What to Eat Before a Soccer Game – Best Nutrition Guide for Soccer Players

What to eat before a soccer game? According to a recent study, nutrition had a huge role in the players’ performance. Recently it has raised the concern of the parents targeting the health of their children while playing football. As a soccer player, you might be wondering if you are eating the right food or not? Is it too late or too early to have?

In this article, we will discuss- the most important aspect of the soccer game- food what to eat before a soccer game.

What are carbohydrates?

what to eat before a soccer game? A sportsman’s diet is incomplete without a carbohydrate. Starches, sugars, and fibres found in different grains, vegetables, grains,  and fruits are carbohydrates. Hence, all of them are the basic food group which is super important for leading an athletic life.

Food before competition

The two prime objectives regarding food must be accomplished before competition: Enhance the storage of carbohydrates in the liver and muscles with the energy to compete with maximum energy reserves.

Diet plan for the football match

Some important elements must be part of your diet before the football game:

  • Maintain the consumption of carbohydrates to get the reserves of the maximum glycogen.
  • Always make sure to have the proper water intake. Always drink 1.5 litres of water per day.
  • Do not change your usual routine, or do not try any new food!
  • Avoid all flatulent vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, or leeks.
  • Do not take spicy food.
  • Refrain yourself from eating fatty foods like fried, sauces, pastries, or others.
  • Do not take legumes like chickpeas, lentils, and rich foods in whole grains or fibre-like whole-grain bread or brown rice.
  • Always chew the food well and eat calmly to promote the digestion of the food.
  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine consumption.


Hence, energy reserves in the food are the prime motive and the ultimate way to improve the overall performance of the athletes. But always beware of including things in your food, which can create a hurdle in the path of your victory.

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Dinner before the competition day

You must be wondering to know about the main course of the whole day then it is the dinner since dinner can be a game-changer in all your diet plans. At least 2 hours before sleep, you must end your eateries. Also, keep in mind that the food must be easy to digest vegetables, rice, cooked pasta, lean fish, French omelette, yoghurt, fruit, or bread. Also, drinking water must be a part of your daily diet.

Recommendations on the day of the match

  • At least three hours before, the last meal must be finished to avoid gastrointestinal discomfort and digesting problems.
  • Menu must consist of foods that are rich in carbohydrates, without having many proteins with some fats.
    Avoid eating large amounts of food.
  • Do not eat spices and sauces.
  • Always avoid drinking a lot of liquid before a meal because it can create digestion problems.
  • Do not drink a lot of water in the meal, or it will create digestion difficulty.
  • Chew and eat food well.
  • Meal hours before competition
  • Mostly, the carbohydrates-rich meal might take hours leading up to different competition, which may complete the body’s glycogen reserves.


During match

One of the prime issues during football is the nutritional and hydration intake in between the match. As time goes, the minutes of the match can decrease the muscular glycogen, which can cause fatigue, and during this time, the decrease can be in the effectiveness of tactical and technical movements. Therefore, consumption of the carbohydrate drinks in the remaining game will ensure the body’s hydration and the maintenance of the overall glucose levels in the blood.

Another important measure is to minimize fatigue in the second half, so it is good to take around 40g of carbohydrates while resting. You can have then through:

  • One ripe banana
  • One gel for athletes
  • 3-4 dates or erring
  • On toast with quince jelly
  • 500ml isotonic


Mostly, footballers avoid drinking water during the game. It can be while you have certain losses during that play. Also, it can be dependent on the weather conditions and losses due to the sweetness of the match. Most players sweated around 1 to 4 litres. From a per nutrient point of view, the prime objective will keep the players hydrated.

According to some advice:

  • Correctly hydrates yourself.
  • Drink minimum water around 400ml-500ml of water or sports drink
  • Do not choose new supplements or foods that you have not tried yet, especially before the competition. Also, look for all the refreshments that can be in the race, and you know if you are mostly using it or not.

After the match or training

Our body burns fat and body sweats, and the body can produce enough energy for carrying out a certain activity. However, it can cause us to lose several nutrients and then unbalance our energy levels.

 Also, if the match has been intense, you can lose weight, and it can replenish as you will eat and then drink. Hence, it is important to eat foods rich in proteins and carbohydrates with a low-fat intake throughout the whole two hours instantly after the exercise. In such a time, the body can be more receptive and assimilate the nutrients better. Hence, it will then reproduce the energy that will then last for up to 48 hours.

What to eat before a soccer game

Mostly the athletes can try to follow a diet rich in complex carbohydrates before the test. Therefore, they can spend the whole day eating pasta, potatoes, whole-grain biscuits, energy drinks, potatoes, etc. However, do not follow an extremely balanced diet that will only take the carbohydrates. It would help if you also took the lipids or protein, fats, minerals, fibre, and so on.

Diet plan on weekends

Off days must be the time to refill the muscle glycogen tanks, charging the batteries for day. For getting this, you must get at least five light meals per day, along with foods that are richer in carbohydrates like rice, pasta, apples, and melons, etc. After then choose the light digested protein food like boiled fish, grilled chicken grilled beast, and French omelette. The rule of thumb is that you do not need to fill for every meal. Better to eat little but often. In this way, the digestion must be light.

Best dinner before the match

The traditional dinner for runners is mostly the pasta, which must be combined with the light sauces forget the bacon and cream. So, the best one is to take the Bolognese, or vegetables with minced meat and tomato without clans, and minced garlic does it while perpetuating the rule of balance eating will just enough to satisfy without getting heavy.

Breakfast on the matchday

Always remember the rule of three hours of digestion, as breakfast is important every day. However, do not think to skip breakfast on the day of the match, as then you will not get an adequate amount of energy. Hence breakfast is important while you are practising sports. So, do not miss it because it will then provide you the adequate energy for rest of the day.

Drinking coffee for performing better

Caffeine is always a double-edged sword. On the other hand, it is the catalyst that will provide you the sufficient energy for your workout. Also, it is not sure whether it is acting alone on your nervous system or something different. However, to be on the safe side, it is good not to be caffeine-addicted.

Eat just before the game

Do not run on an empty stomach. Likewise, do not run on a full stomach. Also, some footballers are using the energy bar. A banana or raisins just before training, and they must be doing well. However, it is not good if you have a bad diet before just passing these events.


It must depend on the level of your effort, humidity, the temperature of the overall day, your level of hydration before the race, etc. Here the rule is to drink before you before there is nothing better and you are feeling thirsty.

Hence, it is always good to not suffer from dehydration, having a glass of water or breakfast to continue drinking water until it is half an hour left before the race. Moreover, if the weather is hot, then do not forget to drink water every 20 minutes during the race to replace the fluid loss through sweating. Once you are done, then always know to drink more water.

If someone is on the weight loss diet?

If you want to lose weight while moving your best weapons for you on your weight measuring scale. Moreover, the calorie expenditure depends on the chosen intensity and time at which you are moving in general with your age, height, age, and muscle mass percentage. Also, the best part is that the food ball is the optimal weight loss amplification. Hence, if you control the entire diet and then increase the intensity, you will burn more calories.


what to eat before a soccer game? Always go for the calculative diet, as a sportsman, your body will decide your success or loss. You must be energetic, motivated, and enthusiastic in the game field. Diet can play an effective role in such regard.