What Skills Do You Need to Play Soccer? 10 Key Soccer Skills

Although every great football player has a unique attribute, skill set, and playing style, there are some essential soccer skills that every player needs to master.

Mastering such skills will help your player to thrive. For example, passing the ball with precision and power can make a huge difference. Here we cover some basic soccer skills for beginners.

What Skills Do You Need to Play Soccer

No football player can go far without mastering these skills in soccer. Now let us dive into essential football player skills that every player must master to take the game to the next level.

10 Important Soccer Techniques For Playing Soccer

List of soccer skills

  • First touch and ball control
  • Passing both short and long
  • Positioning
  • Spatial awareness
  • Fitness and Stamina
  • Dribbling ball during running
  • Shooting
  • Attitude and discipline
  • Tactical knowledge
  • Risk assessment

First Touch and Ball Control

Every soccer player, when they start playing, must know how to control the ball. If you are not mastering these basic soccer skills, then the opposing player will immediately take off the ball from you after gaining possession.

This skill in soccer would help if you learned to use your feet, chest, and thigh. Your first touch must be capable enough to stop the ball exactly where you intended. So, to perfectly place for your next shot or pass.

On the other hand, your opponent can quickly get the ball while you are struggling to get the ball out of your feet. Therefore, you must learn how to control the ball as an essential part, and you must be guided to get the ball into space in just one touch. No doubt, it will take your considerable time but will be worth it.

While looking at the professionals, this task seems much simpler because as they pluck the ball, they accelerate away in one swift moment. However, coaches must spend a great time developing such skills on players’ ball control and first touch for this purpose.

Passing Both Short and Long

No soccer player can thrive if their passing is not on point. Unfortunately, just like the soccer technique previously mentioned, it is relatively not easy to master this skill. You might be an expert in stroking the ball around the pitch, but it is not easy when the pressure of the game is overwhelming you.

A lot of factors you need to consider for passing the ball accurately. Such soccer techniques include the opposition players, the speed, the distance, the running speed of their team, and others. Hence, it will require a lot of effort and skills to do.

Furthermore, in most of the scenarios, the opponent hardly gives any time to players to react. It is essential to master both long and short distances as you need both in almost every game.

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You can leave positioning as a secondary element of learning soccer techniques. Once you master this skill, then you will quickly know to be at the right place at the right time.

The player who is constantly in the same position will then be affecting the whole team negatively. Gaps will be open all over the pitch, and it will be troublesome for your teammates to fill that area. Above all, the intelligent opponent will take advantage of your poor positioning.

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Overall, positioning skill is vital whether you are a midfielder, attacker, goalkeeper, or defender. But every position has some responsibilities attached to it. Such responsibilities depend on what tactics, skills, game intelligence, and knowledge your team uses.

Spatial Awareness

Spatial awareness is essential to the soccer technique for positioning. First, you must know where your opponent is standing. Second, it will guide you on how you can control and receive the ball, and you will learn how much time you will need to control the ball.

Hence, throughout the article, you will notice that such skills are tied together. Therefore, you ideally need to work on them, as they can impact one and another.

Fitness and Stamina

Around all levels of the game, soccer players need to fit enough to get all around the pitch. It cannot be a skill. You will need to work on stamina if you want to develop different skills to improve as a player.

If you are panting around the pitch and always arriving second late behind your opponent, you are not playing good soccer. Moreover, your development as a soccer player will be poorly affected by weak stamina and fitness. Your focus and concentration will also dip if you are tired.

Mostly, players with peak fitness are bursting with energy and are ready when they are prepared to execute their skill.

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Dribbling Ball During Running

Since you are not supposed to be good like Messi or Ronaldo, but when it is dribbling a soccer ball, it is always a good idea to know how to get out of the sticky situation. Although dribbling the ball might seem quite a basic soccer skills, the additional time of running such an act can make it 10x complicated.

Players must master how to push the ball while not getting too far away or staying too close to it. Spatial awareness and first touch will come to use here. Hence, as a proficient player, you must know how much space and time you will need while dribbling.

Such a skill will help you to win from your opponent and increase the time before you want to pass or shoot and leave everyone in doubt of what your next move will be.


You cannot score well if you are not able to shoot. Hence, learning the right tactics to hit the ball with potential and power can help you shoot it with accuracy and precision and get you on the score sheet to claim your victory.

Every training session will require some time to work on shooting. Other than that, putting the ball behind the net will only be the way to get through the match. Moreover, there are different ways to shoot the ball, like (Free kick, off a volley, hit on the move, etc.), it is always difficult to master one. Therefore, the best goal soccer around the world is highly sought after. How to Increase Stamina for Soccer is all you need to know.

Different shooting skills will help you to master this skill. However, you must make sure to practice with both feet so you can shoot the ball home.

Attitude and Discipline

As all the skills mentioned above are important to reach, you improve yourself as a player while using your potential. You cannot get these skills unless you serve your effort and time in them. For that purpose, you must be disciplined and on every training session timely. You must be highly motivated all the time to improve and to give your best.

Also, it would help if you had the right attitude and must learn from everyone. However, if things are not as you are planning them do so. You must buckle down and trust yourself that you will figure it out eventually.

Such a triumph is only possible with the positive attitude, discipline, and hard work that help you master soccer skills.

Tactical Knowledge

Such knowledge means the player’s level of aptitude regarding the structure and nature of the game. The team formation will highly influence such tactics that they will use to win. The figures of soccer have also changed drastically through the years. Hence, if you want to be a professional soccer player, then it is good to master different formations of soccer.

Risk Assessment

Risk is those aggressive decisions that could lead you to possession’s loss. Or you will also fail to regain possession of tackling defence or diving. If your team has lost custody, then every team member must work with their full potential to regain control back.

However, this decision will have its consequences. It will lead to the over-expenditure of energy and the inability to perform well for the complete 90 minutes. On the other hand, the lack of energy and maintenance possession can prevent the team from scoring the goals, and you will ultimately get to the loss.

What Are the Three Primary Soccer Skills?

If you want to be precise and want to know the most essential skills that you cannot compromise while playing soccer, are Shooting, passing, and dribbling. Once you have mastered these three skills, the rest will be relatively easy for you to learn. But do not stabilize; you must strive for the best continuously.

What Qualities Make a Good Soccer Player?

Specific What Skills Do You Need to Play Soccer will keep you stand out from the rest, and they are:

  • Discipline
  • Concentration
  • Teamwork
  • Intelligence
  • Attitude

How Can I Be a Better Mentally Soccer Player?

For being an unbeatable soccer player, it is essential to be mentally strong.

  • Relax, calm down, chill while everyone is getting nervous before a game.
  • Focus on your goals!
  • Visualize the game before you kick it.
  • Concentration


What Skills Do You Need to Play Soccer? All skills needed to play football mentioned above are tied with each other. And if you master all of them, you will undoubtedly get your game to the next level. Then, you can be the player of your dreams that you always wanted to be.

Moreover, there are different soccer tricks and soccer techniques that you can learn to set yourself apart from the rest. Mastering all the skills will let you be the best player to defeat anyone against you. As with other things in life, no improvement can come without the proper discipline and hard work with reasonable efforts.