin) have also found that their toes being free from constriction give them more room to splay and their feet are healthier as a result.

The New Balance® Torin 5 is a running shoe that honours the esteemed history of the Torin series. Designed as a long-distance shoe, it gets great shock absorption and lightweight comfort on the road.

It has a thick midsole with plush cushioning that provides its wearer with more spring in every step so they feel lighter on their feet and ready for anything! This model gets its name from its predecessor, which was introduced in 1989.

Asics GT-2000 10

Best Asics Running Shoe for Wide Feet

The Asics GEL-2000 is a running shoe intended for use by those with mild to moderate pronation. At just 10.5 oz, it’s lighter than many stability shoes and makes for a comfortable, sleek ride on the road.

Thanks to the Asics Trusstic System technology, the strong outer sole is able to provide significant support to the midsole and medial arch. The strong outer sole is able to provide significant support for wider feet.

If you’re in a situation where you need more support for your feet, Asics has some prime choices on the market for your consideration.

Our GT-2000 boosts comfort with Flytefoam, a midsole material that keeps our shoe lightweight but ideally cushioned in the right places.

And this model is topped off with SpEVA support foam, the longest-lasting and most resilient material on a platform across all sports activities like running or basketball, guaranteeing stellar stability and a spring to your step.

Brooks Adrenaline Gts 21

Best Stability Running Shoe for Wide Feet

The Brooks Adrenaline GTS is one of many bestselling shoes by Brooks and continues to be popular among runners. The company has been offering their four widths (Narrow, Normal, Wide, and Extra Wide) so everyone can feel confident that this shoe won’t be too narrow for their feet either.

Also, style and function are thoughtfully constructed with a wide-width iteration. Seamless upper construction allows for breathability and durability in the sneaker’s design: it includes a classic grippy cupsole, cushioned collar for a locked-in feel for your foot, and supportive overlays.

Steadfast Guidance Running Shoe Inc. is devoted to helping runners by providing shoes that cater to their individual needs. These shoes provide a level of support specific to the wearer based on their running style, even if it changes over time.

This form of personal attention comes from Steadfast Guidance Running Shoe Inc.’s use of the patent-pending Steadfast Guide Rails™ system.

This system consists of removable rails in the cushioning that adjust instantly to changes in foot strike patterns, so you can count on them providing comfort and correction no matter what your gait pattern is like.

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Under Armour has created a shoe that’s ideal for athletes that are interested in wearing a lightweight pair of shoes, but it still offers powerful support because it comes with advanced technologies meant to address common concerns among runners.

Hoka One One Clifton 8

Lightest Hoka One One Running Shoes for Wide Feet

Rounding out this best-of-list is the Hoka One One Clifton 8, which is everything you’ve come to expect from a good pair of running shoes but with no added weight. You’ll love that this model weighs less than 10 ounces (a size 9) and yet provides plenty of cushioning.

The Clifton still manages to feel light while it’s packed with 37mm of cushioning in the heel. That foam extends throughout the midsole and provides a responsive ride because instead of concentrating all that cushioning at certain points, it stretches under your foot across the entire surface. Customers love this shoe’s responsiveness despite its generous padding.

In addition, to support underneath your foot, you’ll discover that this shoe has a firm, breathable mesh which helps to hold your foot over the platform in order to ensure you should not lose any support where you need it the most.


How Wide Should My Running Shoes Be?

Some people with wide feet need wide running shoes, but chances are there are a lot of people out there whose feet just need a bit more room than what you’d normally expect from a standard shoe.

More about this subject is below, but for now, let’s focus on the common misconception that runners with wide feet have width issues when it comes to running and you should too.

So how do you know if you need a wide shoe or not?

If you try on a shoe and it feels tight and uncomfortable, you should try the wide (or extra wide) size. If your big toe constantly pokes the end of a shoe causing it to rub against your other toes, you should consider going for the wider option.

This applies to running shoes as well. If you slip your heel into a shoe, but the heel counter is tight around your ankle, that actually means the shoe needs to be stretched out before it can really fit your feet properly.

Ultimately, if you can fit your foot in the shoe and it feels comfortable, that’s the true test of whether or not a wide width is needed. Brannock devices, designed to measure length and width, are a good starting point but unfortunately aren’t always accurate.

At the end of the day, perhaps a wider shoe may feel more comfortable to you, but that’s only something you can decide for yourself by trying out some different types. Brannock devices are often used to measure length and width, but unfortunately, this is not always accurate for every foot type.

There are runners who agree that a wide shoe is best for their foot, others opt for a more standard fit design and still others like the feel of narrow shoes.

They say it helps them run faster, or that it is less of a challenge on their feet when running because the foot may accidentally move forward in the shoe. Here’s what you need to know so you can make an informed purchase decision.

What Does the Wide Letter Sizing Mean?

Unlike length sizing, which runs in half-size numbers (9, 9.5, 10 and so on), wide running shoes use letters for sizing. In order from narrowest to widest, these letters are.

> AA – women’s narrow >B – men’s narrow, women’s medium > D – men’s medium, women’s wide > EE – men’s wide, women’s extra wide > EEEE – men’s extra wide

> EEEEEE – men’s extra, extra wide (not common and hard to find in running shoes

As you can see, men’s width shoes are sized differently than women’s width shoes. It is for this reason, a man who requires some extra room can also wear a women’s shoe to get that space.

