Why Do Soccer Players Fake Injuries? Five Reason Why Soccer Players Do That

If you are a true soccer lover, then you must have seen different soccer players faking an injury during games. In almost every game, it happens—however, there are lots of complicated reasons behind that. Here we will look around such reasons to know why such soccer players are faking it.

Soccer Players Are Strategic. They Are Not Soft

As soccer is a tough game, and it demands mental and physical toughness, soccer players must not be soft. Hence, it takes a lot of training and years of conditioning to stay energetic for the whole 90 minutes.

Also, sometimes you must be ready to go for all the 120 minutes if you are determined to win a game. Soccer players are famous for their insane strategies of faking injuries, which sometimes can make a huge difference in winning a match.

Five Reasons Why Soccer Players Are Faking Injuries:

  • To waste time
  • To get a potential scoring opportunity
  • For attracting referee
  • For punishing another player


Attempting to Regain the Passion of the Ball

It does not matter how you look at this situation because it is fair in the player’s eye. For a briefer explanation, let us look at each reason to know why each player is pretending such an injury.

The Terminology in Soccer for Faking an Injury

You will be surprised to know that there are almost four terms used to describe the same thing in soccer.

  • Diving
  • Flopping
  • Faking
  • Simulation


All such terms are the same action. For example, falling to the ground, they are aiming to get an unfair advantage. Also, option 4 is the most important term used in the world of soccer. When a soccer player fakes a flop, soccer divers, or fakes an injury, it is known as simulation officially. It is the term used to get a false impression about something when it does not originally exist to get an unfair advantage.

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5 Reasons Why do soccer players fake injuries

Now here are the five reasons why do soccer players fake injuries are faking an injury:

1. Attract the referee’s attention

The most basic and common reason for this is to draw the referee’s attention as the referee is the ultimate decision-maker of whatever is happening in the soccer field, as whatever they say will be implemented as it is. Also, if the player wants to convince anything which is in his favour, then the referee is the ultimate option. It will be the point where flopping injuries come into action.

In addition to this, if the player knows that he is wrong somewhere in the game and wants the opposite team’s advantage, they can also want the referee’s attention. To get this, they will create drama by faking an injury as the referee cannot ignore this. Also, it is something accompanied by the players raising their hands to make sure that the referee has seen him.

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Moreover, if the player gets injured, then the referee has the duty to check the situation. So that the injury will not get too serious, no matter what the game needs to be stopped during this injury.

Once, the soccer player fakes injury is acting like he is hurt and lay on the floor injured. Then the referee is left with no other option but to treat him and decide to check if the game must pause or carry on.

However, if the game does not pause for any reason, then it will continue. On or on the other hand, the referee must check whether the players are doing well or not.

2. Creating goal-scoring opportunity

Another reason soccer players can fake an injury is to get an amazing goal-scoring opportunity for themselves. If a player has the goal near the opposition goal, but he cannot create an opportunity to take a shot at the goal, he can pretend to hurt before having any potential loss. The reason behind this is that the referee will think that the player is injured by the player from the opposition and then award the injured player near the opposition goal a set piece.

Furthermore, getting such an award, close to the potential goal is a visible chance for them to get their desired scores. It does not matter if it is a penalty or a free kick. The opposition team will then have a higher chance of scoring than they could do in the open play.

3. Wasting time

The player can also fake an injury to waste time. You must have noticed that the clock in soccer will not stop. Therefore, it does not matter what will be happening in the game. Moreover, if there are any stoppages in the play, then the referee will add them at the end of the half. But such a time at the end of the game is often less than accurate. Furthermore, the time added into the game can be stopped and soccer players are mostly aware of this.

For such an advantage, it is common among soccer players to fakes an injury to stop the game for as long as they can. Also, it can happen when the team is in the lead. Sometimes the game can tie. In case the results are beneficial for the team of the player flopping. Players will know that if the game is stopped, the opposition team will have zero chance of scoring the goal.

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Neymar, a Brazilian player, is infamous for using this tactic. He is analyzed completely, and it has been observed that Neymar fakes injury at an average of every 8/12 minutes while his team is in the lead.

4. To punish another player

A player might fake an injury when he aims to get another player in the hot waters. Moreover, there are times when one or the opposite player might be irritating each other in the soccer game. Also, they can be frustrated with each other easily. Therefore, it can lead one player to try to make another player punished.

5. To get possession of the ball

A player’s prime reason to fake an injury is his attempt to get possession of the ball once he had lost it. Sometimes players can fake an injury as when they have lost all the possession, as they want to get the control of the ball back.

On the other hand, the opposition team might move away with the ball, and the player needs to decide to simulate or fake an injury. Then, it is hoped that the referee can give the ball back to the original player. However, the tactic is not considered for the players to hold the ball but to create drama to get it back. Also, the good player will always perform better and regain control of his ball on his own.


Why do soccer players fake injuries Infographic

Penalty for faking an injury

Now, these were the potential reasons why some players fake an injury. Now let us put a light on what will be the punishment of doing this. According to the rules of soccer, one of the situations that the player must be cautioned for his unsporting behaviour includes if the player is:

To be cautioned here means that the player must check a yellow card and must be one closer to being then removed from the game. Moreover, the player is not able to have a red card when he is diving in soccer.

Why do soccer players flop so much? If the player is then getting a red card, once he dives, then it can be because he has previously been getting a yellow card, and upon getting a yellow card, he then must show them the red card because of having two yellow cards in one of his games.

Faking injury can also cost a player’s reputation. Since most fans will not adore the one with unfair tactics.

Sometimes, players do not fake, even if it seems like that way

Also, why do soccer players fake injuries it might seem that the player is faking, and they might seem that they are pretending to be hurt, but the reality is that they are hurt?

Sometimes, you might get kicked by other players that are perfect from their point of view, but you might be losing your momentum and footing, and it can hurt you for days. Therefore, it is always a good idea to wear shin guards with the protection of the ankle.


Hence, this article on why does soccer players fake injuries might have helped you to understand why all soccer player fakes injuries. But if you are curious if someone, gets injured in real life? Then do not worry; there are ample safety gears out there that you can wear while playing the field.

In such a case, you will play safe and sound.  Closing this post off, you must be thinking soccer faking injuries is bad in soccer.

Certainly, it is because players must establish sportsmanship and must be played as it is. Hence, soccer is an amazing sport, and playing it the way, it demands is always appreciated among the fans.