One should keep in mind there is a 1.5 size difference between men and women meaning women should wear one and half of a bigger size than the stated measurement on their own shoe label.

In other words, if the man is currently wearing an 8.5 men’s width running shoe, he should buy a 9.0 women’s width running shoe because 9 times 8 equals 72 but 10 times 8 equals 80 so therefore a 0.5 difference is needed to make up for the sizing discrepancy that exists based on gender.

For women who need a wide shoe, you can often get a greater selection of shoes from men’s footwear. If you need a women’s size 9 wide (D-width), it is the same as a men’s size 7.5 medium (D-width).

Do Trail Running Shoes Come in Wide?

There are several types of trail shoes – but many only come in the typical medium width. The features listed below allow you to figure out which one is right for you and will prevent this problem.

It can be tough to find trail shoes that come in extra wide sizes. One great brand that happens to sell wide trail shoes is New Balance which has a large selection to choose from. Altra also offers some options for people with wider feet as it boasts a wide toe box but a standard-width heel.

The most popular version of Salomon’s Speedcross also now comes in a wide option. They’re designed for those with wider feet or who simply prefer a little extra space in the toe area.

Are Some Running Shoe Brands Wider Than Others?

This year there was an increase in the number of running shoe brands such as New Balance which now offer many different widths from wide to extra wide. Along with this, another design trend is that it can be noticed that many of the new available shoes provide for a wider toe box.

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Brooks is another company that offers shoes with a wide-toe box. They also offer more than one collection of running shoes and country pursuits that are specially designed for the trails.

Altra and Topo – brands with a reputation for broadened, steady toes – also offer much more spacious installations in their collections.

From extra wide to XX-Wide, they come with the same shape that is rounded at the front, while still being very supported at the back, which often contributes to the feeling of great comfort on those specifically spacious designs.

If you’re in the market for a new pair of running shoes, it may be a good idea to try on several pairs before making a decision. While one pair may feel good, another might fit your feet more comfortable.

Before you make your purchase, try looking at some of our recommended shoe brands that consistently have high reviews – like Asics and New Balance as mentioned earlier.

Once you have your new running shoes, don’t forget to lube up your laces so they slide easier through the eyelets! Running with slippery laces slows you down and keeps your shoes from fitting properly.

What if My Heels Slip in Wide Running Shoes?

If your heels slip, it’s often a sign that you need to ditch your designer shoes for standard sizes since the latter more closely conforms to the shape of your foot than the former.

Every runner comes with their own specific shoe preferences. Some runners want extra room for space to wiggle their toes. In this instance, you would want to lace your shoes starting from the top down so that you can lock your heel into place and prevent it from slipping while you run.

Start with the first eyelet, and feed the lace through it to form a loop – do not cross the laces over as by tying them. ​Keep them on the same side to form loops. Do this on both sides of the shoe. Then, feed the laces across as if you were tying them.

But before you start to tie them, feed the laces through one of the loops and then pull it tightly downwards towards your heel. Then, pull upwards from this end that is coming from your heel up to run between your shoes and up to the other side of your foot where you crossed over in step 2. Tie normally.

Does Hoka One One Make Wide Running Shoes?

Yes. With the great amounts of foot swelling that most people experience as they get older, as well as if you just happen to be a bit “spread out” already (and it is not your socks), these shoes tend to have a slight sizing difference between the narrow, medium and wide sizes.

And Hoka One One running shoes are geared for runners with normal pronation in their gait cycle. So even if you are one of the more “wide” species on earth, may the magic of Hokas help you find a good fit after all.

Does Salomon Make Wide Running Shoes?

Salomon only offers one model in this category, and it’s their most popular trail shoe – the Speedcross 4.

What Wide Running Shoes Are Good for Bunions?

When you have bunions, the most important part of your trainer is the toe box. The room in this area should coordinate with the size of your foot. Most trainers have a standard size heel. But finding shoes that fit both the length and width of your bunions can be very challenging.

If you are choosing to purchase a wide running shoe, you may encounter an issue where your heel slips. This can sometimes be corrected by lacing up your shoes with the velcro feature on the laces themselves; however, there might be a better option for you similar to the one in this picture.

Altra running shoes are known for the various degrees of cushioning and the wide toe box. This medium-sized shoe features a zero-drop from toe to heel.

This design mimics taking crease in your stride. In most running shoes, the heel is slightly higher than the toe and a natural angle is formed between foot and ground. The result is a downward tilt that can place additional stress on your joints while shortening your stride by two to three inches.

Wearing Altras will help you get accustomed to pulling your midfoot towards the front of your shoe. If you’re used to running in shoes that don’t allow for this motion it can take some time to get used to it.

If you are lucky enough to have wider feet (and who isn’t these days), it can be a challenge to find a pair of shoes that fit. If you have bunions, the search for a shoe that fits both your foot and your huge unsightly bunion is even more challenging.

Asics has taken this into account with their GT-2000 running shoe which offers plenty of space in the toe box for people with wide feet and bunions. The upper fits tightly and expands around the sides of your foot but there is room in front for massive bunions.

For our full list of running shoes available now, check out this article for the best running shoes. We’ve selected the Best sneakers for wide feet featuring high quality and perfect performance features listed below.

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